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Geek Squad Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Online portals are the best platform to search out for jobs. They offer reliable jobs which the candidates can trust out. If you are also searching out for any such platform or job opportunity, you can head over to these portals, giving complete information.

In this blog below, we are going to discuss the job opportunities at Geek Squad. But, for those who haven’t heard about it yet before, the introduction itself is enough to attract your interest for the same.

Geek Squad is a Canadian and American-based multinational consumer electronics clubbed with Best Buy. The same headquarters are situated in Richfield, Minnesota, in the United States, and t serves multiple areas, including the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Ireland.

There are more than 20,000 employees associated with the same, and the company was formed back in June 1994. It has successfully operated for 26 years, and it provides accessories for commercial and residential clients and computer-related services.

They have merged with Best Buy in 2002 and provides on-site, in-store, and remote services to its clients, providing 24-hour assistance over calls and emergency site support. They have witnessed tremendous growth over the years and are looking for employees to assist them in success.

Know The Facts Before Working at The Geek Squad?

Now that you have scrolled down the company’s basic information, explore the facts the candidates must be aware of before applying for the jobs.

  • There are various job positions available at the company, including computer agents, customer service representatives, counterintelligence agents, car Autotech installer, geek squad installer, general manager, computer technician, and assistant manager.
  • The company is operating for 24 hours a day, that too for seven days a week.
  • The minimum age to apply for the job positions is 18, and any candidate above 18 years can apply for the same.

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What Are The Employment Prospects at Geek Squad?

As we have already discussed, the company had clubbed with Best Buyback in 2002, and since then, it has become the most recognizable and accessible electronics and computer retail chain. They thus enjoy the popularity of being a leader in the industry.

Geek Squad has around 20,000 employees assisted with them, either on a career level or entry-level positions. They have a constant need to hire new employees to grow their operations and expand the scope. They also offer 24-hour web-based and telephonic services at their physical store locations.

What All Are The Job Positions Available at Geek Squad?

As we have already discussed, the company is a multifunctional store, offering different categories of jobs. Their three categories include Autotech, computer, and home theatre.

The applicant applying for the job has to be above the age of 18 and must be from a technical background. The employees must hold clean traffic records, driving permits as some of the employees might need to respond to the off-site calls using the company’s source of transport.

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  • Counter Intelligence Agent: The candidate applying for this post must hold basic troubleshooting abilities related to technical fields, should adapt interpersonal skills, and should have experience operating Linux, Apple, and Windows systems. They must hold a degree, and it would be better if it is related to computer courses. They should also be capable of explaining technical processes to workers. The average pay rate for the same starts at $9.00 per hour and can be increased based on the performance up to $20 per hour or more.
  • Covert Agent: The candidate needs to assist the customer with their needs, schedule their repairing appointments, and interact with them. They should be able to work in core, dispatch, and fulfill the capacities. They need to dedicate at least a 35 hours schedule in a week to the company. The average pay rate for the post is around $15 per hour, and they can also increase it to $16-$18 per hour.
  • Field Agent: The candidate must be feasible with regular traveling, too, with the iconic company cars. The job responsibilities include installation, in-house coaching, troubleshooting services, and educational services. The applicant must have their hands tried on data entry work with an experience of six months at least. The average pay for this post varies between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.

What Are The Tips for Applying for The Job?

The candidate with good customer skills, general availability, computer literacy, and using electronics are given the first preference for the jobs. They are also generally asked to explain and list experiences as a part of their pre-employment screenings. They also need to submit the cover letters and resumes providing additional information to the hirers.

The candidates have an option to either apply online or by visiting the store.

How to Check The Applications Status at Geek Squad?

Those all candidates who have applied for the post need to wait for at least a week. It is only after this that they will get calls from the executives. The electronics and computer repair companies call back the selected candidates within a week. The ones who have gone for in-person conversations must also be prepared for the impromptu interviews. The applicant also can call the store for updates regarding the job status and get satisfaction.

What Are The Benefits of Working at Geek Squad?

The company offers extensive packages to its customers, some of them especially available for career-level jobs. The full-time and part-time workers are eligible for the paid time-offs, complimentary uniforms, healthcare options, and flexible schedules.

Other benefits also include discounted products and services, 401k retirement plans, and assistance programs.

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Additional Benefits of Geek Squad

Geek Squads’ additional benefits include 24-hour assistance to their customers, helping them with troubleshooting assistance, and web-based chat lines. The firm also provides software installations, virus removals, and electronics setups.


In this blog, you have revealed some exclusive benefits and facts of applying for the job posts at the Geek Squad. However, if you are also looking out for a post, consider this firm for numerous additional benefits. Candidates should ensure they give their best when applying for a job at Geek Squad. This is a great opportunity to build a career.

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