Where is Wattson Omega Ruby?

Wattson is the leader of the Mauville City Gym. He specializes in Electric-type Pokemon.

Where do you find Wattson in Omega Ruby?

He’s in front of a small tower in the center plaza in Mauville. You talk to him, go to his apartment, and he’ll give you the key to NEW Mauville.

How do you get to Mauville in Omega Ruby?

New Mauville is a small facility in central Hoenn. It can be reached by surfing along the northeast side of Route 110. The door inside the building will not open until you get access from Wattson in Mauville Hills. This will happen after dealing with the Ancient Pokemon in the Cave of Origin.

Where is Sea Mauville in Omega Ruby?

The Sea Mauville is a wrecked ship in southern Hoenn. It can only be reached by surfing north from Route 108. This ship has multiple levels, and can only be fully explored after learning HM07 Dive and earning the Mind Badge.

What Pokemon does Wattson have in Pokemon Ruby?

In Ruby and Sapphire, Wattson has a Voltorb that is Level 20 and knows Spark, Rollout, Sonicboom, and Selfdestruct, a Magnemite that is Level 22 and knows ThunderShock, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, and Supersonic, and a Level 23 Magneton that knows Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Sonicboom, and Supersonic.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Episode 10 | Mauville Gym Wattson!

Where do I go after beating Wattson in Omega Ruby?

Defeat Wattson to earn P2,520, TM72 Volt Switch, and the Dynamo Badge which allows Pokemon to use use HM06 Rock Smash outside of battle. This badge also allows Pokemon up to Level 40 obey you, including traded ones. With the third Gym Badge in hand, your next destination is Route 117 to the west.

Where is Wattson in Mauville City?

You should find Wattson looking at Square Tower. Speak with him and he’ll give you access to Mauville Hills, the second floor homes of Mauville City! Head to one of the elevators on the north side of Mauville City to enter Mauville Hills.

Where is kyogre in Omega Ruby?

Cave of Origin is a small cavern in eastern Hoenn. It can only be reached through Sootopolis City. The path directly to Groudon (Omega Ruby) or Kyogre (Alpha Sapphire) is very simple. Just keep going down sets of stairs until you reach the legendary Pokemon.

What is the scorched slab in Omega Ruby?

Scorched Slab is a small cave in northern Hoenn. It is located on Route 120, but you will need Surf to reach it. You can use Flash to better explore the cave, but it is not necessary.

What route is Mauville City?

Route 110 is a long route in southern Hoenn. This route has a large Bicycle Road above a long, grassy path. It connects Slateport City in the south with Mauville City in the north and Route 103 in the west.

What’s better Mach bike or acro bike?

Mach bike for general use. Most time you use it to save travel time so speed is what you want. Acro isn’t needed unless trying to get certain items or access other areas. Most of which can be done post game.

What is the largest city in Hoenn?

Mauville is far and away the largest city in Hoenn and has the greatest number of attractions.

How do I get to Lavaridge town?

Lavaridge Town is a small community built at the base of Mt. Chimney. It can only be reached by climbing down Jagged Pass. This town is famous for its hot springs and sand baths.

Is Wattson a female?

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is a familiar face in the Apex Games, though for a different reason than most. Daughter of the Games’ lead electrical engineer, she studied his manuals to stay close to him, and discovered her calling at a young age.

Where is Deoxys Ruby?

In Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Deoxys can be caught at the end of the Delta Episode, which unlocks once players have beaten the main story. First, however, players will need to encounter and capture Rayquaza at Sky Pillar, which many consider to be the best Pokemon in the two games.

How old is Wattson Pokemon?

3 Wattson: 60-Years-Old

He oversees the Mauville City gym and is a specialist in Electric-types. Many NPCs call him “The cheerfully electrifying man.” In his original gym battle of the Ruby and Sapphire games, he uses a Magnemite, Voltorb, and Magneton.

What is the secret sword in Omega Ruby?

Secret Sword is a Special Attack that causes Physical Damage. This means it uses the user’s Special Attack stat to deal damage to the target’s Defense stat. If this move is taught to Keldeo, it will change Forms.

How do you get the secret base in Omega Ruby?

To create a secret base you must first teach a Pokemon TM94 Secret Power. This Technical Machine will be given to you by a man named Aarune on Route 111. Whenever you come across a large tree, a small hole in a wall, or a pile of grass, interact with these secret spots to create a base.

Can Rayquaza be caught in Omega Ruby?

Rayquaza. Near the end of the Delta Episode, you will climb up Sky Pillar with another character. At the top, Rayquaza will appear. You must capture it to continue on with the story.

Can you still catch Deoxys in Omega Ruby?

In Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Deoxys can be caught at the end of the Delta Episode, which unlocks once players have beaten the main story. First, however, players will need to encounter and capture Rayquaza at Sky Pillar, which many consider to be the best Pokemon in the two games.

Can I catch Rayquaza in Omega Ruby?

After you beat the game, you’ll have the option to do a special “Delta Episode.” The episode takes an hour and a half to complete at most, and at the end, you’ll go into battle against a level 70 Rayquaza. Once you capture it, you’ll throw it in your party per the story’s request, and go up against Deoxys.

Does Wattson have a crush?

Apex Legends’ Wattson/Crypto Ship Has Plenty of Evidence

Since Season 5, Wattson and Crypto’s growing relationship was documented in their in-game voice interactions.

Who goes with Wattson?

16 Wattson, Rampart, Caustic

This combination is perfect for players seeking to form a defensive powerhouse. With each legend’s ability to restrict access to entire buildings with damaging and toxic defenses, nobody will be able to just run straight in unscathed.

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