Who is the pregnant woman in The Last of Us episode 9?

The episode opens firmly in the past, as a deeply pregnant woman named Anna (Ashley Johnson, who did the motion capture and voiced Ellie in The Last of Us video game) stumbles her way away from infected and into a house, protecting herself only with a knife; she gives birth to her child, cutting the umbilical almost …

Who played the pregnant woman in episode 9 of The Last of Us?

Ashley Johnson, who portrays Anna Williams, Ellie’s mother, is the actress who voices and provides motion capture for Ellie in the game version.

Who is the pregnant girl on The Last of Us?

When the group made it to Jackson, Wyoming, Mel revealed to Owen that she was pregnant with his child, leading Owen to wander from the hideout they had established at the Baldwin mansion. Mel was at the mansion when Abby brought Joel and his brother Tommy back to the fortified location where they had set up camp.

Is the baby in the last of us episode 9 real?

The Last of Us episode 9 coverage around the web

Make it happen, HBO!) Speaking of “things that weren’t actually CGI” in this episode, Variety revealed that Baby Ellie was played by two 12-day-old twins. On HBO’s The Last of Us Podcast, they ended the season with special guest Ashley Johnson.

Who is Ellie’s mother in episode 9 of The Last of Us?

If Anna looks and sounds like someone you might know, that shouldn’t be a surprise. That’s because the actress who plays Ellie’s mom is none else than Ashley Johnson, who provided the voice and motion capture for the girl in The Last of Us games.

Ellie’s Mom Gives Birth While Being Attacked – The Last of Us HBO: S1E9

Who is the father of Ellie’s baby in last of us?

Jesse. According to Dina, Jesse is JJ’s biological father. While JJ never met his father, Dina promised to ensure that JJ knows about Jesse’s legacy. Based on Ellie’s journal, Dina tells JJ about Jesse regularly, and Jesse’s parents have visited the farm at least once.

Is Ellie’s mom the original Ellie?

The Last of Us game star Ashley Johnson on playing Ellie’s mom: ‘It’s surreal and bizarre’ Johnson originated the role of Ellie in the video games. Now she arrives in the HBO series as Anna.

Why was Ellie’s mom running through the woods?

Anna is pregnant with baby Ellie and is on the run from an Infected. She tears through the woods and seeks refuge in a remote farmhouse, which has served as her group’s home base.

How did Ellie get pregnant in The Last of Us?

Apparently, Noelle drugged Ellie’s food or something, and when she passed out, she performed some kind of “procedure” to impregnate Ellie.

Was Ellie infected as a baby?

In the struggle to kill this Infected, Ellie was born. However, Anna was bitten. Anna quickly cut Ellie’s umbilical cord, but not before the Infected reached Ellie. Since the cordyceps has grown in Ellie since birth, the cordyceps believe that Ellie herself is cordyceps, resulting in immunity.

Was Ellie’s mom bit while pregnant?

In the final episode’s brutal cold open, we see Ellie’s mom Anna (played by none other than Ashley Johnson) running to a safe house. She finally makes it inside, but the infected runner isn’t far behind, and she’s bitten just before she gives birth to Ellie.

Why is Ellie immune?

Anna also realizes that she was bitten during the fight, before swiftly cutting the umbilical cord connecting her and Ellie. This is the cause of Ellie’s Last of Us immunity. Given that the umbilical cord provides babies with oxygen and nutrients, the Cordyceps present in Anna’s system is transferred into Ellie.

Why couldn t Ellie have a baby?

Their marriage is a happy and loving one, and they looked forward to starting a family together. Unfortunately, Ellie suffers a miscarriage and learns that she is now infertile.

Is Ellie immune because her mom was bit?

While giving birth to Ellie (Bella Ramsey), an Infected bites her thigh, and she kills it with the same knife used to cut her daughter’s umbilical cord. Therefore, it’s implied that either the blade or the bite caused Ellie to become immune to the Cordyceps infection.

What happened at the end of the last of us episode 9?

Joel tells Ellie about how he and Sarah used to hike, and that the pair of them would have liked each other. Ellie then tells Joel about her friend Riley (Storm Reid) and how she had to kill her after she got infected. The episode ends with Ellie making Joel swear to her that what he said about the Fireflies is true.

Was Maria pregnant in The Last of Us?

First of all, we don’t see as much of Jackson as we do in the HBO series. The glimpse of Jackson’s way of life is something we see at the beginning of The Last of Us Part Two—as is the reveal that Maria is expecting a child.

How was Ellie exposed as a fetus?

Somehow, probably through that umbilical cord that Anna lied about cutting off before getting bitten, she was exposed to the fungus when she was still a baby. Thus, when she was bitten by an infected during her trip to the mall with Riley, in Episode 7, the spores that entered her system took her for one of them.

Whose baby is Ellie holding?

On Thursday, the 34-year-old singer posted a photo to Instagram featuring her 6-month-old son, Arthur Ever Winter, whom she welcomed with husband Caspar Jopling back in April. In the snap, Goulding looks at the camera while holding her son, who is wearing an adorable swan-printed winter coat.

Was Ellie’s mom bitten before she gave birth?

In the episode’s surprise opening sequence, the season finale revealed that Anna was bitten by an infected person moments before giving birth to Ellie.

Can Ellie spread the virus?

Ellie Almost Certainly Cannot Infect Others In The Last Of Us. While the end result of what would occur from a group of people eating Ellie – as was threatened in The Last of Us episode 8 – is unclear, there are some hints from The Last of Us Part II surrounding Ellie’s immunity and how it works.

Do they find a cure in The Last of Us?

Although the doctors in The Last of Us universe initially seem to believe that Ellie can be used to make a cure, this storyline is never resolved.

What was the cannibal trying to do to Ellie?

David attempts to rape Ellie, who stabs him about a million times. Thankfully, she takes him down and stumbles out of the building, finding Joel. “It’s okay, I got you,” he tells her, as the two walk off bloodied and shell-shocked. Just a simple man grappling with his cannibalistic tendencies.

Who was Ellie’s real dad?

Very little is known about Ellie’s biological parents. Her mother, Anna, was a nurse who died within a day of Ellie’s birth. Nothing is known about her father. While not related by blood, Joel is the closet thing Ellie has ever had to a parent, let alone a father.

Why was Ellie’s face changed?

Druckmann and Straley said the change was made to better reflect Johnson’s personality and make her younger.

Is Joel the real father of Ellie?

Joel is not even a father figure to her at all. He is just a guy escorting her who became a friend at the end. Calling him her step-father is nonsense, he never married Ellie’s mom and does not think of him as a father.

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