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How To Get A W-2 From Walmart?

Get A W-2 From Walmart

Walmart, one of the largest employers in the United States, provides its employees with a W-2 form each year. The W-2 form is used to report employees’ wages and taxes withheld to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

So, I decided to take an in-depth look at How To Get A W-2 From Walmart, including online and offline options, what to do if you lose or damage the form, and important dates to keep in mind.

Understanding Your Walmart W-2

Before diving into the process of obtaining your W-2 from Walmart, it’s essential to understand what a W-2 form is and why it’s necessary.

The W-2 form is a document provided by your employer that summarizes your total wages and tax withholdings for the year. It includes information such as your personal details, your employer’s details, your income, and your tax deductions.

The W-2 form is used to complete your federal and state income tax returns, ensuring accurate reporting and determining if you’re eligible for a tax refund or owe additional taxes.

Understanding Your Walmart W-2

Registering for Walmart’s Online W-2 Access

To access your Walmart W-2 form online, you’ll first need to register for an account on the Walmart OneWire portal (one.walmart.com). Follow these steps to create your account:

1  Visit one.walmart.com and click on “Register.”

2 Enter your Walmart Identification Number (WIN), which can be obtained from your supervisor.

3 Provide your date of birth and other details, such as the date you were hired at Walmart. If you don’t remember some details, ask your supervisor or check with the human resources department.

4 Follow the prompts to create a user ID and password. Remember to store this information in a secure location, as you’ll need it to log in to OneWire and access your W-2.

Registering for Walmart's Online W-2 Access

Accessing Your W-2 Online

Once you’ve registered for an account on OneWire, you can access your W-2 form online by following these steps:

1 Log in to your OneWire account using your user ID and password.

2 Click on the “My Pay” tab located in the top menu.

3 Select “W-2” from the drop-down menu.

4 Choose the tax year for the W-2 you want to access.

5 View or download your W-2 as a PDF file. You can then print the form if you need a physical copy for your records or to submit it with your tax return.

Requesting a Paper W-2 from Walmart

Walmart employees can also request a paper W-2 form if they prefer a physical copy or are unable to access their W-2 online. To request a paper W-2, follow these steps:

1 Contact your store’s human resources department or personnel manager.

2 Provide your full name, Walmart Identification Number (WIN), and the tax year for the W-2 you are requesting.

3 Confirm your mailing address to ensure your W-2 is sent to the correct location.

4 Allow for processing time, which can vary depending on the time of year and volume of requests. On average, you can expect your W-2 to arrive within 7-10 business days.

Requesting a Paper W-2 from Walmart

Addressing Common W-2 Issues

Lost or Damaged W-2

If you’ve misplaced or damaged your W-2 form, you can request a replacement by contacting your store’s human resources department or personnel manager. Alternatively, you can access your W-2 again and again online through the OneWire portal.

Incorrect Information on Your W-2 

If you notice any discrepancies in your personal or income information on your W-2, contact your store’s human resources department immediately to request a corrected W-2 form.

Unable to access OneWire

If you’re having trouble logging in to OneWire, try resetting your password or contacting Walmart’s support team for assistance. Ensure that you’re using the correct user ID and password and that your browser is up-to-date.

Not Receiving Your W-2 

If you haven’t gotten your W-2 by the end of January and you can’t find it online, talk to your store’s human resources department or personnel manager to make sure they have the right information on file and to ask for any problems to be fixed right away.

Understanding Your W-2 Information

Once you’ve obtained your W-2, it’s essential to understand the information it contains. Here’s a brief overview of the key sections on your Walmart W-2 form:

Understanding Your W-2 Information

Boxes 1-3

These report your wages, tips, and other compensation, as well as your Social Security and the amount of federal income tax withheld.

Boxes 4-6

These indicate the amount of Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from your wages.

Box 16 

This details your total state wages and tips subject to state income tax.

Box 17

This indicates the total amount of state income tax withheld from your wages.

Box 18 

This details your total wages and tips subject to local, city, or other income taxes.

Box 19

This indicates the total amount of local, city, or other income taxes withheld from your wages.

Key Dates and Deadlines

It’s crucial to be aware of key dates and deadlines related to your W-2 form. These include:

January 31 

Employers are required to provide employees with their W-2 forms by this date, either electronically or by mail.

April 15

This is the standard deadline for filing your federal income tax return, although some states may have different deadlines for state income tax returns. If April 15 falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline may be extended to the following business day.

Extension requests 

If you’re unable to file your tax return by the deadline, then you can request an extension by submitting Form 4868 to the IRS. However, keep in mind that an extension only grants additional time to file your return, not to pay any taxes due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my W-2 if I’m no longer employed by Walmart?

Yes, you can still get your W-2 for the years you worked at Walmart by asking for help from Walmart’s customer service team or the human resources department at your old store.

It is, however, very unlikely that you will be able to access the information via OneWire once you stop being a Walmart employee.

Can I access my W-2 if I'm no longer employed by Walmart 

What should I do if I don’t have my Walmart Identification Number (WIN)?

If you don’t have your WIN, you can ask your supervisor or the human resources department at your store.

Can I access my W-2 on a mobile device?

Yes, you can access your W-2 through the OneWire portal using a mobile device. The portal is optimized for mobile browsing and should allow you to view, download, or print your W-2 form as needed.

Do I need to submit my W-2 form when filing my taxes electronically?

When filing your taxes electronically, you generally do not need to submit a physical copy of your W-2. However, you’ll need to submit an electronic copy, as the information from your W-2 form is essential to accurately completing your tax return. You may keep a physical copy of your W-2 for your records in case of any discrepancies or if the IRS requests additional documentation.

Can I access my W-2 form if I worked for Walmart in a different state than where I currently live?

Yes, you can access your W-2 form online through OneWire. If what you want is the paper version, request it via Walmart’s human resources department. In this case, you will need to ensure that your mailing address is correct to ensure that the W-2 arrives without issue.

Can I use my final pay stub as a substitute for my W-2 form?

No, you cannot; your final pay stub might not have all of the information that is needed on your W-2 form, like the total amount of taxes taken out for Social Security and Medicare. In order to ensure accurate reporting on your tax return, it is crucial to wait for Walmart to deliver your W-2 form.

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Final Thoughts

Obtaining your W-2 form from Walmart is a crucial step in the tax filing and tax refund processes. By following the steps outlined in my guide, you should be able to access your W-2 online through the OneWire portal or request a paper copy from your store’s human resources department. 

Be mindful of key dates and deadlines, and address any issues or discrepancies promptly.

All the best with getting your W-2 from Walmart.

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