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GIS Analyst Job Description

gis analyst job description

Geographic Information Systems analysts are those who work on data analysis. They work on programming and analyze data through the mapping software in place. GIS Analysts also design digital maps and geographical data. They also work with a series of data sets. These analysts should be multi-skilled and use their quantitative skills to work as GIS Analysts. They focus on developing spatial mapping and develop different mapping applications

gis analyst job description

Job Description – GIS Analyst

The GIS Analyst should focus on discovering spatial patterns for developing different applications related to maps. They require a quantitative ability to work in this domain. They manage and maintain the digital library of geographical data. GIS Analysts should also be able to work with different types to understand various maps for different geographical locations. They need to explain various geographical trends to different customers. GIS Analysts also require excellent trends and various findings to work as a GIS Analyst.

Skills Required – GIS Analyst

  • They need strong IT skills.
  • They need to work on complex databases.
  • GIS Analysts also need to be highly detail-oriented.
  • They should carry out thoughtful communications across the organization.
  • They can work on solving problems as a GIS Analyst.
  • GIS Analysts should also have the proper knowledge to program
  • They should have an amazing network of GIS analysts.
  • They should keep their learning consistent.
  • GIS Analysts also need analytical skills and critical thinking to grow in this domain.
  • They need project management skills.
  • They should have sales skills in this domain.

Job Responsibilities – GIS Analyst

  • They analyze spatial data through mapping software.
  • They can analyze discovering patterns and trends.
  • GIS Analysts also design digital maps for geographical locations.
  • They create reports keeping in mind the topographical mapping.
  • They also produce different kinds of maps for recording crime statics and hospital locations.
  • GIS Analysts also develop mapping applications and tools.
  • They convert physical maps into digital ones.
  • GIS Analysts also convert data into the desired form.
  • They produce reports for geographical data and visualization.
  • They maintain the digital map library of various geographical locations.

Job Requirements – GIS Analyst

  • They require a degree in computer science and geographical locations.
  • They can gain a degree in the related field too.
  • GIS Analysts should also be proficient with database programming languages.
  • They should know all programming languages in a better way.
  • They should know the GPS measuring tools in a better way.
  • GIS Analysts should also have an outstanding quantitative skill set.
  • They require problem-solving skills to work as a GIS Analyst.
  • They need proper verbal and written communication as a GIS Analyst.
  • GIS Analysts also need good interpersonal skills to work in this domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the role of a GIS Analyst?

Ans. They build and maintain the databases for GIS. GIS Analysts can also work under pressure. They can be addressed as GIS analysts, technicians, or Cartographers. GIS Analyst designs and creates digital maps to work easily and efficiently.

2 Make a list of skills required by GIS Analysts?


  • They need knowledge about various programming languages.
  • They should be aware of different mapping languages.
  • GIS Analysts also need experience in working with various mapping techniques and tools.
  • They need to know spatial modeling as a GIS Analyst.

3 What are the specific qualifications for a GIS Analyst?

Ans. They require a bachelor’s degree in Geoscience and Geography or computer science. They need relevant work experience between 1 to 5 years. This is an entry-level position prior experience in the same is not mandatory.

4 Make a list of specific skills required by GIS Analysts?


  • They should know the basic programming language.
  • They should be part of professional organizations.
  • GIS Analysts should also demonstrate a consistent learning pattern.
  • They should have good analytical skills or critical thinking skills.
  • They should have excellent problem-solving skills.
  • GIS Analysts also need appropriate sales skills.

5 List the job roles which require a GIS Analyst?


  • Law Enforcer requires a GIS Analyst.
  • Health Geographer requires a GIS Analyst.
  • Climatic Scientist requires a GIS Analyst.
  • An Urban planner needs a GIS Analyst to create road maps.

6 How do you become a GIS Analyst?


  • You should earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or geography.
  • You require professional experience.
  • GIS Analysts also need proper certification.
  • You need a master’s degree to earn relevant experience.
  • You should always learn more and in a better way.

7 Are GIS Analysts required by related job fields?

Ans. GIS analysts is a specialized role. They work in their specific niches The reports from the bureau of labor statistics states this is a specific niche. GIS Analyst helps in many job fields related to climatic change. Every year only 500 jobs are added to the list of jobs in this domain.

8 What are the various sources to recruit a GIS Analyst?

Ans. The various sources to recruit GIS Analyst is free job sites, through various employee referral schemes, The GIS Analyst can be recruited through various career portals. They can also be recruited through social media websites as a GIS analyst.

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