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Gatti’s Pizza Application: Jobs & Careers Online

the gatti's pizza application

Pizza, quite possibly the world’s perfect food. Not only is eating pizza a joy, but making, serving, and working around pizza is incredibly rewarding. One restaurant that is rated among the best pizza places to work is Gatti’s Pizza.

And lucky for you, they are hiring. You can get started with Gatti’s Pizza Application: Jobs & Careers Online by filling out Gatti’s application PDF right on your computer. And for those lacking in culinary talents, don’t worry; Gatti’s Pizza is looking for more than just cooks.

But first, let’s learn a little bit about Gatti’s Pizza and some things you can expect when applying for a job at Gatti’s Pizza.

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Background and Overview

Gatti’s has more than 140 locations in the US, mostly in the Midwest and Southeast. It is a pizza parlor, and entertainment venue rolled into one. Game rooms combined with dining rooms makes Gatti’s Pizza a fun, high-energy, and unique place to work.

Positive personalities and professionalism is the name of the game at Gatti’s Pizza. However, its culture of fun, food, and “doing the right thing” makes it a great option for students looking for part-time work, along with those seeking flexible, seasonal employment.

Gatti’s Pizza offers lots of entry-level positions and provides employees with the opportunity for advancement and promotion within the company. The minimum age to start working at Gatti’s Pizza is 16 years old. However, some states in the US have younger or older employment age requirements, so be sure to check that out before applying.

the gatti's pizza application

Employment Opportunities

There are several positions currently open at many Gatti’s Pizza locations. Let’s look at a few of them.

Food Production

The foundation of Gatti’s Pizza. Food Production positions include cooks and dough rollers. Cooks are responsible for making, baking, cutting, and boxing pizzas, along with food prep, cleaning, and possibly some serving tasks.

Dough rollers get everything started. This position makes the dough and needs to be able to weigh and measure ingredients that go into making Gatti’s famous pizzas.

The salary for a food services position starts at $8 per hour and usually earns just a little bit more than that. And there are opportunities for pay increases and promotions.

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Guest Services

Gatt’s Pizza looks for friendly people with a positive attitude and demeanor to work in guest services. As a guest services employee, you are the face of the company. You will need to make sure the customers are satisfied with their Gatti’s experience.

Guest services positions will require employees to take orders, operate the phones, work the cash register, and maintain high levels of customer service satisfaction. This also includes delivery driver positions.

Typically, guest services positions at Gatti’s Pizza pay between $7.00 and $10.00 an hour. These are also ideal part-time positions for students. Additionally, as a server or delivery driver, you can accept tips.

Shift Leader/Management

Gatti’s employees who excel at their job are rewarded. They often are promoted to management positions. However, if you already have some experience in management, you can find a great place to let your skills shine.

The focus of this position is to coordinate all the employees and ensure the restaurant operates smoothly and effectively. And to make sure the culture of Gatt’s Pizza is on full display. Pay rates are normally around $10.00 to $11.00 per hour for these positions.

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Advice on Applying for a Job at Gatti’s Pizza

First, you should check out the Gatti’s Pizza website. From there, you can find locations near you that are hiring and which positions need to be filled. Gatti’s Pizza does not require previous employment experience. Of course, if you have some, it will certainly help.

Fill out the application form online or in-person at a Gatti’s location that’s hiring. Be cheerful and submit your application as soon as you can. Gatti’s Pizza is a popular option for that first job for younger folks, so expect a few weeks to pass before you get asked to come in for an interview.

Gatti’s Pizza receives a lot of applicants, so don’t be put off if it takes some time before your application is looked at. Make sure you follow up after you submit your application, and do so in an engaging and upbeat manner. This will help you get noticed by the hiring managers doing the hiring.

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Final Thoughts

Gatti’s Pizza offers various employment positions that contribute to the overall success of the franchise. You can be part of a team that brings joy, laughter, and full bellies to all customers.

The application process for Gatti’s Pizza is easy, and the work itself is enjoyable. Plus, you gain valuable experience and have the opportunity to turn a wonderful summer gig into a rewarding career.

If you want a job that knows the importance of work life balance, Gatti’s Pizza is ready to hire you. And don’t forget the benefits of the higher earnings potential and pizza buffets you will be entitled to.

All the best with your Gatti’s Pizza Online Application.

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