Where is Tasha sea of thieves?

Tasha is a tavernkeep at The Unicorn tavern on Ancient Spire Outpost.

How do you help Tasha in sea of thieves?

With the Ancient Crown in hand, head back to Ancient Spire Outpost to return it to Tasha in the tavern. Giving her the crown will unlock The Legendary Storyteller commendation. Congrats on completing yet another Tall Tale! We are now on to a very different adventure involving the stars above the Sea of Thieves!

Where is the third Tall Tale in sea of thieves?

The Legendary Storyteller is the third Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold arc. A grown Tasha holds a chronicle of some tall tales once told by Captain Briggsy. The tale can be acquired from the bar counter of The Unicorn tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost, unlocked after completing The Cursed Rogue.

Where do I get legendary storyteller?

After completing The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, head to the Ancient Spire Outpost and talk to Tasha, the Tavern Woman. Next to her is a book for The Legendary Storyteller. Vote to begin the Tall Tale and Tasha will tell you a tale.

How do you unlock the gold curse?

Shores Of Gold Curse

If you’ve followed this guide so far, you’re well on your way. You’ll need to complete the original nine Tall Tales five times each. Find all of the journals in each Tall Tale to receive the commendation.

The LEGENDARY STORYTELLER in 8 MINUTES!! How-to | Sea of Thieves Tall Tale Guide

How do you get Briggsy’s hat?

Earned as a reward for completing the The Legendary Storyteller commendation.

Does Tall Tale Progress save?

Players can put a Tall Tale Checkpoint up for a vote at the Voyage Table. Players can save one Checkpoint from every Tall Tale. Once they have unlocked another Checkpoint of the same Tale, it will be overwritten. When the Tale is completed, all Checkpoints of the Tale will be lost.

What is the third Tall Tale in the shores of gold?

Tale #3 Walkthrough

  • Baddies Attack: At Old Salt Atoll, dig in front of the Shipwreck under the bowsprit.
  • Fish Friends: On Mermaid’s Hideaway, with the help of a cannon, land on the Northern rocky peak and dig there.
  • Naughty Man: Scurvy Isley, on the east side, dig between the rock and the sea.

What order should I play Sea of Thieves Tall Tales?

Each of the walkthroughs below are successive — you must complete the first one listed before moving on to the second and so on.

  • The Shroudbreaker.
  • The Cursed Rogue.
  • The Legendary Storyteller.
  • Stars of a Thief.
  • Wild Rose.
  • The Art of the Trickster.
  • The Fate of the Morningstar.
  • The Revenge of the Morningstar.

What do you get for completing a pirate’s life?

Complete ‘A Pirate’s Life’. Unlocks the Cursed Captain’s Hat in the Clothing Chest. Discover the Cursed Captain’s Journals in Sailor’s Grave.

What is the first Tall Tale in Sot?

The Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker Tall Tale is the first in the game and you can pick it up as soon as you log in. Head over to the Mysterious Stranger in any given tavern and vote for it atop the barrel to his right.

Which tavern is Tasha in?

Tasha is a tavernkeep at The Unicorn tavern on Ancient Spire Outpost.

Can you be a girl in Sea of Thieves?

Quick Links. Everyone wants to change up their appearance every now and then in Sea of Thieves, and now you have that option. You can reset your character’s looks as you head back to the bottom of the ship to choose a premade pirate based on their gender and unique appearance.

What is the secret key in Sea of Thieves?

Where to find. According to one of the Pirate Lord’s Journals at Old Sailor’s Isle, he lost the key to his Hold by a freshwater pond. The Key can be found in the pond at the very top of the island. The location of the Key.

Do you have to restart if your chest is stolen on a Tall Tale?

Tall Tale Treasures

They can be stolen by other pirates. Without checkpoints, if such a treasure were lost or stolen, you would need to start the Tall Tale over from the beginning. With checkpoints, you can use your saved checkpoint and those items will reappear on your voting table.

What to do if you lose a Tall Tale item?

Depending on how far you got, you may have a checkpoint for the tall tale, so that you don’t have to start it again from scratch. You can do that from your quest table, by selecting “Tall tale checkpoints”. No need to go back to wherever you had to go to start the tale.

Does the maiden voyage count as a Tall Tale?

The Maiden Voyage is very different from any other Tall Tale in game, but it listed as such under the Reputation Menu with its own Commendations, Rewards and Titles. The Maiden Voyage can always be accessed from the Main Menu. The main difference is that this Tall Tale is a Solo adventure and cannot be voted on.

How do you get the cursed captain hat?

Earned as a reward for completing the A Pirate’s Life commendation.

What is Briggsy’s mask?

The Captain Briggsy’s Mask, also referred to as Briggsy’s Mask is a Quest Item that functions similar to Sudds’ Ancient Spyglass allowing the player to view the stars and constellations in the sky regardless of the weather or time of day. It is required to complete The Secret Wilds Adventure.

How do you unlock the rose Tall Tale?

You must have completed the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale before beginning the Wild Rose Tall Tale. To begin this Tall Tale, head to the Sanctuary Outpost and go to the Order of Souls tent. You’ll find Madame Olive there and just to her left is a Wild Rose Tall Tale journal. Interact with it to begin this Tall Tale.

How do I start Tall Tale 4?

Speak to Sudds and then look at the book to the right of him. Interact with it to begin the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale. Sudds will explain that he used to use an Enchanted Spyglass to sail the seas with that lassy Captain Briggsy. He’s not going to give you his spyglass, but he’ll speak of another.

Can you skip tall tales?

The intent with speedrunning Tall Tales is to complete it in its entirety from the starting point to the end just like a casual crew (who doesn’t know what the Tale is) would do, except we happen to go faster. Meaning it’s ok to skip things in between the start and finish but you can’t start from the middle.

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