Who should be crowned king of Skellige?

Crowning the Ruler of Skellige Given the an Craite siblings’ track records, a majority of players believe Cerys to be the best choice for Skellige’s ruler. She thinks before she acts, in stark contrast to her brother.

Is it better to choose Cerys or Hjalmar?

Important: This is the only way to reach this place of power. If you go with Hjalmar or decide not to get involved you will not earn this skill point. Also, this is the only way to find the true culprit, so helping Cerys is the best option for both roleplaying and character development.

Should you race Cerys?

Cerys will even challenge Geralt to a race up the mountain. You may race if you’d like, but there is no reward for it. When your time at the table comes to an end, Yennefer will lead you around the dining room.

How do you resolve the matter of succession to the Skellige throne?

How To Resolve The Matter Of Succession To The Skellige Throne. To get any help from the other recruits, you will need to complete a series of side quests in Skellige that focus on the archipelago’s new king. These quests start with Possession and The Lord of Undvik before continuing on to The King’s Gambit.

When should you head to Skellige?

You may start this quest anytime after “Imperial Audience.” It is suggested that you be at least level 17 before starting the quest. As the quest begins, you will need a minimum of 1,000 crowns (don’t worry though, you’ll get them all back).

Who Should Rule Skellige In The Witcher 3?

What is the best ending for Skellige?

Cerys is largely considered to be the best contender to take up the Skelligan crown. Under her smart rule, Skellige will flourish with prosperity and avoid needless bloodshed. Whereas her brother, Hjalmar would rule with brawn over brain, consistently heckling Nilfgaard and costing many lives of his people.

What is the good ending of Skellige?

If Geralt completes the Clan an Craite side quests, then sided with Cerys during King’s Gambit, Skellige will see newfound peace and prosperity under the rule of Cerys an Craite. She rules with purpose and ensures the comfort and safety of her people above all else.

Can I get to Skellige without paying 1000?

As the quest begins, you will need a minimum of 1,000 crowns (don’t worry though, you’ll get them all back).

Does the guy in Skellige pay you back?

If you choose to help, he will take 150 crowns as a loan, promising to pay you back in Novigrad.

Does sailing to Skellige fail any quests?

No. Once you’ve been there, you can return to Velen from Skellige via fast travel. The only thing that auto-fails quests is progressing through certain main story quests.

Can I let Cerys win the race?

AFAIK there is no major difference except for completing or failing the objective. Seeing as Skelligans are about honor, gaining honor and maintaining honor, it would be low to let her win.

Is Philippa Eilhart a good person?

Philippa Eilhart is one of the most cunning and cruel sorceresses in The Witcher franchise. However, in the games, she is depicted as a treacherous and malevolent egomaniac.

Should I drink at Brans Wake?

The guests will invite you to toast to King Bran; if you do Yennefer will warn you she needs you sober but there is no effect other than dialogue changes. After the initial interactions you may speak with some of these guests again for further information.

What happens if you side with Hjalmar?

Helping Hjalmar will also net you a total of 900 experience points. You’ll also receive the crossbow titled Death From Above regardless of who you help. Whoever you decide to help will go on to become the next ruler of Skellige.

What is the most powerful clan in Skellige?

The most powerful is Clan An Craite with their current jarl, Crach an Craite. Their territory is the northern half of the largest island, Ard Skellige. This clan has had many strong jarls and kings. Their colors, which identify them on the battlefield, are red, brown, and black.

Who is the best choice for Geralt?

Triss and Geralt have a lot of history, and she’s one of his main options. If players choose to pursue a romance with her and only her as opposed to chasing Yen too, she’ll be there for him at the very end of the game, and they’ll settle down together.

Can you save Uncle Vesemir?

Yet, before the war against The Wild Hunt starts, you should do the Berengar’s Blade quest, which requires talking to Vesemir. You can’t do this later because it’s impossible to save Vesemir at the end of the conflict with Eredin and his troops.

Is it worth getting all the question marks in Skellige?

Skellige marks can be worth a lot of money, but I wouldn’t do it if it was ruining my experience. They really are out of the way and seemed like I had made enough cash just looting the easy to reach landmarks. You can find some horse gear and relics but most if not all of the gear in the chests will be vendor trash.

Should you help the man in Skellige?

In terms of your return on investment, letting the man go will be the wisest option. You can find him in Fyresdal a day later, with 200 crowns waiting for you. Combined with the 20 crowns given earlier, you will receive 220 crowns, with a profit of 70 crowns.

Is Toussaint bigger than Skellige?

I say Toussaint is just as big as the Skellige Isles if you are going by land only and I say it’s a good bit smaller than Verden/Novigrad since that area is vast in size.

Should I go to Novigrad or Skellige first?

You have to go to both. I suggest going to Novigrad first, but be warned: it’s the dullest area and has the most boring quests in the game. Skellige is a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). Yeah, Novigrad story quest basically ends by saying you should now go to Skellige.

Who is the guy you loan money to in Skellige?

Meeting Johann

At Kaer Trolde Harbor, Geralt can talk to a man by the docks. He introduces himself as Johann Bohner, a recently shipwrecked man that needs some money to pay for passage home. If you choose to help, he will take 150 crowns as a loan, promising to pay you back in Novigrad.

Should I spare the succubus in Skellige?

You can decide to kill her, or let her go. If you kill her, you can get your hands on the rare Succubus Mutagen, needed for the Succubus Decoction. If you spare her, you get peace of mind that you’re not an evil man. Follow the path she took, to find her lair, and where you can find the pimpernel.

Should I clear Novigrad before going to Skellige?

No, novigrad and skellige is a fork in the road, you can go to either and complete the other after.

Can Svanrige become king?

Svanrige is the only son of King Bran and his wife Birna. Following his father’s death, he became the formal leader of Clan Tuirseach. If Geralt did not help Cerys or Hjalmar during the quest King’s Gambit, Svanrige will become the king and establish a hereditary dynasty over Skellige’s isles.

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