Should I purify shadow Shinies?


Should I purify shadow Shinies?

Shadow Shinies are rare and coveted in Pokémon GO, but purifying them can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some common questions regarding the purification of shadow Shinies and their corresponding answers:

1. Is it worth purifying shiny shadow Pokémon?

Purifying shiny shadow Pokémon is a personal choice. While purifying them removes the shadow effect, it also improves their overall stats and reduces the amount of Stardust and Candy required for power-ups and evolutions.

2. Will a shiny shadow Pokémon have better IVs if purified?

Yes, there is a chance for a shiny shadow Pokémon to have improved IVs once it is purified. This can potentially raise its ranking and make it more valuable to trainers.

3. Should I purify my shadow Pokémon before evolving?

It is generally recommended to purify a shadow Pokémon before evolving it. Purifying a shadow Pokémon increases its Combat Power and reduces the amount of Candy required for evolution.

4. Should I purify a shadow shiny Pokémon to get a perfect IV?

Getting a perfect IV for a shadow shiny Pokémon is not guaranteed by purifying it. While shadow Pokémon can have higher IV options, the increase in IVs from purification is often overshadowed by the damage boost provided by its shadow form.

5. Which shadow Pokémon should I purify?

If you are looking to level up your Purifier Medal, it is recommended to choose low-cost shadow Pokémon like Rattata, Patrat, Zubat, Magikarp, Starly, and Purrloin for purification.

6. Is there a benefit to not purifying shadow Pokémon?

Keeping shadow Pokémon unpurified can be advantageous if you prefer their increased damage output in battles. Shadow Pokémon deal 20% more damage, making them powerful assets in various game modes.

7. Is it worth it to purify shadow Pokémon?

Purifying shadow Pokémon has its advantages, such as improved appraisal, reduced cost for power-ups and evolution, and the removal of the defensive nerf on shadow Pokémon. It ultimately depends on your gameplay preferences and strategies.

8. Is a 0-star shadow Pokémon good?

While a 0-star shadow Pokémon may not have perfect IVs, its combat performance can still be significant. The increase in damage and the potential for a higher ranking can compensate for the lower IVs.

9. Should I keep Return on purified Pokémon?

Return can have usefulness in PvP battles, where it deals more damage compared to Gym and Team GO Rocket battles. It can also be handy for chipping away at Protect Shields.

10. Should you max a Pokémon’s CP before evolving?

Maxing a Pokémon’s CP before evolving is not necessary because the CP is determined by base stats, level, and IVs. Evolving a Pokémon only changes its base stats, not its level or IVs. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you power up a Pokémon before or after evolving.

11. Should you always evolve shiny Pokémon?

Evolving shiny Pokémon depends on personal preference. If you appreciate the unique appearance of the shiny form, evolving them can be a way to enjoy their aesthetics. However, if you prefer keeping them in their shiny form, you can still benefit from their increased rarity.

12. Are 4-star Pokémon the best?

A 4-star Pokémon is classified as a Pokémon with perfect IVs. While having perfect IVs is advantageous, other factors like moveset, level, and base stats also contribute to a Pokémon’s overall performance. It’s a combination of these elements that determines the “best” Pokémon.

13. Is Shadow or Hundo better?

The choice between shadow Pokémon and “hundos” (Pokémon with perfect IVs) depends on personal preference. Shadow Pokémon have a 20% damage boost, making them powerful in battles. Hundos, on the other hand, have perfect IVs but lack the damage boost. It’s up to the trainer to decide which aspect they value more.

14. Can you mega evolve shadow Pokémon?

No, shadow Pokémon cannot be mega evolved. Only purified and costumed Pokémon can undergo mega evolution.

15. Should you keep Frustration on shadow Pokémon?

Removing Frustration from shadow Pokémon is crucial if you plan to use them in the GO Battle League or Raid Battles. Shadow Pokémon deal an additional 20% damage, and removing Frustration allows them to learn a new charged attack, further boosting their battle potential.

16. Should you evolve a 3-star Pokémon?

A 3-star Pokémon has good IVs, indicating decent stat growth. It’s generally recommended to evolve a 3-star Pokémon, as the stat growth will be maximized as it powers up and evolves.

17. What is the strongest Pokémon GO to power up?

Mewtwo is considered one of the strongest Pokémon to power up in Pokémon GO, as it boasts the highest damage output and dominance in battles, especially as a psychic attacker.

18. Should I evolve the strongest Pokémon?

Evolving the strongest Pokémon depends on various factors, including its IVs, appraisal, and overall battle potential. If a Pokémon has good IVs and a high CP, it may be worth evolving to unleash its full potential.

19. Does purifying shadow Pokémon increase stats?

Purifying shadow Pokémon improves their overall stats, making them stronger. It also reduces the cost of power-ups and the Candy requirement for evolutions, making them more efficient to train and evolve.

20. Does a purified shadow Pokémon lose its shadow bonus effect?

Yes, when a Pokémon is purified, it loses the shadow bonus effect. However, it gains various benefits such as improved stats and reduced power-up and evolution costs.

21. Is it better to purify shiny shadow Pokémon?

The decision to purify shiny shadow Pokémon depends on personal preference. Purifying them removes the shadow effect but improves their overall stats. Consider whether you value the unique appearance of shiny shadow Pokémon or their improved battle performance.

22. How often should you get a shiny?

The encounter rate for shiny Pokémon in the wild is approximately 1 in 450 or 1 in 500. Some Special Research quests guarantee shiny encounters, while Pokémon that hatch from eggs have shiny rates of approximately 1 in 50.

Please note that these answers are based on the information provided in the original article and should be used as general guidelines. Individual gameplay strategies may vary.

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