Who is the best Youtuber in Minecraft SMP?

Hands-down the most famous Minecraft YouTuber is Dream. However, other big-name YouTubers like MrBeast and PewDiePie have also produced Minecraft content, though it’s not their main focus. The best Minecraft YouTubers include Dream, Jelly, Ssundee, PrestonPlayz, CaptainSparklez, and LDShadowLady.

Who is the best SMP in Minecraft?

HavenCraft and 4 other Minecraft SMP servers make for tons of entertainment

  • PurpleOre is one of the best SMP servers (Image via Mojang)
  • CraftYourTown is a fantastic Minecraft server (Image via Mojang)
  • WildWood SMP is an excellent server (Image via Mojang)
  • CosmosMC is an enjoyable server (Image via Mojang)

Who is the No 1 Minecraft YouTuber?

1. Dream. Dream is one of the most popular YouTubers in today’s YouTube gaming landscape. You can also say he is the most popular Minecraft YouTuber in 2023, as he has churned up 2.85 billion views in over 110 videos.

What is the most popular SMP on YouTube?

Who is the most popular Minecraft SMP YouTuber?

  1. 1) Dream:
  2. 2) Technoblade: …
  3. 3) TommyInnit: …
  4. 4) Grian: …
  5. 5) GeminiTay: GeminiTay is one of the best YouTubers to watch in 2022 for soothing and relaxing Minecraft SMP videos. …

What is Lifesteal SMP IP?

Lifesteal is a private server, the IP address is not public. However, the members made another version: The Official Public Lifesteal SMP. The Publis Lifesteal SMP’s IP Addres is: Java: lifesteal.net. Bedrock: bedrock.lifesteal.net.

Top 5 Best Minecraft SMP in India….

Is parrot the owner of the Lifesteal SMP?

ParrotX2, also known as Parrot, is the server owner of Lifesteal.

What is the oldest Minecraft server?

Created in August 2010 and opened to the public after two days of testing, MinecraftOnline is the oldest survival server, containing the oldest running server map that has never been reset.

What does SMP mean?

SMP simply means “Survival Multiplayer”. Survival has been a basic aspect of Minecraft from the very beginning. Minecraft SMP servers are a classic and popular way to explore, create, and survive new block worlds with friends or strangers. Here you can learn more about the different types of Minecraft SMP servers.

Who is the best player in Minecraft?

Technoblade took the top spot on this list thanks to their victory over Dream in various Minecraft updates.

Who are the top 3 Minecraft YouTubers?


  • Dream, 31.5 M Subs.
  • Jelly, 23.4 M Subs.
  • PrestonPlayz, 14.4 M Subs.
  • Ssundee, 11.2 M Subs.
  • CaptainSparklez, 11.4 M Subs.
  • LDShadowLady, 7.05 M Subs.
  • Aphmau, 17.2M subs.
  • EYstreem, 7.1M subs.

Which Minecraft do YouTubers play?

Most of the popular Minecraft YouTubers play Minecraft Java, like Grian, Mumbo Jumbo, and even PewDiePie.

What is most popular SMP?

Let’s learn about the four best Minecraft SMP servers:

  • Complex gaming [1.19]
  • AppleMC [1.18- 1.19]
  • Penguin.GG.
  • MCHUB.

What is the deadliest SMP in Minecraft?

LifeEssenceSMP – Deadliest SMP is a Minecraft Survival Server that caters to players using both Java and Bedrock editions of the game. The server aims to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for players to enjoy a balanced and engaging Crossplay, Survival experience.

Who is the villain in Minecraft SMP?

Dream is the titular main antagonist of the Minecraft web series Dream SMP. He serves as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Jschlatt) of Season 1, the main antagonist of Seasons 2 and 4, and one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside the Egg) of Season 3.

What does an SMP mean in Minecraft?

SMP simply means “Survival Multiplayer”. Survival has been a basic aspect of Minecraft from the very beginning. Minecraft SMP servers are a classic and popular way to explore, create, and survive new block worlds with friends or strangers.

What does SMP mean in math?

Standards for Mathematical Practice in Every Lesson. Standards for Mathematical Practice in Every Lesson. The Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) are embedded within the instructional design of Ready® Classroom Mathematics.

What does SMH mean in gaming?

This acronym stands for “shaking my head” and might be used to express joking disapproval of an action within the game (or just in general online).

What is Minecraft oldest name?

In 2009, Minecraft was created by Markus Persson, also known as Notch and was originally called Cave Game. This game was different than other online games where you create things because instead of simply creating structures, you also have to gather resources to build those structures.

Can you get banned from 2b2t?

2b2t has no rules except for impacting the server performance and players are not permanently banned, known within Minecraft as an “anarchy server”. As a result, players commonly engage in harassment, colloquially called “griefing”, as well as cheating using modified software to gain an advantage.

Who is the best 10 year old Minecraft player?

The first-ever Minecraft champion is a 10-year-old boy from Los Angeles. Julien Wiltshire beat out more than 1,000 other players — many high school age — to become the Super League Gaming’s first Minecraft champion.

Who runs Dream SMP?

History and plot. The Dream SMP was created by Dream and GeorgeNotFound in April or May 2020 as a small server for a few friends. It quickly gained popularity, in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic and collaborations across various Twitch channels.

Why did Rekrap leave Lifesteal?

rekrap2 left for Season 5, due to a lack of interest in creating SMP content; however, he may join at a later date. Two members have left the season midthrough; McClutchYT left in September 2023 due to controversy; ItzSubz_ left in October 2023 for mental health reasons, and to focus on different content paths.

What is parrots real name?

Parrots (Psittaciformes), also known as psittacines (/ˈsɪtəsaɪnz/), are birds with a strong curved beak, upright stance, and clawed feet.

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