Who should I side with Phantom Liberty?

You Should Side With Reed In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Siding with Songbird at first, then turning on her later is the easier option, as getting her to the spaceport is far simpler and faster than fighting through the MaxTac convoy and Militech facility.

What is the best ending to Phantom Liberty?

King of Wands – Kill Reed in the Killing Moon. Arguably the best ending in Phantom Liberty and the one that fits the philosophies of V and Johnny the most, the King of Wands allows V to see his situation from another person.

Who to side with in Phantom Liberty?

As you can see, siding with Songbird throughout Phantom Liberty is deadly for Reed, and for V’s hope for a cure from the FIA. Songbird, however, gets launched in a shuttle to the moon in hopes of finding a cure for herself, so this might be the best ending for her character.

Is it better to side with Songbird or reed?

Siding with Reed is so much more fun and fleshed out. If you side with Song all you do is take her to the airport, fight hordes of dudes, and then get a cutscene.

Can you save Alex in Phantom Liberty?

V can choose to side with either Songbird or Reed during this Phantom Liberty sequence. This determines three things: how the ending of the DLC plays out, whether a new ending is unlocked for the base game, and Alex’s fate. In order to keep Alex alive, they’ll have to side with Songbird during this initial opportunity.

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Should I let Alex out or not?

Alternatively, they can let Alex go free, ending the mission immediately. Surprisingly, the nicer of the two options actually awards more money, as players that deliver Alex to the Tyger Claws will earn 1,860 Eurodollars, whereas those that let Alex go free will get 3,700 Eurodollars.

What is the bad ending of Phantom Liberty?

Objectively the worst ending in Phantom Liberty, the King of Pentacles perpetuates the cycle of the dog-eat-dog world of Cyberpunk. So Mi will eventually be cured by the FIA, but her life purpose went from being the government’s netrunning lap dog to a literal Blackwall slave.

Should I trust reed Phantom Liberty?

You Should Side With Reed In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Siding with Songbird might seem like the fairer option, but siding with Reed is the only way to keep everybody alive in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty.

Should you betray Songbird or reed?

Without spoiling anything, if you still side with Songbird during ‘The Killing Moon’, you don’t get access to the new base game ending, but if you switch allegiances and side with Reed at the end, you do get access to the new ending.

Is Songbird lying cyberpunk?

Songbird reveals that the neural matrix can only be used once, meaning that either Songbird or V getting the cure means that the other will go without it, and Songbird has been lying about wanting to cure V. Here, V can choose to either carry Songbird to the ship, or to call Reed to hand her over right away – although, …

What happens to Alex in Phantom Liberty?

Alex is dead at the hands of Hansen—never getting her wish of leaving Night City alive.

Can V survive in Phantom Liberty?

The camera pans back to reveal a V that’s a ghost of (herself/himself), shaved head, removed makeup and cyberware. Nothing like the character you’ve had all this time. She does in fact disappear into the Nighty City crowd, now just another NPC. So, V does survive, but absolutely alone, losing everyone she once knew.

How do you get the secret ending in Phantom Liberty?

How to Get Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty’s Alternate Ending. Toward the end of the second act of Phantom Liberty, you must choose between Songbird or Reed. At this point, go with Songbird. Wait for the character to contact you, and complete the “The Killing Moon” questline.

Can you be cured in Phantom Liberty?

Phantom Liberty Has A Cure For Songbird Or V – But Not Both

There are, however, a few major complications in doing so.

Does Phantom Liberty change the base game ending?

As you make your way through Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion, you can unlock a secret ending for the base game.

How many endings does Phantom Liberty add?

The story of Phantom Liberty can end in five different ways (including an unnamed early ending), depending on the choices you make regarding the two main characters of the DLC: Solomon Reed, and Song So Mi (Songbird).

What happens if you let Songbird escape?

Siding with Songbird leads to an ostensibly happy ending: after all, she gets to go free. However, this ending doesn’t affect any changes to Cyberpunk 2077’s base game, and is more than a little unsatisfying. V’s former ally, Reed, is dead, and they never learn what happens to Songbird.

Does Songbird have a happy ending?

Solomon Reed promises us that Songbird will be taken of after the mission and she lives. But later on it’s revealed to us she’s been placed back into active duty, doing exact opposite of what she wants to do.

Does Songbird get cured?

Saving Songbird In “The Killing Moon”

Picking this option ends “The Killing Moon” with Songbird being put on the ship to Luna, with an eventual reveal in later quests that she successfully cured herself. In terms of material rewards, this path offers two Iconic pieces of equipment.

What is the best ending for Songbird?

Choosing to save Songbird results in a more optimistic ending for her, but V loses the promised cure, while handing her over leads to a bleak outcome for all characters involved.

Is V the main character in Phantom Liberty?

Phantom Liberty comes with a brand new story where the main character, V, gets hired by netrunner Songbird and goes to the lawless town part of Night City, known as Dogtown, to help the President of the New United States of America.

What is the iconic weapon in pariah?

Pariah is an Iconic Tech Pistol in the Phantom Liberty expansion that can be looted at the end of The Killing Moon main story mission.

When should you play Phantom Liberty?

I’ve started a new playthough for 2.0/PL, and I was curious what the best point in the game to start PL was so the story would flow smoothly with the rest of the game? You can do it anytime after completing Transmission (the end of the Judy/VDB 2nd act quest line) and meeting Hanako at Embers to complete the game.

Should you beat Cyberpunk before Phantom Liberty?

No, you don’t need to finish Cyberpunk 2077 before playing Phantom Liberty DLC. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming and more. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a separate expansion, meaning you will get to play new story dialogues and segments.

When should you start Phantom Liberty?

When should I start Phantom Liberty? It becomes available after Transmission quest in Pacifica (the one where you meet Alt) and you are likely at an OK level for it by that point, but it will be worth gathering up your best weapons and some cyberware for your journey into Dogtown.

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