Who can I bring to Boethiah?

  • A Fellow College of Winterhold Mage. …
  • Teldryn Sero, To End His Pompous Attitude. …
  • Lydia, An Easy Follower To Acquire. …
  • Ralis Sedarys, The Most Justifiable Choice. …
  • Cosnach, The Least Impactful Death. …
  • Sven or Faendal, To Stop Them Hitting On Camilla.

Who should I bring to Boethiah?

If players want to sacrifice a follower to Boethiah based on justice or morality, Ralis Sedarys can be a good choice. Ralis is the Dunmer at the head of the Kolbjorn Barrow excavation in Solstheim who requests the Dragonborn’s assistance and money to clear an ancient Nord Tomb.

How do you complete Boethiah’s calling without sacrifice?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  1. Start the quest as normally.
  2. Get a follower and put him/her onto the altar.
  3. Kill all the cultist, except one which leave near to death.
  4. Bring the cultist so close to the altar as is possible.
  5. Switch to a continous destruction spell like Frostbite.

Who are the enemies of Boethiah?

Boethiah is said to be an ally of Temple of Stendarr and enemy of Ebonarm, Molag Bal, and Peryite. Notably, Molag Bal, as one Corner of the House of Troubles, is considered Boethiah’s “arch-enemy” in Morrowind and they are in a perennial fight.

Who is stronger Molag Bal or Boethiah?

Molag Bal just has more raw power. He is debatably the most powerful of the princes, now that Jyggalag is out of the picture. Boethiah might be able to overthrow a few empires run by him but face to face Boethiah would get decked.

Who Should You Sacrifice In The Quest ‘Boethiah’s Calling’?

Is Boethiah a good Daedra?

The Three Good Daedra is the Dunmer (and before that, Velothi) term for three of the Daedric Princes: Azura, Boethiah, Mephala. These Princes are worshipped by the Dunmer as their ancestors. They are contrasted with the Bad Daedra, who are believed to test the Dunmer people’s resolve and faith.

Do I have to do Boethiah’s calling stealthily?

She wants you to kill them stealthily. Should you kill her champion and take his Ebony Mail, Boethiah will crown you as her new champion. Travel to Knifepoint Ridge to take the bandits out. Despite what Boethiah requested, you do not need to use stealth in this dungeon.

How do I fix Boethiah’s calling glitch?

Answers. The easiest solution to glitched game states is to try loading a previous save. If the game consistently glitches after loading old files then you may want to travel to a bed, before trying to finish the quest, and sleeping for 7 to 10 days. Sometimes this can help get the game back on track.

Can you fail Boethiah’s calling in Skyrim?

You can fail Boethiah’s quest. After that you can recruit her ex-champion.

Can you get serana back after dismissing her?

Can I get Serana as a follower again? You need to either talk to her and tell her to follow, or continue with the quest and when it finishes, then you can get her back again. How do I get serana to be my follower? If you complete the entire Dawnguard questline, she becomes a permanent follower.

Why won’t Boethiah’s calling work?

Answers. This is a common glitch. Just kill all of Boethiah’s worshippers after she summons you. That forces it.

Where can I hire mercenaries in Skyrim?

  • Belrand: spellsword (one-handed; light armor; destruction; restoration); Sanuarach Mine; Karthwasten.
  • Erik the Slayer: barbarian (two-handed, light armor, block, archery); Rorikstead; need to complete his quest first.
  • Jenassa: archer (archery; light-armor; one-handed; block; sneak); Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

Who is the best character to sacrifice to Boethiah?

While Ralis Sedarys is a good moral choice for sacrifice to Boethiah in Skyrim, he is also one of the strongest allies players can obtain.

Does Vilkas have a level cap?

Vilkas – Like Aela, Vilkas’ level is capped at 50. He specializes in Skyrim’s two-handed combat and heavy armor, but has no special perks.

Where can I hire help in Skyrim?


  • Jenassa. Location: Whiterun. Class: Archer. Skills: Archery, Light Armor, One-Handed, Block, Sneak.
  • Stenvar. Location: Windhelm. Class: Knight. Skills: Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Archery, Block.
  • Marcurio. Location: Riften. Class: Mage. …
  • Vigilance. Location: Markarth. Class: War Dog.

Why can’t I use the pillar of sacrifice in Skyrim?

Turns out that you have to use a non-essential follower (meaning that he/she can die). Dark brotherhood followers are invincible.

Where is Boethiah Ebony Mail?

Head to Knifepoint Ridge, just northwest of Falkreath, to find the Champion deep in the caverns in a large room. Slay him to find the Ebony Mail on his corpse, which you get to keep after talking to Boethiah one last time.

Where is the blessing of Boethiah?

In Raven Rock’s temple, shrines to the Dunmer gods (and Daedric Princes) Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah can be found. They grant 10% magic resistance, 10% more damage with one-handed weapons, and 10% better prices respectively.

Can you use Dark Brotherhood initiate for Boethiah’s calling?

This makes the Initiate a good choice of follower at high levels. They cannot be recruited into the Blades and cannot be used as a sacrifice in Boethiah’s Calling.

How do you get Ebony mail armor in Skyrim?

The Ebony Mail is the reward for completing the quest “Boethiah’s Calling”, which can be started at Level 30 at the minimum. Upon reaching this milestone, players can find a book titled “Boethiah’s Proving” throughout Skyrim in several locations.

What level is Boethiah’s calling?

Prerequisites for Boethiah’s Calling: Level 30 or higher. Although, I’ve seen level 32 is required. I’ve had the cultist try to kill me anywhere from level 30 at the earliest, to level 42 at the latest. Until that cultist tries to kill you, and you take book Boethiah’s Calling off the corpse, the quest won’t start.

Who is the nicest Daedric?

4 Worship – Meridia

Meridia is quite possibly one of the few Daedric Princes who can be considered truly benevolent. Her motivations may still be shrouded in mystery, but most of her interactions with the peoples of Tamriel have been to their benefit, as she seeks to destroy and protect them from the undead.

Who is the most good Daedra?

Skyrim: Best Daedric Princes, Ranked

  1. 1 Nocturnal. Known as the Daedric Prince of darkness, Nocturnal holds dominion over darkness, shadow, and mystery.
  2. 2 Azura. …
  3. 3 Sheogorath. …
  4. 4 Hircine. …
  5. 5 Sanguine. …
  6. 6 Mehrunes Dagon. …
  7. 7 Vaermina. …
  8. 8 Hermaeus Mora. …

Who is the strongest Daedric lord?

Skyrim: Every Daedric Prince, Ranked Weakest To Strongest

  1. 1 Sheogorath. Sheogorath can be considered the strongest Daedric Prince in The Elder Scrolls due to his insanity.
  2. 2 Mehrunes Dagon. …
  3. 3 Azura. …
  4. 4 Molag Bal. …
  5. 5 Hermaeus Mora. …
  6. 6 Boethiah. …
  7. 7 Malacath. …
  8. 8 Hircine. …

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