Why can’t i turn diamond into netherite?

To upgrade your diamond tools and armor to Netherite variants, you will now need a Smithing Template called “Netherite Upgrade”, which can only be found in Bastion Remnant chests.

Why won’t it let me make a netherite pickaxe?

After the Minecraft 1.20 update is officially released, you’ll have to take a few extra steps to obtain the netherite pickaxe. You must obtain ancient debris blocks and convert them into netherite ingots, but you’ll also need to find a new item called a netherite upgrade smithing template.

Why can’t i make Netherite armor in Minecraft?

To upgrade a piece of diamond armor to Netherite in Minecraft, you will need to use an Upgrade Smithing Template in Minecraft. We have a dedicated article on how to find the Netherite Upgrade in the latest MC 1.20 update. In this guide, you will need four templates to upgrade your full diamond armor set.

Can you turn enchanted diamond armor into Netherite?

Yes. Netherite gear is the result of adding netherite to diamond, so it would make sense for it to keep its enchants: which is does. Yes, the netherite ingot will just upgrade it to netherite, it wont refill the durability or change the enchantments.

Is netherite armor better than diamond?

If players combine this new wonder material with their armour, it will have a higher toughness and durability than diamond! Yes, tougher than diamond! It also has knockback resistance, meaning players will barely move if they are hit with arrows. Any weapons made with Netherite will also do more damage than diamonds.

Why I Hate Netherite

How many diamonds for full netherite armor?

This is how many Diamonds you need now in 1.20 for Full Netherite gear + a Diamond trim 116 Diamonds. It’s 91 diamond needed for full Netherite gear and 116 for the armour with the trim. That’s (24+11+56) = 91 diamonds in total needed for full neitherite gear.

Why can’t i upgrade my diamond armor to netherite?

To upgrade your diamond tools and armor to Netherite variants, you will now need a Smithing Template called “Netherite Upgrade”, which can only be found in Bastion Remnant chests.

What destroys Netherite armor?

Although generally indestructible, netherite in item form can be destroyed if it comes in contact with a cactus, just like any other item. Much like the obsidian ore, netherite can still be broken by blue wither skulls, dropping the item.

Can you still burn in Netherite armor?

Almost everything made from netherite is fire resistant in item form i.e. does not burn in any forms of fire. An exception to this is lodestone. But if you mean wearing the armor, no.

Can you only break netherite with diamond?

Netherite can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe or a Netherite Pickaxe. When the world is generated, Ancient Debris is never spawned next to an open air block – meaning it will almost always be surrounded by other blocks.

Why do people use diamond over netherite?

Netherite armor/tools have roughly 1.3x the durability of Diamond, but the tools are all the same speed as Diamond tools, which makes them not worth getting because the difficulty to obtain is 4x greater than Diamond.

What table turns diamond into netherite?

A smithing table in Minecraft serves as both a work area for the toolsmith and an upgrade from diamond to netherite for gear.

Why can’t i craft a Netherite sword?

Netherite Ingots are unlike other Ingots found within the game. They can’t simply be paired with Sticks to craft tools such as swords and pickaxes. Netherite tools require the player to have at least one diamond tool previously crafted. Players will need a Smithing Table to turn diamond tools into Netherite tools.

How do I get the netherite upgrade template?

The Netherite Upgrade Smithing Template can be found exclusively in bastion remnants in the Nether biome. The player can find these remnants in any Nether biome except the Basalt Deltas. These large structures are typically easy to notice as they are constructed from blackstone and have distinctive appearances.

Is netherite pickaxe faster than Diamond?

The new pickaxe is exactly 8.333.. % faster. If you want to know what I did, I simply mined 100 blocks directly vertically for both the Diamond and Netherite pickaxe. The Diamond pickaxe took exactly a minute to mine 100 blocks, while the Netherite pickaxe took exactly 55 seconds.

Can a creeper one shot you with full netherite armor?

Sadly, yes. I learned that one the hard way. I had a full set of netherite tools and armor. I died and came back to find everything blown up.

How rare is netherite?

Players can have a 42.1% chance of finding one Netherite Ingot inside a treasure chest at the Bastion Remnant on Java and Bedrock.

Does netherite float in lava?

Full Netherite armor would make a player completely sink and unable to swim up. Only in the water though, lava swimming would still be fine since Nethertite comes from Nether and floats on lava after all.

Does it cost more XP to enchant netherite?

Enchant your diamond tools first, then upgrade them to netherite, they will keep their enchantment. By the way, enchanting netherite costs more experience points.

How much Ancient Debris do you need for a full set?

How many Ancient Debris do you need for a full set? 36 blocks of Ancient Debris must be mined to upgrade a full set of gear (as it requires 9 Netherite Ingots). Additional Ancient Debris can be used to upgrade more gear or craft Netherite Blocks and Lodestones.

Can you fix netherite Armour?

If you need to repair netherite tools like armor, chestplates, pickaxes, swords, or boots, it’s easy—you’ll just need a second netherite tool of the same type or netherite ingots. Then, you can use the anvil, crafting table, or grindstone to make the repair.

Is a netherite sword worth it?

Yes. The diamond sword currently does 7 damage unrnchanted, while the netherite sword does 8 damage. The durability is also higher, going from 1562 to 2032.

Is netherite 1.20 worth?

Personally, I don’t care too much about this as netherite really only adds a bit of knockback resistance and you can get by just fine with diamond armor, but I’ve seen many people express their dissatisfaction with this update as it makes the already difficult process even more difficult and time consuming.

Is it worth upgrading tools to netherite?

It is up to you whether that is worth it. For durability differences, netherite seems to have about 40-60 more durability for each armor piece compared to diamond. Netherite tools seem to have 470 more durability than a diamond tools.

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