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Hampton Inn Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

hampton inn application

About Hampton Inn Application

Hampton Inn is a Hilton brand for budget hotels. It has 1900 locations the world over. This chain is located in areas like North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Pacific Island. The different job seekers get offered various career opportunities at this hotel chain. Those employees who are passionate to travel can get a job with Hampton Inn.

Employees must be well-versed in guest services and should demonstrate professionalism. Previous experience in a similar industry is an added advantage. This hotel chain generally expands with newer locations and global markets. The various career opportunities are available in domestic and international locations. All applicants should know to interact with guests and assist their needs whenever required.

Application Process for Hampton Inn

This hotel chain helps to regularly screen candidates who have qualities like honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability to work at Hampton Inn. All employees must demonstrate loyalty and honesty in every stage of the recruitment process. Applicants fill the application forms so that they can assess their abilities before the job interview at Hampton Inn takes place.

All documents need to be submitted through the online career portal and applicants get selected through the talent pools. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the application process to complete. It may take more time if hiring needs increase. Employees get on-boarded to the hotel as per the hiring requirement. Applicants should always remain polite to work well at the hotel and connect with the management during non-peak hours of the hotel.

Essential Requirements for Hampton Inn

What is the age required to join Hampton Inn?

The legal age to join Hampton Inn is 18 years for any applicant.

What is the work shift followed at Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn operates 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Prepare a list of available positions at Hampton Inn?

The available positions are Front Desk Associate, Guest Services Representative, House-Keeping Associate, and Laundry Associate.

How will an applicant apply for a position at Hampton Inn?

All applicants can apply for a position with Hampton Inn through the online career portal of this well-known hotel chain.

Job Opportunities at Hampton Inn

Any applicant who demonstrates honesty and trustworthiness and shows a passion to travel can join Hampton Inn to develop a rewarding career. All positions offered are part-time or full-time in nature. Every employee must demonstrate skills to serve customers better to get proper employment with Hampton Inn. Every employee gets an opportunity to grow and learn new things from the global market.

the hampton inn application tips

Career opportunities teach work culture and values to young and talented employees. All employees should be well-versed in handling guests and other departments of the hotel. The physical stamina of employees is important to excel in the hospitality sector. There are about 16,000 positions on the entry-level. Many work opportunities promote from within and employees get a competitive salary with job benefits. The entry-level employees should be open to work in a flexible work schedule with a basic pay structure.

Career Positions and Salary Information

Guest Services Representative

  • They are responsible to meet the guests and handle their queries.
  • They should also carry out basic procedures of check-in and check-out.
  • These employees also register the guests.
  • They also reserve rooms, coordinate with room service and housekeeping.
  • They should also be open to work in a flexible work environment.
  • The employees should also work late-night shifts and work smoothly on weekends.
  • They also require strong communication skills and they should be well-oriented with the team.
  • They should also work for a long number of hours.
  • The candidates also work for part-time and full-time employment.
  • They earn 8 dollars to 10 dollars an hour.
  • Many locations also hire guest service representatives after a proper background verification check.

hampton inn application tip

Room Service Attendant

  • They are responsible for servicing the rooms and handling customers at the time of need.
  • The attendants also ensure guest amenities are available in the room whenever a guest checks –in.
  • They should also be quick and responsive to customers at all times.
  • They should also be polite and friendly towards customers.
  • The attendant should also help guests to meet all their requirements whenever needed.
  • They earn 12 dollars every hour with experience.
  • They earn a minimum wage with no prior experience.

hampton inn application tips

Hotel Manager

  • They manage the hotel operations smoothly.
  • The manager also oversees the duties assigned to entry-level staff.
  • They also create a work schedule.
  • The managers are also responsible to manage marketing strategies, analyze the profitability of the hotel, and capture sales figures.
  • They also enforce company policies and ensure employees and guests follow them.
  • The manager also needs dedication and leadership qualities to manage the hotel.
  • They also focus on attracting new business and ensure smooth operations and hiring takes place in the hotel.
  • Managers earn 10 dollars to 14 dollars every hour and earn 60,000 dollars annually.

Work Benefits at Hampton Inn

This hotel chain follows a probatory period of 90 days and offers a wide range of work benefits to clients. The hotel offers employee benefits such as programs for educational assistance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

Healthcare options are also available in each location. The employee benefits also include affordable rates for travel and accommodation for employees and their family members. The hired employees should follow the company philosophy which means the hotel operates like one big family. Employees focus on meeting the sales and expectations of customers. They also focus on increasing the motivational levels of employees to provide the best-in-class services to customers who want to experience hospitality with Hampton Inn.


Hampton Inn follows a very simple application process. The work benefits add professional advantage to the career of all employees. Employees work dedicatedly with communication skills and leadership qualities to manage customers easily.

Customers can receive the best-in-class services with well-trained applicants. Hampton Inn offers many career opportunities to advance and develop a rewarding career with the hotel chain. This chain focuses on hiring employees who can serve customers and generate profitability for the business. All positions help the employees to learn something unique and deliver the best.

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