Will Bayonetta 4 happen?

Bayonetta 4 is happening, according to Platinum Games VP and Bayonetta writer Hideki Kamiya. Speculation surrounding the future of the Bayonetta franchise has been going wild since Bayonetta 3’s release on October 28.

Is there going to be Bayonetta 4?

The director of Platinum Games lets slip on his social media that we will have more Bayonetta in the future as implied by the end of the third game. Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya confirms Bayonetta 4 is in the pipeline 4 and has done so with a tweet that he intended to clear things up and protect his own back.

Will Bayonetta 3 be the last?

Therefore, Bayonetta 4 could see anyone lead the series, whether it’s Viola, an already existing Bayonetta variant, or an all-new version instead. While Bayonetta 3 appears final, it has really just given Cereza the perfect trilogy while securing the series’ prosperous future.

Is this the last Bayonetta game?

In a new interview with IGN, Kamiya stated he intends to make both Bayonetta 4 and Bayonetta 5, but Bayonetta won’t stop there. “I personally can’t conceive the Bayonetta series ever ending,” said Kamiya. “I want to make a Bayonetta 4 and Bayonetta 5, and I intend on pitching them to the company.

Why do people hate the Bayonetta 3 ending?

Bayonetta and Luka become love interests of sorts at the end, and it’s revealed that Viola is the daughter of alternate versions of them. Some have said this development was unearned, particularly when it comes to the Bayonetta and Luka romance.

PlatinumGames CONFIRMS Cereza Will Return in Bayonetta 4

Is Viola Bayonettas daughter?

Viola is an Umbra Witch in-training from another world, bonded with an Infernal Demon named Cheshire. The daughter of Bayonetta & Luka from another universe, she arrives to warn Bayonetta of the Homunculi and the threat they pose, joining her fellow witches on a journey across numerous realities in order to stop them.

Did Bayonetta 3 sell well?

Bayonetta 3 received generally favorable reviews from critics, with widespread praise for its gameplay, presentation, and supplementary content, while receiving criticism for its story, character development, camera controls, and performance issues. The game sold over one million units by February 2023.

Why was Bayonetta banned?

However, while Bayonetta was quickly considered the best character in the game upon release, opinions varied on how dominating she was in tournaments; while some regions went as far as to ban her from tournaments due to her overpowering potential, others claimed that Bayonetta’s supposed potential did not yield the …

Is Viola Bayonetta now?

In the final scene of the game, we learn that Viola has adopted the title of Bayonetta. This comes after both Luka and Bayonetta were dragged down into Inferno. Although they are not present in the human world and Viola is now ‘Bayonetta,’ this doesn’t mean that they are gone for good.

Is Jeanne really dead Bayonetta 3?

However, he reveals himself to be a disguised Singularity and fatally stabs Jeanne, effectively killing her and absorbing her soul. Jeanne appears one last time during Bayonetta’s last fight with Singularity, her soul freed along with the hundreds of other Variants who were slain.

Which Bayonetta dies in Bayonetta 3?

In fact they do very little and the ‘main’ Bayonetta (protag of Bayo 3) is killed and sent to Hell, along with Lukas. Viola, however, escapes. She adopts the title of ‘Bayonetta’ – Bayo’s real name is Cereza – and that’s where the game ends.

Why is Bayonetta 3 controversial?

The controversy originally erupted after Hellena Taylor, who voiced protagonist Bayonetta across the series’ first two games, called for a boycott of the upcoming Bayonetta 3 over the “insulting” pay offer she was given to reprise her role.

Who will be the main character in Bayonetta 4?

The game’s new character, Viola, is revealed to be Bayonetta and Luka’s kid from another dimension, and after witnessing the demise of her alt-universe parents, Viola takes up the mantle and the name “Bayonetta” as her own.

Why is Bayonetta not for kids?

But the secret of Bayonetta Origins is that those ideas are still there, just muted. Despite this being a more family-friendly game, the ESRB gave this game a T rating for animated blood and fantasy violence.

Why does Bayonetta wear her hair?

However, whereas other spellcasters have wands and staves, Umbra Witches like Bayonetta use her hair to summon these demons. Parts of her hair can form body parts of their sponsors to help facilitate techniques and other abilities, making Bayonetta formidable in combat through her hair alone.

Is Bayonetta a queer icon?

And while it’s not canon, fans have accepted Bayonetta as a member of the queer community, shipping her with her best friend, Jeanne.

Is Bayonetta overly sexualized?

The whole design of the character is sexualized! She has enormous breasts and hips, but her waist is tiny. She literally spanks enemies when she has built up enough combos. So yes, without the right context this may seem vulgar.

Will Bayonetta 3 be censored?

In the third Bayonetta game, Platinum Games has included a new self-censorship option that let’s you turn off the bits where Bayonetta shows skin whilst twirling her magical hair and adds more clothing to other characters with skimpier outfits as well.

Was Bayonetta 3 ending bad?

Instead we get a really disjointed ending of “Oh yeah fae exist and Luka has powers yaaay” and it feels very…off. Viola taking the mantle – there’s absolutely an argument about how they basically killed off every main character, which I also don’t really like as they could pass the mantle on without being dead.

Did Bayonetta 2 sell well on Switch?

By March 2018, Nintendo confirmed the Switch version had sold 400,000 copies during its first nine weeks, compared to the 300,000 copies the Wii U version sold during the same period.

What is Bayonetta 3 biggest sin?

Bayonetta 3’s biggest sin is its unwillingness to commit to the bit.

Is Bayonetta Cereza mom?

Cereza is a time-displaced young girl first encountered in Chapter II in the first game, Bayonetta. She’s the younger version of the present Bayonetta, who was brought into the present timeline by Balder. She accompanies her older self throughout her adventure, mistaking her for her mother, Rosa.

Is Cereza Bayonetta’s Daughter?

Balder explains that Cereza is actually Bayonetta’s younger self brought from the past to the present and that the experiences the girl had in this time zone would help to reawaken Bayonetta’s memories in the present.

Why does Bayonetta call Luka Cheshire?

Cheshire is the name of Cereza’s doll. Bayonetta calls Luka that because she likes him (she remembers that she likes the name Cheshire too, apparently). Cheshire is the name of Cereza’s doll.

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