Why did Umbrella want stars dead?

Umbrella wanted to test their bioweapons on the best soldiers and the stars members were the best police officers/Swat team/Special forces. Perfect chance to test a bioweapon. Also Hunk and the others were tasked with getting the G virus during the raccoon city events.

Why was Nemesis Killing Stars members?

As the outbreak of the T-Virus in Raccoon City raged, Umbrella saw a chance to get rid of the S.T.A.R.S. team, who had been a thorn in Umbrella’s side since the Arklay mountain incident. In the resulting chaos, Nemesis was deployed to take out the surviving members of S.T.A.R.S.

What is Umbrella Corporation’s goal?

Description. A large pharmaceutical company founded in 1968 by Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus under the corporate slogan “Preserving the health of the people.” Umbrella’s true purpose, however, was weapons development.

Why did Umbrella Corp make Nemesis?

In this backstory, the European branch of Umbrella intended to not only demonstrate their superiority within the company with their new creation, but also seek revenge against the “S.T.A.R.S.” police group that had destroyed their original Tyrant creation, codenaming their new creature “Nemesis” after the Greek …

Why is the Umbrella Corporation evil?

As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the Umbrella Corporation also supplied viral weaponry to the United States Army. Unknown to Umbrella’s employee’s, profits are generated by sales of the virus and the illegal conduction of genetic research and modification.

Resident Evil – How Each S.T.A.R.S Member Died in the Mansion

Why did umbrella make tyrants?

The project began in 1988, with the goal of creating the ultimate biological weapon for military use. Compared to the standard human mutant created by the T-Virus, the zombie, the Tyrant was to be considerably larger, stronger, more durable, and intelligent, making it a very attractive weapon for military application.

Is Hargreeves the villain?

Sir Reginald Hargreeves is the main antagonist of the TV series The Umbrella Academy. He serves as the overarching antagonist of Season 1, a major antagonist in Season 2, and the main antagonist of season 3. He is set to appear in the fourth and final season.

What virus does Wesker have?

Description: The once invincible, bullet-dodging Wesker deliberately infects himself with the Uroboros virus as a last resort after having been weakened by an overdose of the virus suppressant PG67A/W that was injected by Chris and Sheva.

Why does Nemesis say stars?

The first is its purpose. The Nemesis is specifically tasked with hunting down S.T.A.R.S members, but he will kill anyone who gets in his way. He even occasionally grunts the word “Stars,” which is evidence of his increased intelligence.

Was stars working for Umbrella?

STARS was formed because the RPD didn’t have a SWAT team. Umbrella simply funded them. They didn’t get the idea to send them to the mansion to gather live combat data until the outbreak happened.

Who created the T-Virus?

The important takeaway is clear: Marcus was the first to create the original T-Virus strain, and the leech creatures seen in Resident Evil 0 were perhaps the first concrete T-Virus infected monstrosities in Umbrella’s infamous bestiary.

Who is the leader of umbrella Corp?

Ozwell E. Spencer (オズウェル・E・スペンサー, Ozuweru E Supensā) is the owner and co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical drug company that secretly manufactures bio-organic weapons. Spencer’s backstory is largely told through in-game files.

What is the secret about Umbrella Corporation?

As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the Umbrella Corporation also supplied viral weaponry to the United States Army. Unknown to Umbrella’s employee’s, profits are generated by sales of the virus and the illegal conduction of genetic research and modification.

Why does the G virus have eyes?

Outside of Dr. Birkin’s unique mutation, two common elements occur within most G-mutants. The first is that of functioning eyeballs which develop in seemingly random parts of the body for no particular reason. This is comparable with teratomas, a type of tumor that grows hair, teeth, and eyes.

Why is there a Nemesis after Jill?

Why is Nemesis behind Jill? Nemesis is programmed to hunt down all the S.T.A.R.S members from the mansion incident. He already knows the location of Jill no matter where she is easily. The corporation named Umbrella created him to have one specific goal the kill Jill Valentine.

Is tyrant and Nemesis the same?

To start with the basics, Mr. X is a Tyrant, one of the most infamous monstrosities in the Resident Evil universe, while the Nemesis, a different enemy in its own right, is created largely from the body and physique of a Tyrant.

Is Nemesis autistic?

Peter Michael Ellison, mostly referred to by the nickname Little Pete but also known as Nemesis, is an autistic little boy serving as a main character in the first six books.

What gender is Nemesis?

Nemesis is a unique gender-neutral name of Greek origin. Though the English word “nemesis” is common, the role Nemesis played in Greek mythology isn’t quite as well-known. Nemesis, also known as Rhamnusia, is the goddess of enacting retribution against hubris.

Why is Nemesis so smart?

Kawamura conceived the character as the result of infecting a T-103 model Tyrant—a humanoid bio organic weapon (BOW) created to be the ultimate lifeform by the Umbrella Corporation—with the Nemesis Alpha parasite (or “NE-α”) designed to increase its intelligence.

Why did Wesker turn evil?

Wesker was originally supposed to help Dr. Spencer develop immortality to create a race of superior humans, but he defected and decided that he himself was the chosen one to become a god and rule the new world into the next stage of evolution.

Could Wesker have survived?

Wesker Never Died/ Healed Using His Abilities

It was later revealed that Wesker survived his injuries due to the attack, awakening dormant cells in his body from the infamous “Project W” and his naturally superior genes.

Why did they make Wesker black?

Just as Steve Rogers’ whiteness informed his worldview in a way that Sam Wilson had to reckon with before he could pick up the shield himself, changing Wesker’s race was an opportunity to explore what Resident Evil has to say about racial politics.

Who is the weakest Hargreeves?

Is Luther the weakest Umbrella Academy member? At the show’s outset, absolutely. A reason for Luther’s increased strength as a teen is that his weakness stems from his emotional state, like all of The Umbrella Academy siblings.

What kind of alien is Hargreeves?

Reginald’s full alien form has never been revealed. Fans have seen a brief shot of his back, but his full form remains in the dark. It’s clear that he’s a bipedal reptilian creature of some sort.

Why did Vanya become Viktor?

But it was not just because of the actor. That’s a misconception. It does make sense for the character. He’s never had the chance to truly be himself with all the lies that were told to him about his existence, season 3 was the first chance for self identity revelations.

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