Why does Bluestar hate Thistleclaw?

It is mentioned on Bluestar’s page that she paid the highest price to become deputy instead of Thistleclaw, who she feared would destroy ThunderClan with his dark-hearted ambitions. It is also mentioned on Tigerstar’s page that Tigerpaw was mentored by Thistleclaw, a cruel and ambitious cat.

Why was Thistleclaw evil?

Ultimately, Thistleclaw’s arrogance and lust for battle proves to be his undoing when he tries to fight an entire RiverClan patrol all by himself and is killed. Thistleclaw also has a deceptive and manipulative side, shown in how he manipulated Spottedpaw.

Was Thistleclaw a good mate?

Aside from his apparent arrogance, Thistleclaw also cares deeply for those close to him. He shows this when Sweetpaw passes away, and later when he and Snowfur become mates. He is also overjoyed when he learns he is to be a father, and is as supportive as possible for Snowfur when she gives birth to Whitekit.

Why did Bluestar get rid of her kits?

She gives up her kits to prevent Thistleclaw from becoming deputy. Bluefur becomes deputy and eventually, leader after Sunstar is killed, becoming Bluestar and appoints Redtail as her deputy.

Is Thistleclaw a villain?

The immensly sadistic Thistleclaw was the mentor of the totally darkness Tigerstar and serves as the overall overarching antagonist of the entire Warrior Cats-series; as the ultimate main antagonist in Bluestars Propechy and the secondary antagonist in The Omen of Stars.

Spottedleaf tells Bluestar about Thistleclaw

Who did Thistleclaw groom?

In this novella, we learn that Spottedpaw used to be a warrior apprentice (about middle to high school aged), and during that time she was groomed by the adult warrior Thistleclaw, who intended to become mates with her.

Did Thistleclaw really love Snowfur?

When his littermate, Sweetpaw died, he offered to bury her, which must have meant he cared for his sister. If he didn’t, he’d have never offered. He also clearly showed he loved Snowfur and cared about his own kit.

How did Bluestar lose 9 lives?

When Tigerstar pins Fireheart down so that the lead dog could catch up to him, Fireheart is saved by Bluestar, who cannons into the lead dog’s side, knocking the dog and herself off the side of the gorge and into the river, also giving up her ninth life to save her Clan.

Was Bluestar a Russian Blue?

Bluestar’s first names included Moonstar, Moonstone, and Bluestone. These were changed to keep certain terms special to StarClan. Bluestar and Oakheart are mates in StarClan, but the editorial team has not had time to include them. Bluestar has Russian Blue ancestry.

Does Bluestar have dementia?

i’m pretty sure it was confirmed that moth flight had adhd, along with bluestar and graypool having dementia in their later years.

What did Thistleclaw do to spottedleaf?

Spottedleaf was manipulated and lied to by thistleclaw, who promised love and affection. Spottedleaf was only (in mental age) like 12-16 so she was very impressionable.

Who did Appledusk love?

Mapleshade became Appledusk’s mate and they had kits together. When Mapleshade and her kits were cast out of her own Clan due to this forbidden relationship, Mapleshade had planned to bring them to RiverClan.

Is Redtail Spottedleaf’s brother?

Redtail is the son of Swiftbreeze and Adderfang, the brother of Spottedleaf, Willowpelt, Leopardfoot and Patchpelt. As an apprentice, Redtail was mentored by Halftail and felt loyal to Tigerclaw when he saved him from a hawk.

Why do people hate Spottedleaf’s heart?

The biggest problem about Spottedleaf’s Heart is that it’s themes are lost on people who do not realize why Thistleclaw’s actions are bad. Not that the subject matter is too adult, but that the matter is not presented obviously enough for children to understand.

How did Crowfeather react to Feathertail death?

Before the traveling cats leave, Crowfeather holds his vigil for being a new warrior near her grave, quietly devastated. Stormfur is the only RiverClan cat to travel home, and he wished that he really had been the silver cat so that Feathertail would not have to die.

Why is Brokenstar so evil?

Being born in secret to Yellowfang and Raggedstar, Yellowfang believes Brokenstar’s evil nature was a result of her breaking the Warrior code. Brokenstar was emotionally abused by his foster mother, Lizardstripe, and bullied by his foster siblings.

What breed of cat is Hollyleaf?

First, Hollyleaf is long-furred. That might make her a Norwegian Forest Cat, a Persian Cat, a Maine Coon, a Ragdoll or a Siberian Cat. Although she might not be a Persian Cat, because they have a round face and short muzzle. Hollyleaf will probably be a Norwegian forest cat, because of her long legs.

Does Bluestar have any scars?

Bluestar is a large, lithe, pale blue-gray she-cat with luminous, piercing, ice-blue eyes. She has thick, long, soft, smooth fur and a broad face, head, and shoulders, with a scar that parts the fur across them, and a torn ear.

What cat breed is Lionheart?

Lionheart is a golden tabby tom with green eyes, and thick fur like a lion’s mane. Lionheart was a deputy of ThunderClan under Bluestar’s leadership in the forest territories. He was born to Speckletail and Smallear as Lionkit along with his sister, Goldenkit.

What killed Ravenpaw?

After the battle, Ravenpaw was severely injured and succumbed to the painful lump in his stomach that had been bothering him. Laying on Barley’s paws, Ravenpaw passed away, and Leafstar gave him a warrior’s farewell. Ravenpaw briefly appeared in StarClan to give Bramblestar one of his nine lives.

Who killed Raggedstar?

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Brokenstar reveals to Yellowfang that he killed Raggedstar because he said he was a weak leader in a fake ambush that he had his warriors help him with, making it look like an attack from a rival Clan, so that he could become leader in his father’s place.

How did Tigerstar lose all his lives?

Scourge sinks his claws into Tigerstar’s throat and cuts him open to the tail. Tigerstar loses a life because of this, but at the time, Firestar thinks he will come back just fine. But then, when Tigerstar comes back, he soon loses another life because the wound is too terrible for even StarClan to heal.

Was Thistleclaw a good dad?

By all accounts he was a good mate and father, and a loyal member of his clan, even if he was arrogant and a little bloodthirsty. That all changed when Snowfur died. Thistleclaw was devastated of course.

Did Stormfur have a crush on Squirrelflight?

Stormfur admires Squirrelflight and considers her a friend. During their journey to find Midnight and return to their homes, Stormfur feels a stab of jealously when he spotted Brambleclaw curled up around Squirrelpaw. However, he told himself that he knew better than to choose a mate from another Clan.

Who did Foxheart want to be mates with?

Foxheart had feelings for Raggedpelt, and often flirted with him. However, Raggedpelt didn’t reciprocate those feelings. However, when Raggedpelt becomes leader, he starts to return those feelings Foxheart had when he chooses her as his deputy.

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