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Gap Inc. Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Gap Inc. Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Are you interested in discovering the secret behind the success of Gap Inc.?

This retail giant boasts an impressive following, and Gap stores can be found in countries all over the world. The company is famous for its fashion-forward unisex clothing that appeals to people of all ages.

In just a few decades, the corporation has risen to become one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. The company boasts more than 3,700 stores, more than 2,400 of which are located in the United States.

So, let’s go through my in-depth Gap Inc. mission and vision statement analysis to shed some light on the driving force behind the company.

gap inc mission and vision statement analysis

Company History

California commercial real estate broker Don Fisher was impressed by the sudden success of The Tower of Shoes in 1969. He noticed that the company drew crowds of people with its unique advertising campaign. It stated that women could find every brand, style, and size of shoes at The Tower of Shoes.

Fisher was a social acquaintance of Walter “Wally” Haas Jr., the President of Levi Strauss & Co. He asked Haas if he could copy the business model of The Tower of Shoes and apply it to Levis products. Working with Director of Advertising Bud Robinson, Fisher created a test plan for the company, which became The Gap.

Based on the generation gap…

The name Gap refers to the generation gap that was clear in the fashion industry in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The company was originally targeted at the younger generation. The product range was the full range of Levi Strauss & Co apparel in every size, style, and color. The stock was organized by size to make it easy for customers to find the perfect clothing for them.

Gap launched its own jeans in 1973 to help the company stand out from the crowd. The company currently focuses on marketing that appeals to a broad customer demographic. The company’s commitment to developing multiple designs and formats has helped it to thrive in the competitive retail industry. More than eighteen million people visit the company domain, www.gap.com, each year.

The company’s logo is simple and bold, making it instantly recognizable to customers. However, the logo has been updated several times over the years, and not all updates were well-received. Here is an overview of the way the company’s logo has evolved over the years.

The first logo was released in 1969 when the company was launched. The company name was represented in lowercase with the word ‘the’ above it. The logo was rendered in monochrome, with the g, a, and p all sharing a circle.

The first Gap logo update

In 1976, the company decided it was time for a facelift. The new logo remained true to the original except for one prominent detail. The logo appears to be much more striking and instantly grabbed the attention of shoppers.

The second Gap logo update

The company’s third logo was released in 1986 and featured a white wordmark set on a blue square. The company name was presented in capital letters to make it even more striking, while the word ‘the’ was removed. The prominence of the company’s logo earned Gap the nickname Blue Box.

The third Gap logo update

In 2010, after twenty-four years of the popular Blue Box logo, Gap Inc. was ready for a change. While the new logo was innovative, customers quickly decided that they hated it. After a week of receiving negative feedback from customers, Gap decided to go back to the popular Blue Box logo.

In 2016, Gap Inc. decided once again that it was time for a new logo. This time, they were careful to remain true to the popular Blue Box design and simply removed the blue frame. The designer also reintroduced the monochrome color palette, which is linked to the original logo.

gap inc mission and the vision statement analysis

The Mission Statement

‘To democratize fashion and make shopping fun again. To bring incredible style and quality to families the world over.’ is the main mission statement of GAP Inc., which drives what the company does. It can be broken down into two main elements that can be explored in more detail.

Improving lives

This part of the statement highlights the company’s commitment to giving customers a memorable experience. Gap does this by providing customers with fitting jeans and other clothing. The company has created a range of attractive clothing and accessories that customers covet.

Distinguished quality

The emphasis on quality is another element that has helped the company to stand out from the crowd. All of the apparel and accessories in the company’s product lines are of the highest quality. This includes double stitching and enhanced design elements that men, women, and children can appreciate.

The Vision Statement

The company’s vision statement is ‘creating opportunities for the people and communities touched by our business throughout the world.’ This shows that the company is focused on much more than simply creating clothing. It is also focused on having a positive impact on its customers and the communities they operate in.

Creating opportunities

Gap Inc. is an equal opportunities employer that provides jobs for people in all areas of the company. It employs more than 117,000 people in branches all around the world. Talented employees are provided with special training and the opportunity to advance within the company.

gap inc mission and vision statement analysis guide

Global reach

Gap Inc. is an international company with a significant presence in a large number of countries around the world. The company’s online platform has made it even easier for customers to browse and order from product lines. The company invests heavily in research and development to determine how to best serve global communities.

Environmental protection

The company is committed to the protection of natural resources to help promote a more stable environment. A number of initiatives have been launched to help raise awareness of the impact of the retail environment. The company works closely with leading scientists to find ways to help reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Company Values

One of the key values of Gap Inc. is collaboration, and this is an important factor that has set the company apart. The company has worked hard to foster a culture of belonging while making its business more sustainable. The company constantly works to foster new partnerships and programs that have a positive impact on the industry.

Inclusion and belonging

Gap Inc. has fostered an ‘Open to All mindset,’ which drives every aspect of the company’s business. Employees from all walks of life are encouraged to openly share their ideas and opinions. This has helped the company to become stronger and thrive in the rapidly changing and developing world of retail.

Equality and empowerment

Gap Inc. was the first Fortune 500 company to provide equal pay for equal work. The company has always stayed ahead of social issues and causes and provided a contemporary working environment.

the gap inc mission and the vision statement analysis


The company visualizes a strong link between environmental issues and human rights issues. Sustainability is integrated strongly in all aspects of the company’s business practices. The company operates under the commitment to reaching 100% renewable energy across all facilities by 2030.

Gap’s Different Company Brands

In addition to the main Gap brand, the company also operates a few other brands. Each of these brands focuses on a particular type of clothing for a specific market. Because each brand has a distinctive character, Gap Inc. has been able to cover all areas of fashion retail.

Banana Republic

This small safari-themed clothing retailer was purchased by Gap in 1983. In the late ‘80s, it was rebranded as an upscale clothing retailer. This brand presents a sophisticated clothing image with an easygoing and self-expressing personality.

Old Navy

This brand was launched in 1994 as a line of affordable fashion and reached $1 billion in sales in just four years. The watchwords of this brand are fun, fashion, and value. The target demographic of Old Navy is younger customers and families.

Forth & Towne

This traditional retail brand was launched in 200, offering apparel that is targeted at women aged at least 35. This brand is distinct from the more youthful Gap signature brand. It helps to ensure that women of all ages can have access to fashionable and high-quality apparel and accessories.


This brand was founded in 1998 and is aimed at meeting the unique needs of Athletic women. Gap Inc. acquired the brand in 2008, and the company’s first store was opened in 2011. The Power of She campaign was launched in 2016, which is a community-driven campaign aimed at empowering women.

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Final Thoughts

When Gap was founded, the main drive was to create fashionable clothing for younger people.

The founders recognized the gap in the market and used their expertise to fill it. This ability to recognize and act on trends and needs in the industry has helped the company to thrive.

Over the decades, the company has launched new brands and fashion lines that serve different age groups. This can be seen in the diverse brands that the company has launched and maintained. Gap clothes are instantly recognizable to those in the know, and the company continues to develop new and popular lines.

All the very best with your career in Fashion!

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