Will the Inquisitor be in Jedi survivor?

Unfortunately, after Cal kills her, the Inquisitors don’t seem to appear again throughout Jedi: Survivor’s story, even though they were still known to be active in the galaxy at this time, with Cal being hunted more by Sorc Tormo’s bounty hunters throughout the game instead.

Can you be a Sith in Jedi: Survivor?

With an intricate build system, players can create their version of a Sith Lord in Star WarsJedi: Survivor by taking inspiration from Darth Maul and other villainous aspects of the Star Wars series. With this Sith build, perhaps even Darth Vader will show some fear.

Will Cal Kestis become an inquisitor?

History. Upon using the astrium to open the Ancient Vault on Bogano, Cal had a vision of him finding the Holocron and using it to train several young Padawans as Jedi. However his vision turned into a nightmare where he was captured by the Second Sister and transformed into an inquisitor.

Will the night sister be in Jedi: Survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor follows the story of our protagonist, Cal Kestis, and his journey through an Empire-controlled galaxy. Along the way, he reunites with an old friend, Merrin, the last Nightsister from Dathomir. SPOILER WARNING: This guide contains spoilers for Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor.

Is Darth Revan in Jedi: Survivor?

CONFIRMED: Obi-Wan Kenobi will appear. Darth Bane will appear. Revan will appear.

EVERY Single Jedi That Survived Order 66 (All 114 Survivors) [2023 CANON & LEGENDS]

Is KYLO ren based off of Revan?

Disney used Revan as an inspiration to create Kylo. His armor, inner conflict between Light and Dark and his use of the Force. Snoke considers Kylo to be the ideal embodiment of the Light and Dark sides of the Force, much like Revan, who was a master at both sides of the Force.

Is Darth Revan a lightsaber?

In the Star Wars lore, Darth Revan’s journey from Sith to Jedi is evidenced by the color of his lightsaber blade! As a Sith Lord Revan wields the familiar red-bladed lightsaber, but as a redeemed Jedi Knight he brandishes a lightsaber with a purple blade!

Is Cal in love with Merrin?

While Merrin had a short-lived romantic relationship with an Imperial deserter called Fret, Battle Scars made it clear that Cal had romantic feelings for Merrin, but struggled with them due to having no frame of reference due to the rules the Jedi Order had surrounding personal attachments.

Does Merrin know darth maul?

The connection between Merrin and Maul is that Talzin was the latter’s mother. Merrin was a young girl at the time of the Nightsisters’ massacre, and Maul at the time was living in exile. Though Mother Talzin was Maul’s mother, Merrin would have also viewed her as a maternal figure.

Is Merrin and cal a couple?

Cal and Merrin’s romantic relationship blossomed over the course of the game, and in the end, Cal says that the Jedi Order is gone and that he wants to be with Merrin now.

Who is Cal Kestis crush?

Since their interactions in Jedi: Fallen Order, it’s clear that there was an attraction between Cal Kestis and the Nightsister Merrin.

Did Anakin meet Cal Kestis?

So in the pretty recent Star Wars: Brotherhood Canon novel, we get absolutely huge appearance from a certain red-haired Jedi who you al know and love, Cal Kestis. The young Padawan comes face to face with Anakin Skywalker himself, the legendary war hero of the Republic.

Is Cal Kestis a GREY Jedi?

Despite the similarities, Cal Kestis really isn’t a Gray Jedi in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. He still represents the Jedi Order and upholds its values. It’s possible that a sequel could elaborate on Cal’s character to label him a Gray Jedi definitively.

Will Cal Kestis turn to the dark side?

Sadly, the end of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor did set up Cal’s eventual turn to the dark side. While on the hunt for Bode Akuna after his betrayal on Jedha, Cal loses control and taps into the dark side.

How do you get the rainbow lightsaber in Jedi survivor?

How to Unlock The Rainbow Lightsaber Blade Color in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Unlocking the multicolored blade is incredibly simple. Cal must simply start a second journey in the ‘New Journey Plus’ mode. He will have to wait until he reaches a workstation to apply the blade, but there is no further action required.

How many years passed in Jedi Survivor?

The game is the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019), taking place five years after the events of the previous game and continues the adventure of young Jedi Knight, Cal Kestis, as he and his friends continue in their struggle to survive the tyranny of the Galactic Empire.

Who is Cal Kestis’s girlfriend?

Merrin was a Dathomirian Nightsister who lived on her homeworld of Dathomir during the Imperial Era.

How old is Cal Kestis in Order 66?

The day that Order 66 was given, Cal was 13-years-old. When the game starts, we learn that the Empire has been in control for five years.

Why did Bode betray Cal?

After hearing about Tanalorr, Bode decides that the hidden planet is the only way to save himself and Kata from the Empire. He decides to betray Cal and tells the IBS and the Inquitorius about the hidden base on Jedha.

Does Cal Kestis have a lover?

Merrin hastily kisses Cal on Jedha before fighting a giant excavator, and although Cal attempts to bring up the topic, it takes until much later in the game for the two to discuss their emotions and become a couple.

Does Cal Kestis meet Luke Skywalker?

Eventually Cal found himself on the desert planet of Tatooine, where he met Luke Skywalker in Ben Kenobi’s old hut. The two agreed to search for jedi holocrons together, unofficially founding the New Jedi Order together.

Are Cal and Merrin still together at the end of Jedi Survivor?

Cal and Merrin’s romantic relationship blossomed over the course of the game, and in the end, Cal says that the Jedi Order is gone and that he wants to be with Merrin now.

Is Revan a Mandalorian?

Revan—renowned as the Revanchist, honored as the Revan, reviled as Revan the Butcher, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan, and praised as the Prodigal Knight—was a Human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War.

Why did Obi-Wan have 3 lightsabers?

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s third lightsaber was his new weapon that he created during the Clone Wars upon his promotion to Jedi Master and wielded until his death after his rematch with Darth Vader on the Death Star.

What was Revan’s Jedi lightsaber color?

History. Revan constructed this lightsaber during his retraining, and made it with a blue blade. After the defeat of Darth Malak, Revan changed his blade’s color to green, using this until his capture by the Sith Emperor.

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