Where is the maiden statue in RE2?

You’ll find the Maiden Medallion statue location in West Storage Room, 3F. This requires you get the C4 Detonator, possible after you get the Spade Key and visit the Courtyard. The Unicorn Statue puzzle solution is Woman, Bow, Snake.

Where is Goddess Statue re2?

This is a brainteaser that spans the entirety of the Raccoon Police Department, and it revolves around the Goddess Statue situated in the very centre of the main hall. You’ll need to collect three medallions in order to activate the statue.

Where do I find statue codes in re2?

Pick up the Police Station Upper Floors Map, then head to the statue. Use the Scrap of Paper and the Notebook with Missing Page to figure out the code here — couple, scales, snake (the one facing left, not the other one). Grab the Unicorn Medallion and head back into the Library.

What is the code for the statue in the wet storage room?

The Code : Chicken | Airrow | Snake | To get The Maiden Medallion !

What is the code for Leon shower room?

The Police Station 2F Shower Room Dial Locker Code solution is CAP. You’ll find this clue a little later on, next to where you find the C4 Detonator Battery. Inside you’ll find Shotgun or Grenade Launcher ammo, depending on whether you’re playing Leon or Claire.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: The Goddess Statue – Medallion Locations

What is the code for the statue in the library in Resident Evil 2?

You’ll find the Unicorn Medallion statue location in Lounge 1F. The earliest you can reach it is after you reach the Library, by heading south through the door. The Unicorn Statue puzzle solution is Fish, Scorpion, Jug.

Is there a secret ending in re2?

Once they’ve wrapped up their 2nd Run playthrough, Resident Evil 2 players should see the game’s true ending. Besides a chance to see the true ending and unlock the Broken Umbrella achievement/trophy, completing the 2nd Run playthrough is worth it for other reasons as well.

What is the S rank reward in re2?

Getting S rank is how Resident Evil 2 players can get infinite ammo in the game for specific weapons. Getting S rank on Standard difficulty will unlock the Samurai Edge pistol with infinite ammo, whereas getting S rank on Hardcore difficulty will unlock the LE 5 submachine gun with infinite ammo.

Do you get the heart key as Leon?

The Heart Key is NOT AVAILABLE in Leon’s campaign (he gets the Club Key instead), and you cannot access Heart Key-locked locations on the map unless they also have another door for Leon to enter. The Heart Key is only available in Claire’s playthrough.

What is the maiden statue code?

Maiden Statue code: Woman, Bow, Snake.

What is the hiding place in re2?

Resident Evil 2 Hiding Place locations

You’ll find the first Hiding Place location in the STARS Office on the 2F West Wing of the Police Station. As soon as you enter, turn left into the office, and check behind the desk. Inside is a Wooden Box which contains a weapon upgrade – for Leon this is for the Magnum.

Where is secret room re2?

Push the cabinet on the wall to reveal a hidden passage. Take that path to its conclusion, and you’ll find yourself in the Hidden Room — the place where you left the Police Station. Use the T-Bar Valve Handle to open the door back into the Main Hall.

How do I get to the maiden statue?

Head back through the hole in the wall and follow the halls to get back to the West Storage Room. Work your way through the storage room to get to the convenient C4. Place the Detonator on the C4 and back away. When the cell is blown open, head inside to the statue.

How do you get the queen in re2?

Travel down the stairs, to see a sealed gate that needs the King Plug, and behind the stairs is another locked gate leading to a new weapon – the Chemical Flamethrower. Head right through the only open gate to find the Queen Plug, and take it while sealing the gate you came through.

What is the lion code in re2?

Use combination Lion, Leafy Branch, Bird found in the Officer’s Notebook to unlock it. In the Second Run, the combination will have changed, which can be found in the Roll Film: Lion Statue, located in the Lounge by the Library. The new combination is Crown, Torch, Bird.

Is Claire or Leon better for S rank?

Which should I do to get the S rank and infinite ammo? Clair has stronger weapons for the majority of the game. Leon’s weapons tend to be a bit weaker, and has arguably the worst run for the clocktower with murder hallway. I just did Leon A cuz I played it the most.

What is Leon B in RE2?

In the original RE2, you could either first play as Claire or Leon. Whoever you played as first, you’d play as the other in the second half of the game. So Claire first then Leon is Claire A/Leon B and vice versa. In the Remake, it’s called second run, but basically meant to be the same principle.

How old is Claire in RE2?

Claire Redfield first appears in Resident Evil 2 as a 19-year-old motorcycle-riding college student. She’s the younger sister of BSAA member Chris Redfield and enters the RE world on a mission to find him in Raccoon City. Claire may be quieter than her older brother, but she’s tough as nails.

Does Ada kiss Leon in RE2?

In RE2 (1998), she kisses him before she “dies”. It’s an emotional scene and the context for the scene is powerful. Ada shoots Mr X so Leon can escape (Which if you think about it, she had no real reason to do unless she really cared about him) and ends up getting seriously injured in the process.

How many years after RE2 is re4?

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, arguably the series’ most beloved entry, puts players back in the shoes of Leon Kennedy six years after his time in Racoon City during RE 2. Leon travels to a rural village in Spain on a mission to rescue the U.S. president’s daughter.

What is the purpose of the scepter in RE2?

You may be curious as to what the purpose of the Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Jewel Scepter is now. Having the Red Jewel Scepter will allow players to unlock the Bejeweled Box and collect the S.T.A.R.S. Badge later on in the game and their quest to stop all of the horrors that the newly released title offers.

What does the Red Jewel do in RE2?

What To Do With The Red Jewel. The Red Jewel is used to open the Bejeweled Box, which is located in the Interrogation Room. Once you have both items in hand, combine them to open the box and retrieve the STARS Badge inside. The STARS Badge is a key for two different items.

Do I need the Red Book RE2?

The Red Book is used to obtain the Scepter and Red Jewel in the Art Room.

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