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Good Jobs for Teens

Good Jobs for Teens

Getting a job as a teenager not only gives you financial independence, but you can learn some useful transferable skills which look great on college applications and future CVs. When you are a teenager, you may think that there are not many opportunities for you to work, but there are, so here are some good jobs for teens.

Balancing School with a Job

Although making your own money can be exciting, it is good to remember that school is your top priority. Make sure when you take a job, it is part-time with either after school hours or weekend hours.

Aim for no more than 12 hours as you do need time for self-care and your social life, both important things. If you can find a workplace that offers flexible shifts, this will come in really handy around exam season.

Added Benefits of a Job

The increase to your bank balance and newfound freedom with that are usually the primary goals of getting a job when you are a teenager, but there are other benefits. Jobs look great on college applications; they show that you can manage your time well and are good at multi-tasking.

good jobs for teen

Jobs that involve interacting with customers will help you with your communication skills, a very important skill set for when you start your career. If you are more interested in the skills you will gain from a job, have a look for ones that offer certificated training or ask your company to be put you through courses such as first aid. If you are willing, there is usually some space in their budget for essential courses.

Now onto some good jobs for teens…


If you like unlimited coffee and cozy coffee shops, then this could be the job for you! Learning to create the perfect cappuccino froth does take some skills, but once you have got it, the tasks are pretty repetitive.

Most coffee shops have a tip jar as well, which always helps! Rush hours can be stressful but slow periods give you time to chat with your co-workers or even catch up with some homework!

Dog Walker

Probably one of the most pleasant jobs, dog walking not only makes you money, but it gets you outside and back into nature. Usually, it does not pay very well, but it can be flexible and does not require much work, just take the dog out and return it in one piece! Plus, being paid to play with dogs is pretty sweet!

the good jobs for teens


Famously an excellent job for teenagers. Babysitting is great as you do not need to commit yourself to fixed hours every week so, if your homework starts piling up, it is easy to prioritize it.

Make no mistake; however, this is not an easy job. You may be lucky, and the baby will sleep the entire time whilst you can binge-watch Netflix and try out the fancy coffee machine. Alternatively, you might find yourself with some little monsters; it really depends!

Hair Salon Assistant

If you can remember a coffee order, make small talk, and know how to work a sweeping brush, then this could be the job for you! Your goal is to keep customers happy, the shop clean, and to make the hairdressers’ lives easier. You can also pick up skills by watching and talking to the stylists; this is a part-time job that could turn into a career!


This could be at any retail business, but picking stores that are open later could help you squeeze in some shifts after school, keeping your weekend free. Once you have mastered the till, the job is easy but a little repetitive. Nonetheless, this does require responsibility, you are handling a business’s income, and if there any mistakes, it could come back to bite you.

good jobs for teen

This also tends to be less flexible than other jobs as you are working for a business with a fixed schedule; even so, there is usually the opportunity to pick up over time when you need it.


There is nothing quite as fulfilling as gardening. Changing a landscape with your bare hands is pretty incredible, and manual tasks are excellent for working through any daily frustrations you have.

The hours are flexible, and you get to spend the day in the sun (do not forget your hat), but it does require some skill and knowledge. You also must be physically fit for this task and gather your own clients.


Another flexible job! You can do this by yourself or with a company; there are pros and cons to both. Working by yourself gives you more control of your hours and pay, but you will have to invest in tools, and clients may be sporadic. Working for a company will give you a stable income and requires no initial investment, but your pay and working hours will be less flexible.


Getting good grades? Well, maybe tutoring could be an option for you! This job pays well, plus you get to revise whilst you are going over the materials. Tutoring can only happen out of school hours and is pretty flexible; all in all, a sweet deal! The only requirement is that you are actually good at the subject you teach.

the good jobs for teen


Okay, not the most glamourous job on the scene, but getting a cleaning job is a great way to make money! This could be at a local hotel, bed, and breakfast, office, or even your neighbors’ houses! Benefits include working at your own pace and being able to listen to podcasts or music while you work. Negatives include cleaning the toilets.


Busy shifts mean time flies with this job. Being on your feet all day can be exhausting, but the tips are usually good; additionally, many places offer free food to workers, which is a great incentive. You can also build transferable skills such as customer service and money management to pad out your CV or college application.

Downsides do include long and late shifts and dealing with fussy customers.


Imagine spending your entire Saturday by the pool? Now imagine being paid for it! A Lifeguard is a vital job, and when disaster strikes, it is essential you are in top form; however, the majority of the time, you will be sitting by the pool in a relatively relaxed but alert state.

If you can manage the responsibility and are a good enough swimmer, it is an excellent job, and you can gain some training certificates out of it. Just do not forget you are there to save lives!

Newspaper Round

Whilst most people read the news online, there are still some people who prefer a paper newspaper! Paper rounds are super easy, you can walk or ride your bike, and they are local, so you do not need to take transportation to your job. You usually have to work early mornings, which means you could get all your work done before the start of school.


One of the most repetitive yet glamourous jobs on this list is working as a receptionist. Not only do you get to dress in your finest workwear outfit you also get to sit down for most of the day! Receptionists are the first faces a customer sees when entering an organization, so presenting yourself well and smiling is key, along with being polite and mastering your telephone voice.

good job for teens


Wrinkly hands are never anyone’s ideal situation; however, dishwashing is an underrated job, especially for teenagers! While waitstaff must deal with fussy customers, you get to remain in the safety of the kitchen and might even get a cut of the tips earned that night.

It can be a repetitive and busy job, but being in the kitchen, you are sure to learn a thing or two from the chefs. This is an ideal job for someone who may get anxious when talking to new people.

Online Store

If you are feeling a bit more entrepreneurial, why not look into starting an online business. You can do this through Instagram, Esty, or even eBay! This will require an initial investment for materials and a creative flair, but you could sell anything from knitwear to paintings to ceramics.

Positives include turning your hobby into your business, but work is sporadic and relies on you finding a customer base.

Ready for Action?

If you’re ready to jump straight into a job application, we have all you need to know about the Urban Outfitters Application, Jack In The Box Application, and so many more. Just search the site for your ideal employer, and you’ll probably find it.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it; there really is a job for every teen no matter what your interests, workload, or social life. Just remember your priorities and cut back your hours if your schoolwork begins to fall behind. Oh, and enjoy your first steps into the job market with these great jobs for teenagers!

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