Who is the antagonist in Agent 47?

Antoine Le Clerq is the main antagonist of the 2015 action-thriller film Hitman: Agent 47. He is the chairman of an international terrorist organization called “The Syndicate International”.

Who is the main villain of Hitman?

Arthur Edwards | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

Is Agent 47 a villain?

Agent 47 is a fictional character, the protagonist and the player character of the Hitman video game franchise, developed by IO Interactive. He has been featured in all games of the series, as well as various spin-off media, including two theatrically released films, a series of comics, and two novels.

Who is the main antagonist in Hitman Blood Money?

Alexander Leland Cayne | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

Who is the main antagonist in Hitman 2?

Sergei Zavorotko is the main antagonist in the videogame Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. He is the younger half brother of Arkadij Jegorov, one the targets in the previous game, Hitman: Codename 47.

JOHN WICK vs AGENT 47 – Who Would Win?

Is Agent 47 a good guy?

Agent 47 is a murderer, doing it for money. So he’s a bad guy. But he brings down the bad guys, so does good things. Making him an anti-hero.

Is Agent 47 a human?

Agent 47 is a cloned human designed to be genetically superior to the average human, but he’s also designed to blend in like most agents of espionage. One of his only truly distinguishing features is the iconic barcode that is tattooed on the back of his head.

Who is the constant Hitman?

Philip Rosch: Arthur Edwards (The Constant)

What is the villain organization in Hitman?

Cast. Rupert Friend as Agent 47, a mysterious assassin who works for a top secret non-government organization called the International Contracts Agency (known as either the ICA or just the Agency) which carries out the assassinations of high-profile targets worldwide.

Who is the girlfriend in Hitman game?

Helen McAdams is a central character in Hitman: Damnation. She is personal assistant to Charlie Wilkins, a professed member of his church, and Agent 47’s girlfriend (albeit while he is undercover as Stan Johnson).

Why Agent 47 kills?

Agent 47 is a murderer, doing it for money. So he’s a bad guy. But he brings down the bad guys, so does good things. Making him an anti-hero.

Does Agent 47 regret killing?

Far as we know, he still doesn’t hold any regrets for killing the past 3 games’ targets. The targets are in his head as his fears are being brought to the forefront and “”“Diana””” is toying with him with fears that he’s failed.

What is Agent 47s IQ?

As he is a genetically modified man and he is able to seamlessly blend into any situation with an acute knowledge of said situations he has to have at least a 175 iq. He can also scale walls and launch his whole body up with just his arms regardless of his armor or inventory.

Who wins John Wick or Agent 47?

No contest. However if you drop them both in a crowded area and give them each other as the sole target, 47 would win hands down; he would even make it look like an accident. His skillset as an assassin far outshines John Wick’s skillset as a cleaner.

Why is 47 bald?

“It was just too difficult for the engineers to do hair on the main character back then,” he said. “I have seen — and it doesn’t look good — but I have seen the original concepts back then of Agent 47 with hair. They chose to make him bald and it kind of worked out well for us.

Who is the good guy in Hitman?

Agent 47, also known as the Hitman, is the titular main protagonist of the Hitman video game series.

What is Agent 47s backstory?

Origins. Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced human being, his DNA is the culmination of decades of secret research into gene augmentation. His creation was funded by five criminal masterminds who donated their own DNA to the project.

Who is the most evil Hitman target?

A target from Hitman: Contracts, Lord Winston Beldingford is a rich aristocrat and easily one of the most villainous targets in the franchise. His main hobby is human hunting with the series’ take on the novel The Most Dangerous Game and inappropriately harassing his female staff.

Is Agent 47 Religious?

Whether or not he could be considered a Catholic is a matter for debate, with 47 himself acutely aware that his actions are at odds with religious teachings more often than not. His need to feel as though he belongs continues to see him exploring religion though, suggesting that at the very least, he is agnostic.

Can 47 inject himself?

You’ll eventually get the option to inject yourself with the serum instead. This will wipe away all Agent 47’s memories. If you do that, Agent 47 wakes up in a padded room.

Who is Agent 47 Handler?

Diana Penelope Burnwood is the deuteragonist of the Hitman video game series. She serves as the handler of Agent 47, providing him with clients, targets, and information.

Who is the hero of the Hitman?

The film stars Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47, a professional hitman engineered to be an assassin by the Organization. He becomes ensnared in a political conspiracy and finds himself pursued by both Interpol and the FSB. Dougray Scott and Olga Kurylenko star in supporting roles.

Has Agent 47 smiled?

He definitely smiles/smirks a couple times in there. Firstly, cool – they’re not that bad.

Was Agent 47 betrayed?

Hitman 3 Ending: Diana Betrays Agent 47

As Agent 47 fades out of consciousness, Diana tells him “people aren’t meant to be controlled” and that “this is a kindness.” When Agent 47 awakens, he finds himself in a lab located on a train speeding through the snowy mountains.

Can Agent 47 cry?

Second, agent 47 cried out of sadness when his pet rabbit died. He also got depressed at the apparent loss of his spiritual guide that he agrees to take on the “suicide mission”. Psychopaths can’t feel sadness or depression, so that’s another reason why he is not a psychopath.

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