Why is Dave from Dave and Bambi in a wheelchair?

Dave appears as a light skinned man with a blue shirt, blue pants, and short brown hair. He sits in a black wheelchair due to having no more legs, which were blown off by a rocket.

How old is Bambi from Dave and Bambi?

Trivia. Bambi is friends with Dave. Bambi is 36 years old.

Who is Bandu in Dave and Bambi?

Bandu is a Chaos God and can alter what he looks like however he wants. Wireframe V4 is going to be made by Sky. Dave goes into the 3D world sometimes and always greets Bandu there. Expunged is Bandu’s Sibling.

Where did Dave and Bambi originate from?

Dave and Tristan are NOT related to Baldi, even though Dave and Tristan are based off a Baldi’s Basics mod called Dave’s Fun Algebra Class, which was also made by MoldyGH on itch.io. Bambi, however, was created by a different person called Marcello for a humorous Baldi’s Basics fangame known as Marcello’s Fun House.

How did Dave meet Bambi?

Dave met Bambi while Bambi was trying to steal corn in a corn maze. Dave went to a tournament with other mod characters, but it’s unknown which characters were at or about what the tournament was exactly.

D.A.V.E.S. [Episode 1] – Battle For A Wheelchair!

Why was Dave and Bambi removed from Funky Friday?

The creator, Ponkomena!, requested that their mod be removed after several bad interactions with a user named Hel on the Funky Friday Community discord. Although Hel was not in charge of the game or representative of the game developers, Ponko went forward with the removal.

How old is Bambi 2?

Bambi (1942) was released in 1942, Bambi 2: The Great Prince of the Forest (2006) in 2006, sixty-four years later and the Fantasias were 59 years apart.

Why is Bambi called Bambi?

The name “Bambi” was derived from the word “bambino” which is the Italian word for “child/little child” or “baby”. The Italian translation for “little girl” or “baby girl” is “bambina”.

How old were the voice actors in Bambi?

The title character, a young deer, was voiced by Donnie Dunagan, already a veteran of seven movies at age seven, and Bambi’s friend Thumper was voiced by Peter Behn, a first-time performer who was only four years old when he started recording.

What gender is Bandu?

Bandu is a girl? No, Bandu is a trans male.

How old is Dale from Dave and Bambi?

Dale is a minor. Dale was born on July 7th, 2007.

What did Bambi name his kids?

Twin fawns Geno and Gurri are the children of Faline and Bambi. The pair must grow up and navigate the world of the woods with the help of their mother and Bambi, the new Prince of the Forest.

Does Bambi have 3 kids?

Bambi Richardson is introducing her baby girl to the world. The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, 35, welcomed her third child, daughter Cali Richardson, with her rapper husband Lil Scrappy (real name Darryl Raynard Richardson III) on Sunday, July 25. Baby Cali weighed 6 lbs., 13 oz., and measured 19½ inches at birth.

What language does Bambi speak?

A new version of the Disney classic “Bambi” could help save a Native American language that is on the verge of extinction. Everything about this remake of the fawn’s story is the same as the original with one exception. The characters speak Arapaho.

Is Bambi age appropriate?

Content that may disturb children

In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Bambi has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under 5 years.

What is Bambi’s girlfriend’s name?

Faline, a female deer whom Bambi eventually falls in love with: Cammie King as Young Faline. Ann Gillis as Young Adult Faline.

Where did Bambi get shot?

When Bambi jumps over the chasm he was shot by a hunter, but you did not see a wound or blood, and when his father comes to help him Bambi recovered very fast.

What happened to Bambi’s dad?

The Great Prince did eventually die, passing on his title of the Great Prince of the Forest to Bambi as he left to die alone.

Is Bambi’s mom alive in Bambi 2?

After his mother is shot and killed by a hunter, Bambi is greeted by his father the Great Prince, who takes him to the den. The Great Prince asks Friend Owl to find a doe to raise Bambi, but Friend Owl tells him that due to the harsh winter, the does can barely feed themselves.

Is Disney changing Bambi?

Disney’s plans to give “Bambi” a modern twist — possibly downplaying the tragic death of his mom — has sparked backlash against the company’s woke crusade to meddle with its classic films.

Why did Bambi freeze?

There, flock of crows, screaming about Man, fly past. As Bambi looks towards the source of the disturbance, Man’s hunting dogs run towards him, causing Bambi to freeze in terror.

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