Can you block and then crew?


Can you block and then crew?

Can you block and crew?

No, you cannot block and crew at the same time. The blockers are all declared at once, so if you tap creatures to crew a vehicle, you cannot declare additional blockers.

Can you block and then tap to crew?

No, if you tap creatures to crew a vehicle, you cannot declare them as blockers. By the time the creature taps to crew the vehicle, the time to declare blockers has already passed.

Can you block and crew?

No, you cannot block and crew at the same time. When you crew a vehicle, it becomes tapped and can no longer be declared as a blocker.

Do you need to crew to block?

No, crewing a vehicle is not a requirement for blocking. You can choose to block with creatures without crewing the vehicle.

Can you block and then sacrifice a creature?

Yes, you can block and then sacrifice the blocking creature during the declare blockers step. However, the attacker will still remain blocked and won’t assign combat damage to the player or planeswalker unless it has trample or a similar ability.

What IS Crew?!

Crew is an activated ability that allows you to tap creatures to turn a vehicle into an artifact creature. This allows the vehicle to attack or block.

What are the rules for blocking in Magic?

In Magic, a creature must be untapped in order to block. Each creature can only block a single attacker, but multiple defending creatures can block the same attacker. Both players have a chance to cast instants and activate abilities after blockers have been declared.

What is the rule 509 in Magic?

Rule 509 in Magic states that the defending player chooses which creatures they control will block. The chosen creatures must be untapped, and for each chosen creature, the defending player chooses one attacking creature for it to block.

Can I crew on my opponent’s turn?

Yes, you can crew a vehicle on your opponent’s turn as long as you have creatures that can tap to crew it.

Can I crew with summoning sickness?

Yes, you can tap a creature with summoning sickness to crew a vehicle. Crewing is not considered an attacking or activating ability, so summoning sickness does not prevent it.

Can you crew a tapped vehicle?

Yes, you can crew a tapped vehicle. However, the tapped status of the vehicle will not change, and it will remain tapped even after being crewed.

Is crew instant speed?

Yes, you can crew vehicles at instant speed as long as you can pay the crew cost. However, you cannot declare blockers with both the crewed creatures and the vehicle since they are tapped before the declare blockers step.

How long does crewing last?

Crewing a vehicle lasts until the end of the turn. Once you’ve crewed a vehicle, it becomes an artifact creature with the power and toughness specified on the card until the end of the turn.

What happens when you block someone on Crew app?

When you block someone on the Crew app, you will no longer receive any notifications of one-on-one messages from that person. Their direct messages will go directly to the Archived section of your Chats tab.

Can you block a serve if you are a back row player?

No, it is considered an illegal block for a back-row player to attempt to play a ball in the space directly above the net. If a back-row player touches the ball during a serve, it will be called as an illegal block.

Does crewing count as attacking in Magic?

No, crewing a vehicle does not count as attacking. Crewing is activating an ability of the vehicle to turn it into an artifact creature. It is not considered an attack action.

Does crew ignore summoning sickness?

Yes, crewing a vehicle does ignore summoning sickness. You can tap a creature with summoning sickness to crew a vehicle because crewing does not count as an attacking or activating ability.

Can you crew with vehicles?

No, vehicles cannot crew other vehicles. Only creatures can tap to crew a vehicle.

Can you Crew during upkeep?

No, you cannot crew a vehicle during the upkeep phase. Crewing wears off at the end of the turn, so you will not be able to untap the crewed vehicle during the untap step of the upkeep.

What is Rule Zero in Magic?

Rule Zero in Magic refers to the concept of house rules. It states that players can make exceptions to the official rules with the agreement of all players involved. It allows for customization and flexibility in gameplay.

What is the rule 101.1 in Magic?

Rule 101.1 in Magic states that whenever a card’s text directly contradicts the rules, the card takes precedence. The card overrides only the specific rule that applies to the situation. The only exception is that a player can concede the game at any time.

What is the rule 112.1 in Magic?

Rule 112.1 in Magic defines a spell as a card on the stack. When a card is cast, it becomes a spell and is moved to the top of the stack. The spell remains on the stack until it resolves, is countered, or otherwise leaves the stack.

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