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Google Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

google mission and vision statement analysis

Are you interested in discovering the secret behind the success of Google?

Today, the company’s name is synonymous with searching for information online, and for many people, Google represents the face of the internet. In fact, Google enjoyed an impressive 92.47% of the search engine market share in January of 2021.

Google operates under clear mission and mission statements and a set of values that directs everything it does. The company also offers a wide range of other services such as Google Workspace tools and Gmail.

So, let’s undertake a comprehensive and detailed Google mission and vision statement analysis to find out why they are so successful.

google mission and vision statement analysis

Company Overview

Google was founded back in 1998, around the time when the internet was starting to become widely used. The company was the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergei Brin, who were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California.

The two students recognized the need to quickly access information instead of spending hours in the library. They designed a special algorithm that could quickly filter out data logically. This provides internet users with a wealth of useful information in seconds. Today, Google is known as the most reliable contemporary search engine around.

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Internships and freedom at work!

Since the very beginning, the company has shared its vision of making information free and accessible to everyone. The company has remained contemporary by hiring fresh talents every year and providing a revolutionary working environment.

This can be seen through the special summer internship programs, and the freedom employees are given over their working environment.

Not just a search engine…

Today, the Google search engine can be used in countries all over the world. The company is instantly recognizable for its bright and bold logo. The company’s email service, Gmail, is also the world’s most popular email platform.

The company also offers a wide range of free information services through Google, such as Google docs and much, much more.

the google mission and vision statement analysis

Google’s Mission Statement

Google operates under a very clear and concise mission statement. ‘Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’ This mission statement outlines the company’s main goals. It can be broken down into three main parts for easier in-depth analysis.

Organizing all of the world’s information

The Google search engine presents a unique and very useful way of organizing information. Users are always presented with the most relevant results first to save them time and effort. The company’s advanced algorithm ensures that the information on the first page is as relevant and reliable as possible.

Rather than simply being removed, older information is stored. The Google Scholar domain is also available to users who are searching for academics-related information. This helps students find the information they need online rather than spending countless hours in reference libraries.

Making information universally accessible

This part of the mission statement makes it clear that Google has its sights on global information sharing. People all around the world have access to information through the company’s search engine. The search engine and Google services are available in all of the most commonly spoken languages.

Presenting information in a useful manner

The search engine saves users the hassle of having to filter irrelevant information. Google’s algorithm works on all platforms and services, including Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube. Access to information has been made even easier with the addition of Google Assistant. People who are unable to type can use voice commands to find the information they need.

the google missions and vision statement analysis

The Google Vision Statement

Their vision statement is ‘to provide access to the world’s information in one click.’ This vision statement is directly tied to the company’s mission statement and is also easy to understand. It can be broken down into two main points that can be analyzed in more detail.

Facilitating access to the world’s information

The company’s core vision is to make information instantly available to people from all walks of life. Before the popularity of the internet and search engines, it could take a lot of time to find certain information. Some types of information were only available in the form of expensive resources.

In effect, the Google search engine serves as a library at your fingertips. Users all around the globe can be sure they will find the information they need.

Rapid access with one click

These days, Google search engine users can access information on PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. No matter what method is used, the designed information is provided at a single click, swipe, or tap. The algorithm even anticipates the needs of users to bring up related information and make suggestions.

If the user misspells common keywords, the search engine will make suggestions. This makes it quick and easy for users to find the information they need. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of information are sorted through instantly to make the process incredibly fast.

The Core Values

It is no secret that Google’s working environment is quite different from that of many corporations. Employees are encouraged to work hard, but in their own way and on their own terms. This is reflected by the company’s core values, which employees are expected to understand and embrace.

Fast is better than slow

This reflects the company’s commitment to providing users with rapid information and other services. Employees are encouraged to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are rewarded for working quickly by being allowed to leave work when their assigned tasks are complete.

Focus on the user, and all else will follow

Like any successful company, Google is strongly focused on the needs and desires of customers. The company makes recommendations to users based on their search history and YouTube preferences. This helps to provide a personalized service for each customer that makes them feel valued.

google missions and vision statement analysis

Great just isn’t good enough

This value highlights the fact that the company strives for perfection. Rather than simply being satisfied with their work, employees constantly look for ways to improve it.

There’s always more information

The company is focused on being the largest resource of information on the planet. To that end, there is a drive to keep searching for more information to present to users. This drive has helped the company to remain relevant and serve the needs of users.

You can be serious without a suit

Google employees are naturally encouraged to be professional and work efficiently. However, they are also encouraged to be comfortable at work and let their personalities shine through. This shows that the company values the minds and skills of its employees and is not afraid to break the business mold.

Democracy on the web works

Google is committed to promoting the free exchange of information at all times. Information is not censored for content, only for accuracy. This company does not have an overt political agenda or message and is open to everyone.

You can make money without doing evil

Before 2018, the slogan of Google was ‘don’t be evil.’ Over the years, Google has shown that it is committed to acting transparently and ethically. This has helped users to have faith in the company and the information it provides access to.

What It Takes To Work At Google?

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Final Thoughts

Google’s clear mission statement to make information accessible to everyone has gained the company a loyal following. People all over the world who use the Google search engine can depend on finding the information they are looking for. The company uses dynamic algorithms to help make sure that the provided information is relevant to the keywords.

This loyalty has helped Google to launch a range of impressive products and services. The simple slogan of ‘do the right thing’ helps give users confidence in the company.

The company has also revolutionized how employees work, allowing them to recruit the best minds in the industry.

Good luck, and hope you have that “Googliness” that they’re looking for!

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