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Gander Mountain Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Gander Mountain Application

Gander Mountain is well known and gained massive popularity due to its diverse merchandise sections. Its success and growth motivate many individuals to apply for its available vacant job positions. The candidates can easily find various career opportunities to get advancement options in full-time and part-time capacities offered by Gander Mountain. The retail chain provides multiple career development programs, access to ongoing training, and competitive pay to its employees.

If you also want to grow your career with this successful and well-known retail chain, you can visit Gander Mountain’s online career platform and look for the available job positions.

The article below will help you find out the available job roles and the easy online job application process of Gander Mountain. You will also find the job description, schedule, duties, salary, and a lot more Gander Mountain offers.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain offers job positions to job finders with a minimum age of 16 while submitting application forms to get hiring potential at the retail chain location. The working and operational hours at Gander Mountain are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 09:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Gander Mountain

The stores for the chain are operated in big-box formats, clubbed with several departments, staff and live demonstrations. It thus also supports its customers in making sound decisions related to sporting goods. The workers hired by the chain need to work on assigned areas, such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking and climbing. Five or more workers from each of these departments have to deal with the customers daily and directly. They must not hesitate in providing general information to customers about the assigned departments or store policies.

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Due to this direct contact, the personality of the employees plays a significant role in the chain. They need to have a friendly, warm and attractive nature for hiring considerations. They also need to be energetic and motivated to complete the given tasks.

The Job Positions Available at Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain offers many job roles for aspiring individuals, including Gander Academy Instructor, Gander Academy Range Master, Maintenance Associate, POS Associate, and Inventory Analyst positions. It also provides job offers for Receiving Supervisor, Merchandise Assistant, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Operations Specialist, Zone Manager-Softlines, and Zone Manager-Hardlines roles.

Job seekers can also apply as Zone Supervisor, Sales Associate-Tech Center, Sales Associate-Archery, Sales Associate-Fishing, Sales Associate-Hunting/Firearms, Sales Associate- Fieldwear/ Footwear Apparel, and Customer Services Associate positions at Gander Mountain. Primarily the following job titles are vacant at Gander Mountain:

Sales Associates

  • Sales Associates at Gander Mountain are responsible for lifting around 50 lbs during their shift schedules, stock shelves, and assist customers.
  • They should be adaptable to daily operations and protocol changes.
  • They are hired for full-time and part-time capacities depending on their work experience.
  • Gander Mountain offers paid training and approximately $9.00 to its Sales Associates.

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  • Zone Managers and Zone Supervisors come under the category of leadership roles at Gander Mountain.
  • They are usually responsible for driving sales benefit employees, hiring new workers, assembling workers, delegating their daily tasks, and managing teams efficiently and effectively.
  • They should possess knowledge of the sporting goods industry and computers.
  • Zone Supervisors generally earn around $12.00 an hour at Gander Mountain.
  • Zone Managers and Assistant Zone Managers are provided annual salary opportunities and full-time work capacities. Gander Mountain offers them approximately $40k to $80 per annum with experience.

The Online Job Application Process of Gander Mountain

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for a job position at Gander Mountain.

  • The candidates should check Gander Mountain’s official website and check the employment webpage.
  • Enter your preferred location or title for Gander Mountain from the drop-down list that appeared here and tap on the “Search” tab.
  • Choose the job title you want to apply for at Gander Mountain and read its summary carefully.
  • Tap on the “Apply to this job online” tab and create your profile.
  • Tap on the “Submit Profile” tab and fill in the required detail to submit your job application to Gander Mountain.

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Checking Job Application Status for Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain maintains the initial submissions of job applications for approximately six months. Potential candidates usually hear back from Gander Mountain within a week for the next step of hiring or to schedule their interview process.

However, a few candidates also get a phone call from Gander Mountain within a few days. If applicants don’t hear back from Gander Mountain’s hiring managers for one or two weeks, they should contact back. In addition, they can call or visit Gander Mountain in person to know their job application process and proceed further with the employment process.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain offers various employee benefits to its workers upon hire, including the following:

  • Entry-level employees at Gander Mountain receive tuition reimbursement, personal days, holiday pay, and merchandise discounts.
  • Full-time Gander Mountain employees get 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Gander Mountain offers 401 (K) retirement plans to part-time employees after their one year of tenure.
  • Full-time Gander Mountain employees often benefit from prescription drugs, vision, dental, and medical coverage.

Additional Details of Gander Mountain

The chain has products available in multiple categories. It is not just refined to the outdoor sports category. If you are searching for options in kitchen equipment, pet supplies, or even home décor items, you can head over to the nearest store for the same.

All the products, including the bedding options, linens, vases, picture frames, candles, and many more, are also available at the chain, providing their customer’s wide varieties to choose from. Also, their specialization is that all these products will have a theme of outdoor essence or environmental themes, be it in regards to the designs, colors, scents, or patterns.


The American outdoor recreation store chain, Gander Mountain, is based out in St. Paul, Minnesota. It operated more than 70 stores across the nation and was founded in 1960.

The candidates can go to Gander Mountain’s career portal and apply for numerous available job positions.

The online Gander Mountain’s job application process is explained above in this article. In addition, you may apply for various Gander Mountain’s part-time, full-time, or entry-level job settings.

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