Who is Ratchets mom?

Madame Gasket is Ratchet’s mother in the movie Robots. She is the queen of the Chop Shop. Despite being a female, she is voiced by Jim Broadbent.

Who is Ratchets mom in Robots?

Meanwhile, Ratchet’s mother, Madame Gasket, runs the Chop Shop, a facility that collects scrap, spare parts, and outmoded robots and recycles them into ingots for upgrades.

Who is Ratchets dad in Robots?

Monsoir Gasket was the father of Ratchet and husband (later widower) of Madame Gasket. He annoyed both of them and was the good guy in his family and believed in Bigweld, but his son did care about him. He was voiced by Lowell Ganz in the US version of the film and by Terry Wogan in the UK version of the film.

What did Ratchet do to Bigweld?

In desperation, Ratchet whacks Bigweld in the head with the intercom, knocking him out. Then he ordered his guards to send Bigweld to the Chop Shop to be turned into ingots for Summertime upgrades along with Rodney, Wonderbot, and Cappy, and to “put Ratchet’s name on Bigweld’s parking space”.

Who is the evil robot lady in Robots?

Madame Gasket is the main antagonist of Blue Sky Studio’s second animated feature film, Robots. She is Bigweld’s arch-rival, Phineas T. Ratchet’s mother, the leader and boss in the Chop Shop and Rodney’s archenemy along with Ratchet.

What Happened to Ratchet Parents And Family – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 2021

Who is the robot girl that kills?

Oh, and one other thing: M3GAN, the “Model 3 Generative Android” created by the brilliant but awkward roboticist Gemma (played by Allison Williams), is a touch homicidal. That’s a problem for Gemma and her recently orphaned niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), for whom M3GAN is meant as a therapeutic gift.

Who married a robot woman?

As industry experts debate employment losses, the rise of AI has both captivated and terrified us. Rosanna Ramos, 36, from the Bronx, New York, was obsessed with artificial intelligence. Rosanna developed her virtual boyfriend, Eren Kartal, using the AI chatbot software Replika and subsequently married him.

Who melted Ratchet?

Ratchet was then interrogated by Lockdown for Optimus’ location but refused and Lockdown killed him. His remains were went to a KSI lab and melted down, where Cade Yeager would find them and be disgusted.

Who is Ratchets arch enemy?

Nefarious vowing to kill Ratchet and Clank. Dr. Nefarious is the main antagonist of the Ratchet & Clank franchise. He is a robotic mad scientist who hates organic lifeforms despite formerly being one himself.

What does Bigweld say?

His two catchphrases are “See a need, fill a need” and “You can shine, no matter what you’re made of”. He believes that any robot can come up with good ideas, and keeps his factory doors open for aspiring young inventors (such as Rodney Copperbottom, who idolizes him) to show him those ideas.

Who does Ratchet love?

Ratchet has managed to garner his fair share of attention from the ladies, having had three love interests by far. These were Angela Cross, Talwyn Apogee, and Sasha Phyronix. His romances have generally been spread out amongst the games.

Is Ratchet and Rivet related?

An alternate universe version of Ratchet, Rivet has been embraced by the community, with praise for her characterization and the performance by Jennifer Hale. Rivet has only appeared in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart so far, so all fans know about her is what was shown in the game.

Who is Ratchets girlfriend?

Talwyn Apogee is a major support character in Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty, the comic series, and Into the Nexus, with mentions in other titles. She is a markazian who encountered Ratchet and Clank on their search for the “Lombax Secret”, and since served as their close ally and as Ratchet’s girlfriend.

Is Mr Bigweld evil?

Trivia. Bigweld is one of the two characters from Robots to be Pure Good, the other being Rodney Copperbottom. Coincidentally, their counterparts, Madame Gasket and Phineas T. Ratchet respectively, are Near Pure Evil.

What is Ratchets real name?

TJ Fixman on X: “Okay, fine. Ratchet’s real Lombax name is Gregory.

Who is Rodney Copperbottom’s girlfriend?

Cappy, later Cappy Copperbottom, is the love interest and later wife of Rodney Copperbottom from the movie Robots. She was voiced by Halle Berry.

Who killed Ratchet g1?

Ratchet was eventually killed in The Transformers: the Movie in an attack by the Decepticons on an Autobot shuttle. The Decepticons penetrated the hull of the shuttle that he, Ironhide, Prowl, and Brawn were flying in.

Is Dr. Nefarious dead?

Due to his mistreatment by Captain Qwark, Nefarious betrayed the team, and attempted to atomize Kerwan’s Aleero City. Qwark stopped him, and he was promptly imprisoned. He was assumed to have then died in a subsequent prison escape, though he had in fact survived.

Is Ratchet an orphan?

Ratchet is still an orphan on the arid planet Veldin, Captain Qwark is still an egocentric doofus. The overarching themes are present in the new game, but they’re told in a very modern way, breaking the fourth wall at times and recognizing that there’s a bit of revisionist history going on.

Can Ratchet be revived?

Ratchet’s death would have a heavy impact on the remaining Autobots, particularly Optimus whom viewed him as a close friend and was deeply saddened by his demise. But within a few years he will revived in a new body thanks to the k.s.i technology.

Is Ironhide Dead?

Death in the Transformers franchise is harsh, but so is justice. Sentinel Prime is an ancient Autobot who betrays the good guys and tries to destroy the Earth. He also kills many, including loyal Autobot Ironhide.

Why was Ratchet killed off?

Lockdown offered to spare his life if he revealed where Optimus Prime was hiding. Ratchet bravely refused to tell where Optimus was and could only weakly resist as Lockdown ripped his spark from his chest, killing him. Ratchet’s mutilated body was taken to KSI to be melted down for its raw parts.

Is it legal to marry a robot?

And though human-robot marriage might not be legal until 2050, Cheok believes humans will be living with robot partners long before then. Though Cheok acknowledges that sex robots could fulfill sexist male sexual fantasies, he believes robot-human marriages will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on society.

Is robot wife possible?

While the idea of robot wives is purely fictional, contemplating the implications of such technology make it vital to approach these possibilities with a critical and thoughtful mindset, considering both the potential benefits and ethical implications they may bring.

Is there a female robot?

There was Ai-Da (the “world’s first ultra-realistic humanoid robot artist”) and Grace (the “world’s foremost nursing assistant robot”) as well as Sophia, Nadine, and Mika. There was even a rock star robot, Desdemona. All of these androids have one thing in common – they are all female by design.

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