Why did my Chao lose its legs?

message: If you feed your chao a bat, (ex. Pyramid cave level) chances are high that your chao will lose its feet and grow a little genie-like tail. To get them feet once more, use sea monsters.

How do I get my Chao’s legs back?

When given to a Chao, bats remove the Chao’s legs. To make their legs appear again, give them skeleton dogs, as they remove your Chao’s animal parts. best place to find skeleton dogs fast is to use pumpkin hill fly to church mountain and then pick one put and reset until you have the amount you need.

What is the lifespan of a Chao?

A Chao’s life lasts for around 5 years and then it reaches the end of its life.

How long does a Chao class last?

Once you place a Chao in the classroom, it will take 30 minutes to complete the lesson. Unlike the Chao Garden, the classroom time will only pass while you are playing the game outside of Chao World – and not the time spent in the Chao Gardens!

How many times can a Chao reincarnate?

Answers. From what I know there is no limit. The only limit is happiness. Your chao will only reincarnate while above 30 happiness, but there is no stopping you from continuing until hes all maxed, just dont make him too mad.

Chao with no legs trips over nothing

Is chaos a mutated Chao?

Chaos is a mutated Chao, who possessed high intelligence and abilities that far exceed the others. It is a powerful and mysterious higher being. Although Dr. Eggman referred to it as “The God of Destruction”, it actually has a gentle personality.

Can Hero and Dark Chao mate?

It doesn’t matter whether your Chao is aligned Hero, Dark, or Neutral – there are no restrictions with them mating with different alignments!

How long does it take for Chao to become an adult?

When the Evolution Strength value reaches 1 the Chao will trigger its Evolution by sitting down and forming a Cocoon around itself. After the short amount of time in its cocoon, it will emerge as an adult Chao. The evolution will generally occur sometime around 3 hours in to a Chao’s life.

What is the highest level Chao can be?

The maximum level Chao can reach is level 99 in any stat. Each stat has a progress bar, ranging from 0% to 99%, describing how close a Chao is to its next level up.

Why does my Chao have a question mark?

A question mark means that your Chao is thinking or it may be confused on what just happened, like if it is on the water and can’t swim and you put it back on the ground they may have this emotion.

How do you know when your Chao will evolve?

A Chao will evolve and enter its Cocoon when its Evolution Strength becomes full. The Evolution Strength is a value which runs from 0 to 1 for child Chao. A Chao is born with an Evolution Strength value of 0, and will evolve when it reaches 1.

How do you know when a Chao is close to evolving?

Child. As previously mentioned, a Chao is considered to be a child for the first few hours of its life. It then forms a cocoon and evolves when it is ready. As your Chao edges closer to evolution, you will see its body shape and colour (if it is a regular coloured Chao) change towards what it wants to evolve into.

How do you force Chao to evolve?

You give your Chao 5 Run animals, then 5 Power animals, then 5 Fly animals, and then 5 Swim animals. You repeat this process 20 times, so that it has had a total of 100 of each kind. Because the Chao most recently interacted with a balance of all types, it will evolve into the Normal type.

Can Chao reincarnate?

Chao generally live to about age 5 or so, then they die. When that happens, if the Chao was happy and well-loved during it’s life, then it will form a pink cocoon and will reincarnate as an Egg. But, if the Chao was abused during its life and was miserable, then it will form a gray cocoon and dies permanently.

How do you get Chao to reincarnate faster?

Once you have managed to pick up the dying Chao, you can attempt to increase its happiness so that it reincarnates. To do this, put it back down on the ground and immediately feed it or pet it repeatedly so that it will reincarnate instead.

How do you get a devil Chao?

If you want a Dark Chaos Chao, otherwise known as the Devil Chao, then your Chao must be of the Dark alignment. Care for your Chao by using mostly Dark characters.

How do you make Chao immortal?

To make a chaos chao you must reincarnate your selected chao at least twice. After it’s been reincarnated give it one of each animal before it’s first evolution. If done correctly your chao will evolve into an immortal chaos chao. Keep in mind your chao’s character alignment will effect it’s evolution.

How old does a Chao have to be to reincarnate?

Eventually, your chao will form a light blue tear-shaped cocoon with a yellow tip. This means that your chao is now an adult. This stage will last the longest, approximately 5 chao years (1 chao year = 3 hours). Based on your chao’s happiness stat, it will either die or reincarnate.

Does feeding Chao make it evolve faster?

If it’s the first evolution, give a lot (AND A LOT) fruit to your chao. It will speed up the evolution time to 15 – 30 minutes.

Why does my Chao have flowers around it?

You will be able to tell when your Chao is in its mating season, as it will sit down on the ground with a heart over it’s head and a ring of beautiful flowers will bloom around it. This means that it is ready and willing to mate.

Why is my Chao turning dark?

If you raise Chao with Hero characters (Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles), they will slowly shift towards the Hero alignment. If you raise Chao with Dark characters (Shadow, Rouge, or Dr Eggman), they will slowly shift towards the Dark alignment.

Why won’t Chaos breed?

At least one of the Chao must be in its mating season, with flowers blooming around it. The other one must at least be close to a mating season; if it isn’t in the mood, then it will refuse to mate with the other Chao. If both Chao are in their mating seasons, then they will definitely be willing to mate.

Is Chaos a bad guy Sonic?

Chaos is the main antagonist of the video game Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast.

How did Eggman release Chaos?

Eggman shattered the Master Emerald releasing Chaos and persuaded him to help him with his plans for world domination. After Eggman’s plans fell through thanks to Sonic and his friends, Chaos absorbed the negative energies from the Chaos Emeralds becoming Perfect Chaos once more.

How did Sonic beat Chaos?

Luckily, Sonic did not need to use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and defeat Perfect Chaos. Sonic rushes and speeds up to Perfect Chaos’ body, hitting his brain several times. After that, Perfect Chaos was defeated and sunk back into the water.

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