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Halliburton Construction Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

Halliburton Construction Application

Halliburton Construction hires more than 70,000 people worldwide to offer the energy industry the broadest range of services and products. The award-winning organization employs a varied workforce to work with advanced technology in over 80 nations worldwide. Halliburton’s entry-level employment frequently results in career options in numerous locations across the world for committed individuals. Mechanical technicians, materials coordinators, acid operators, and material handlers are among the full-time opportunities available.

Please go through the description below to learn about Halliburton Construction’s employment and job application submission process.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Halliburton Construction

Halliburton Construction looks for candidates with at least 18 years of experience while recruiting. The shift schedules and business hours of Halliburton Construction vary by its location.

Successful Business Details of Halliburton Construction

Halliburton Construction has grown from one man, a mule, to a homemade cement mixer to a billion-dollar multinational company. It gets achieved through the education program, industry-leading personnel training, and advanced technology developments.

Professional personnel drives this construction organization in offering essential services that assist consumers in meeting rising worldwide energy demands. Employees help organizations with process optimization, fracking drill locations, offshore and land-based oil and gas construction, geological data management, and hydrocarbon deposit location.

Job Prospects at Halliburton Construction

The types of jobs available here range from fieldwork to regular office jobs. Halliburton may have excellent and fulfilling possibilities for recent college graduates finding entry-level or experienced professions seeking advanced job options. They may find employment opportunities in various fields, including finance, information technology. They can also check project management, geology, chemistry, mechanical operations, and engineering career options.

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Associates usually receive leadership development programs, on-the-job training, classes at local universities, professional advancement options. They also get mentoring, continuing education, and world-class training. Other career growth options include employee benefits commensurate with experience and responsibilities and lucrative salary packages.

The Job Positions Available at Halliburton Construction

Halliburton Construction offers job options, including Engineering Project Manager, Procurement Specialist, Drilling Specialist, and Logistics Specialist. It also provides Mechanical Technician, Tool Maintenance Technician, Tool Maintenance Technician, Service Supervisor, and Account Representative positions. In addition, the candidates can apply as Coordinator, Truck Driver, Materials Control Specialist, Dispatcher, Electronics Technician, and Mechanic Technician.

Various options are also available at Halliburton Construction, including Service Planner, Regional Security Manager, Consultant, Field Service Representative, Operator, and Entry-Level Operator Assistant positions. The following vacancies are found easily at Halliburton Construction:

Associate Mechanical Technicians

  • Associate Mechanical Technicians at Halliburton Construction are responsible for performing duties under experienced and also knowledgeable mechanics supervision.
  • They are also responsible for repairing and maintaining Halliburton Construction’s equipment.
  • Halliburton Construction usually offers approximately $20.00 an hour or $41k per annum.

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Frac Acid Operator Assistants

  • Frac Acid Operator Assistants are responsible for installing and assembling service equipment and also operating heavy equipment.
  • They are also responsible for performing light maintenance, conducting inspections before and after completing tasks.
  • Halliburton Construction usually offers approximately $16 to $17 per hour to its Frac Acid Operator Assistants.

Materials Coordinators

  • Halliburton Construction’s Material Coordinators are responsible for receiving processes for certain product service lines and handling shipping.
  • They are also responsible for coordinating billing processes, reconciling inventory counts, issuing sales orders, and encompassing tracking receipts.
  • They generally earn around $18.00 to $19.00 per hour at Halliburton Construction.

The Online Job Application Process of Halliburton Construction

Halliburton Construction’s online job application procedure is as follows:

  • The candidates need to go through Halliburton Construction’s online platform.
  • Tap on and navigate the “Careers” button and go through the details that appeared here.
  • You will find the career section in the footer at the bottom of this webpage.
  • Check out the Job Openings tab available here.
  • You can also go through FAQ sections that are usually helpful to know about the company and the employment process.

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  • The candidates can also explore job vacancies available on its online platform directly.
  • Tap on the “Job Openings” button that appeared here on the left of this webpage.
  • Tap on the job sections you want to apply for at Halliburton Construction, including veterans or military, employees, and potential employees.
  • Check out the remaining details in the “Hiring Process” section.
  • You will find five steps to submit your application that you may go through and apply for the required position at Halliburton Construction.

Checking Job Application Status for Halliburton Construction

Individuals can monitor online profiles to see the progress of their employment applications at Halliburton Construction. Job applicants can contact Halliburton Construction’s recruiting managers or hiring personnel through e-mail after getting interview offers. The recruiting process of Halliburton Construction could take around two days to two months. The timeframe varies on the number of candidates who applied for the same job post. Personal contact with Halliburton Construction’s recruiting staff is usually challenging to accomplish before recruiters evaluate applicants’ eligibility.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Halliburton Construction

Halliburton offers the below-mentioned job benefits to its employees:

  • Career-oriented employees usually receive educational programs and industry-leading training from Halliburton Construction.
  • This construction firm also offers plentiful future growth options and competitive pay rates designed to benefit employees.
  • Eligible Halliburton Construction employees also benefit from life and work balances and workers’ assistance programs to enhance wellness.
  • They also get a vacation, paid holidays, medical insurance, healthcare coverage, stock options, and 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Details of Halliburton Construction

Halliburton Construction routinely obtains top honors for creative engineering and technological accomplishments. It also achieved success as the world’s key player in energy and construction industry services.

The Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on Technology award and the Hart’s E&P Meritorious Engineering Achievement award was given in 2015. The company received multiple honors from the 2014 World Oil Prizes and numerous other innovation awards for technology and systems. It also aimed to capture energy sources in environmentally acceptable ways are among the previous honors.


On the company’s website, applicants can reach out to potential job positions. Candidates can receive e-mail messages from Halliburton Construction’s recruiting managers and submit online job application forms. They can do this by creating job profiles over the company’s official online job platform. Qualified Halliburton Construction’s job aspirants will get contacted by recruiting staff for an interview schedule and subject to any necessary pre-employment aptitude testing.

The interview phase is typically conducted in person or through a phone call. It may include several contacts with different hiring personnel. The candidates seeking to join Halliburton Construction can go through the description above and submit job applications to the company accordingly.

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