Will Overwatch 2 remove SMS verification?

Overwatch 2: Blizzard Removing SMS Protect Functionality For A Lot Of Players – Game Informer.

Does Overwatch 2 still have SMS protect?

All players, irrespective of whether they are new or returning players will have to set up SMS protect. The SMS protect adds another layer of security to Overwatch 2 accounts and can be useful to retrieve lost accounts if required.

Can I play Overwatch 2 without phone verification?

If you started playing Overwatch after 6/9/2021, you can play without a phone number. When Overwatch 2 first launched, all players were required to add a phone number to their account. Blizzard then updated their terms to allow new Overwatch players to proceed without a phone number.

Why is Overwatch 2 asking for SMS?

With respect to why Blizzard has decided to require SMS Protect, it is indicated that the feature is “an industry-proven solution in combating both cheating and disruptive behavior.” Indeed, giving access to only those players that provide a suitable phone number will make it more difficult for cheaters in Overwatch 2 …

Why does Overwatch 2 still require a phone number?

Explaining Overwatch 2’s Phone Requirement

Though it might seem unusual to ask for a phone number to play an online game, Overwatch 2 is relying on something called SMS Protect, a system designed to verify legitimate phone numbers and exclude instances of fraud or scams.

So I got matched against a subscriber in Overwatch 2

Do you still need a phone number to play Overwatch 2 2023?

Acknowledging these issues, Blizzard has amended this policy so existing players with a connected Battle.net account who had played Overwatch anytime since 9th June 2021 will no longer be required to add a phone number to play Overwatch 2. Blizzard claims this should cover the vast majority of legacy players.

Will Blizzard sell my phone number?

Blizzard takes your privacy very seriously. We do not sell your personal information.

Why do I need SMS to play Overwatch?

Why does Blizzard require my phone number? SMS Protect is a security feature that has two purposes: to keep players accountable for what Blizzard calls “disruptive behavior,” and to protect accounts if they’re hacked. It requires all Overwatch 2 players to attach a unique phone number to their account.

Why is Battle.net not sending me a verification code?

If you don’t receive verification codes or SMS alerts: Activate phone notifications in your Account Settings. Ensure you don’t have any applications which can block texts or calls installed. Ensure that the latest software updates are present on the phone.

Why does Battle.net need my phone number?

Product: Adding a phone number will allow Blizzard Entertainment to send you notifications when important changes are made to your account. Mobile phones in a supported country can use this service.

Can I use the same phone number for two Overwatch 2 accounts?

A phone number can only be added to a single Battle.net Account. Customer Support cannot bypass this limitation.

Does Overwatch 2 need a pre paid phone number?

Although the postpaid number requirement was meant to block cheaters, it also kept innocent players from trying the game. Gamers with prepaid phones can finally play Overwatch 2.

Does Overwatch 2 accept prepaid phone number?

Overwatch 2 Now Accepts Prepaid Numbers When Creating Accounts.

How do I activate Overwatch 2 SMS?

You can enable SMS Protect by logging into your Battle.net account, going to Account Details > Phone Number and entering your phone number. Click Continue and you’ll receive a verification code via text. Enter the code and your account will be verified.

Why can’t I get my SMS code?

Causes of Not Receiving Verification Code Texts on Android

No network connection. You provided the wrong phone number. Your text message inbox is full. Your phone is set to block messages from unknown senders.

Why is Battle.net making me verify?

If you are receiving multiple or frequent verification request emails from us, your email address may have been compromised. Change your email address for another one and secure your Blizzard account by resetting your password, adding phone notifications, or adding an Authenticator.

What is WOW51900314?

When the server of World of Warcraft is down, you may see the error code WOW51900314 on your screen. At this time, you can see the official World of Warcraft customer support on Twitter to check if there has any scheduled maintenance or known issues. If there has, you need to wait until it is finished.

Why does Overwatch 2 require phone number reddit?

Let’s harvest all our Overwatch 2 users’ personal information, pass it on to advertising companies (ie Facebook) and make a new income stream for the company. Blizzard did this by forcing all new users to give over their personal phone number. It has nothing to do with account security. It’s all about advertising.

Is Overwatch 2 safe?

Whether or not your child is playing with friends, they will encounter strangers whilst playing this game, for example on opposing teams. Therefore, there is the risk of your child being exposed to bad language and inappropriate content.

Why did Blizzard take $1 from my account?

You are most likely seeing a one dollar verification ‘pending’ that is very common on internet transactions. That is never actually taken from you, it verifies the card is valid and goes away on it’s own in a few days.

Why won t Blizzard accept my phone number?

Make sure you enter the number correctly. Make sure the country registered on your Battle.net account is correct and the phone number you’re trying to use matches your country. If you have moved countries, update your registered country and try again. Make sure your number was not previously used on a VOIP plan.

Can you use Battle.net without a phone number?

Some Blizzard and Activision games require that you add a phone number to your Battle.net account to play them. Other games require a phone number to use in-game features like World of Warcraft’s Group Finder or extra backpack slots (requires both a phone number and Authenticator).

Can you use a Google phone number for Overwatch 2?

Every Overwatch 2 player needs to connect a phone number to their Battle.net account to play, and that number can’t be tied to another account. You still can’t use VOIP, WiFi, text-only and internet phone services to verify your account, so you can forget about dusting off that old Google Voice number as a workaround.

Can you remove a phone number from Blizzard account?

You can update or remove the phone number on your Battle.net account on your Account Details page. Note: Games that require an SMS number to be played will not be accessible if the SMS number is removed from your Battle.net account. Please log in to submit feedback.

Can you use Talkatone for Overwatch 2?

OW2 is a free-to-play game. I don’t have 14 phone numbers so apps like talkatone are EXTREMELY HELPFUL to get my kids playing OW2.

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