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GIANT Food Stores Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Job seekers looking for a job opportunity with GIANT Food Stores can go to their official website and fill out the online application form. The company is offering many job positions for warehouse center, management, and in-store positions.

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GIANT Food Stores, based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is an American grocery store chain. Its grocery chain was founded in 1923 and operated in many locations across several states, including West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. GIANT Food Stores is a Netherland-based international retail group, a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize.

It offers multiple job positions available for eligible candidates, which they can view and apply through its online platform.

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Work Requirement and Scheduling at GIANT Food Stores

GIANT Food Stores is open for various job roles for hopeful candidates. It seeks for candidates with a minimum of 16 years to work with their grocery chain. Job applicants can go through the following work requirement at scheduling at GIANT Food Stores.

Monday to Sunday: This grocery chain is operating seven days a week and open 24 hours a day.

Job Opportunities Offered by GIANT Food Stores

GIANT food stores are open for various job positions, including Stockers, Stock Boys, Clerks, Cashiers, Bakery associates, and Baggers. New locations of GIANT Food Stores offer job seekers to apply for various job roles in its grocery chain. Most job positions of GIANT Food Stores are entry-level, including cashier, stock, and sales jobs.

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These roles provide minimum wage and flexible hours to start a career with GIANT Food Stores. Its employees are responsible for cleaning work areas and organizing shelves. The company looks for people with courtesy and patience. Its stock positions often require manual labor.

Opportunities to Advancement in The Career with GIANT Food Stores

Workers at GIANT Food Stores succeed and grow in their careers gradually. They help customers find the products around the store and answer their questions. GIANT Food Stores, the grocery retail chain, offers full-time and part-time shifts and numerous career advancement opportunities.

Career Opportunities with GIANT Food Stores

GIANT Food Stores has multiple job opportunities that candidates can view on their website or get details from its stores. Candidates should look at the various job titles and ensure they apply for the ones that suit them the most. They can also apply for multiple jobs at once. The commonly available job positions include the following:


  • Cashiers are responsible for keeping checkout aisles organized and also to clean and operate computerized cash registers.
  • Their duties also include issuing change, scanning sale coupons and items, and taking payments.
  • Cashiers at GIANT Food Stores earn a minimum wage.

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  • Clerks at GIANT Food Stores work in various departments within its stores, including frozen foods, produce, deli, and also dairy.
  • Entry-level associates at GIANT Food Stores earn around $9.00 an hour.
  • Their shifts also vary from holiday hours to weekends or overnight shifts.


  • Baggers at GIANT Food Stores are responsible for retrieving carts from parking lots, carry items to shoppers’ vehicles, and also pack groceries.
  • They are also expected to work in all weather conditions and have part-time work schedules.
  • Baggers at GIANT Food Stores earn around $8.00 per hour.

The Job Application Status of GIANT Food Stores

Candidates usually receive a call back from GIANT Food Stores within a week of submitting their job applications. Candidates can check their job application status online or visit GIANT Food Stores to meet hiring staff and know the status of their hiring process.

Benefits to Working with GIANT Food Stores

GIANT Food Stores offers multiple employee benefits to the eligible candidates, including the following:

  • Employees at GIANT Food Stores avail of vision, medical, and dental insurances.
  • They also get prescription drug insurance, paid time off.
  • Employees can also get access to 401(K) retirement plans.
  • GIANT Food Stores also offer ongoing training programs and discounts to its employees.

Additional Information about GIANT Food Stores

GIANT Food Stores aims to prioritize food safety in its grocery retail chain. They outline their commitment through their online platform and provide links for its shoppers’ feasibility about the information to use at their homes. This grocery chain also utilizes sustainable practices and ethical sourcing to help preserve the surroundings and environment.

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The Job Application Process of GIANT Food Stores

Job applicants looking to get employed with GIANT Food Stores can go through the below-mentioned convenient and quick job application process:

  • Application forms for GIANT Food Stores are available on its website.
  • Applicants can go to their career webpage.
  • Check the links available to apply or search for in-store job roles and tap on the “Full-time / Part-time store” tab.
  • Scroll this webpage and tap on the “Next” tab.
  • You can choose your desired state from the appeared drop-down list here.
  • Choose your desired location and also the city you want to work with for GIANT Food Stores.
  • Fill up your personal information in the required, blank fields and choose the job position you want to apply for GIANT Food Stores.
  • Complete your GIANT Food Stores’ job application process by filling out the remaining sections and fields.

How to Fill Offline Application Form For GIANT Food Stores?

  • Candidates must consider the job roles they want to apply for.
  • They should also check out the store and location they want to work in.
  • Applicants can also fill out paper applications available at GIANT Food Stores.
  • Converted applicants will also get an interview with the hiring manager at the store.


GIANT Food Stores, offering many job opportunities, is found across the eastern part of the United States. This grocery chain is an ideal place to work with entry-level, part-time, and also individuals looking for full-time job positions in the retail sector or industry. Applicants can also fill the online job application form or paper form available at GIANT Food Stores. The online job application process takes less time and is also easier to fill.

Job applicants must answer the personality questions, job history, work availability, previous employment, and also other required information to complete the online application form. Check out the online application process for GIANT Food Stores explained above and also grab the opportunity to work with GIANT Food Stores.

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