Who does Link love the most?

With Skyward Sword, the entire story is driven by their connection and Link’s desire to be with Zelda. More than saving the princess, Link is saving a friend, a companion, & a partner – to say nothing of Zelda’s own agency through it all.

Who is Link’s love interest in Tears of the Kingdom?

As comments that I’ve seen have mentioned, in Japanese, it’s referred to simply as The House.] -“Link never leaves Zelda’s side, so it’s clear that they’re living together.” -“Link and Zelda live in that house and are banging.” -“The Champion’s Photo from BOTW is still in the house, clearly, they’re together.

Who does Link have a crush on?

Given that the dream is also influenced by Link, we can deduce that Marin is a manifestation of Link’s feelings for Zelda. If there’s romantic tension between the two in Link’s Awakening, that means Link had a crush on Zelda in A Link to the Past.

Who is the most popular Link ship?

The most popular person to be shipped with Link is Princess Zelda who appears in almost every game and has romantic hints with him in some of them.

Who is Link’s gf?

Link is often paired with Princess Zelda throughout The Legend of Zelda games, but Hyrule has other eligible bachelorettes that could be better. Tears of the Kingdom, like many of its predecessors in The Legend of Zelda, focuses on Link and Zelda and the roles that they have in Hyrule.

Are Link and Zelda in Love??? I settle it forever.

Who does Link love Mipha or Zelda?

In BOTW’s Japanese Translation Link Refers To Mipha As A Loved One. According to a YouTube video by creator QuestWithAaron, Mipha, a character some view as Breath of the Wild’s best princess, is someone Link expresses care for in his Adventure Log, referring to her as a loved one.

Is Link Zelda’s boyfriend?

So basically, Link and Zelda aren’t in a canon-confirmed romantic relationship, but Summersett confirms what we’ve been able to see all along: Link and Zelda share a loving, caring relationship.

Were Link and Mipha together?

It is clear, in the Japanese translation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Adventure Log, that Mipha and Link both share a love and care for one another and that perhaps, in different circumstances, they could have been romantic partners.

Does Link have a lover?

Although romance isn’t new for Link and Zelda, it wasn’t until Skyward Sword when the franchise would finally decide to give the two a genuine, undeniable love story.

Which Link is the strongest?

Legend Of Zelda: 8 Strongest Versions Of Link

  1. 1 Hero Of The Kingdom.
  2. 2 Hero Of The Wild. …
  3. 3 Dark Link. …
  4. 4 Goddess’ Hero. …
  5. 5 Hero Of Twilight. …
  6. 6 Legendary Hero. …
  7. 7 A Link Between Worlds Legendary Hero. …
  8. 8 Hero Of Time. Determining the Hero of Time’s strength is trickier than any other Link. …

Was Link originally a girl?

Although Link is a male character, Aonuma said that he wanted him to be gender neutral in Ocarina of Time: “I wanted the player to think ‘Maybe Link is a boy or a girl’. If you saw Link as a guy, he’d have more of a feminine touch.

Is Purah in love with Link?

Purah and Link are both experts in their fields, and they pursue goals with single-minded determination. In Tears of the Kingdom, Purah shows no romantic interest in Link, but if they hypothetically did have an attraction, they could have made a decent pairing.

Who kisses Link?

Zelda kisses Link in the end of Oracle of Ages/Seasons in a linked game. At the end of Adventure of Link, when he finally wakes up the sleeping Zelda, he gets a kiss (with the curtains drawn). At the end of Adventure of Link, when he finally wakes up the sleeping Zelda, he gets a kiss (with the curtains drawn).

Does Link marry Zelda?

They are never depicted marrying. Further still no Zelda is ever explicitly mentioned to be related to any Link as their mother or anything else. If they were to get Married Link would at the very least become a prince and thereby all his future descendants would be royalty.

Does Zelda ever kiss Link?

Zelda kisses Link in the end of Oracle of Ages/Seasons in a linked game. At the end of Adventure of Link, when he finally wakes up the sleeping Zelda, he gets a kiss (with the curtains drawn).

Are Link and Sidon in love?

The game never positioned Sidon as an explicit love interest for Link as it did Mipha and Zelda, but fans latched onto the dynamic between the two, resulting in one of the more popular ships in the fandom.

Why is Link so girly?

By design, Link is androgynous, which is just a fancy word for “a boy that looks like a girl or vice versa”. This is because he’s a self-insert for the player, so having an ambiguously-gendered appearance makes it easier for players to put themselves in his shoes.

How old is Link actually?

It’s safe to say that Link is generally on the younger side and under the age of 18, regardless of his incarnation. Hyrule Historia says that Link is 10 years old in the first game, The Legend of Zelda. In Adventure of Link, the hero is age 16.

Is Link happy ending or not?

She even apologizes to him for leaving him to raise himself. Now, Gye-hoon is much lighter and more open with those around him. The whole neighborhood seems lighter, in fact. We end the series on Gye-hoon and Da-hyun sharing a happy moment together as they continue to support each other and move forward together.

Who is older Link or Mipha?

Mipha – Height: 5’2, Age: 55, Relationship Status: Engaged? While the Zora are generally tall, their little princess is shorter than even some Hylian women, standing at barely 5’2. However, she’s roughly the same age as Link and Zelda, albeit in Zora years, making her about 55 years old.

Could Link and Mipha have a child?

Some people note that the two would not be able to have a family together because Mipha is a Zora and Link is a Hylian/Human, however, in past Zelda games, their have been Zora and Hylian hybrids, so it’s possible for the two to have a family together.

How much older is Mipha than Link?

However, she’s roughly the same age as Link and Zelda , albeit in Zora years, making her about 55 years old.

Is Zelda taller than Link?

With the notable exception of Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, Princess Zelda is always taller than Link. Concept art for the series has typically depicted her as the taller of the two, and she notably stands a head taller than Link as adults in Ocarina of Time and in Twilight Princess.

Is Link mute in Zelda?

Link Has Never Truly Been A Silent Protagonist

Although Link has never verbally spoken in a Zelda game (except for the occasional interjection when rolling or attacking), he is not speechless in-universe, and nowhere is this more evident than in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Is there any romance in Zelda?

Romance isn’t usually a core aspect of the Zelda series, but that doesn’t mean it can’t come into play. These love stories add depth to the games. The Legend of Zelda series is all about the struggle of good versus evil and the nature of being a true hero, but every so often, it also contains elements of romance.

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