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Harbor Freight Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

harbor freight application

Applicants hunting for jobs at Harbor Freight can apply online to get long-lasting and rewarding career opportunities. Whether you want to apply for corporate jobs, retail, or distribution, Harbor Freight has many job roles that applicants can apply to. You can find the job roles easily that suit you and your eligibility perfectly.

harbor freight application

Harbor Freight, the hardware retailer, was launched in 1977. It hires individuals for a diverse range of hiring options in its over 500 locations throughout the United States.

There are multiple job positions offered at the store, which either can be scrolled online or the eligible candidate and get the details from the store. Candidates must go through the job offers and apply for the ones they think suits them. They can also apply for multiple positions at a time if they like multiple jobs.

Work Requirements and Scheduling at Harbor Freight

The minimum age of the applicants to apply for jobs at Harbor Freight is 18 years. It offers part-time and also full-time job roles for aspiring candidates. Applicants must have basic knowledge of the company and should check the required qualification and experience before applying to the job positions available for Harbor Freight.

The operational work schedule at Harbor Freight is as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 08:30 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Available Job Roles at Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight offers various job positions for the jobseekers, including head cashier, retails cashier, loss prevention manager, sales associate, assistant store manager, and many others. Applicants can check the updated list of job roles and apply according to their skills, qualifications, and requirements. They have plentiful work opportunities for job seekers, which the company updates on its online career page.

Opportunities to Advance in Career with Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight offers various training tools and programs for the growth and success of its employees. It hires candidates with proven track records who show successful company productivity to oversee retail operations and lead sales teams. Many job roles at Harbor Freight need GED or high-school diplomas equivalents. Harbor Freight offers competitive salary options, base pay, and access to employee benefits.

Career Opportunities with Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight has various job opportunities for people with a minimum of 18 years with the required qualifications and skills. This prominent company is consistently employing people for the following job positions:

Sales Associate

  • Sales Associates at Harbor Freight usually earn around $9.00 an hour or the minimum wage.
  • Employees should maintain cleanliness, promote sales, and upsell key products.
  • They should know available merchandise at the stores.
  • Applicants must have equivalent work experience or high-school-level education.
  • They should have the talent to perform their job responsibilities and possess the physical stamina to handle the workload.

harbor freight application tips

Head Cashier

  • The candidate must ensure drawer accuracy and sales transactions.
  • They should run cash registers, greeting customers, and perform management duties in the absence of seniors.
  • Candidates must have two or more years of retail employment experience.
  • They must possess basic math skills, experience with tools, and familiarity with computers.
  • Head cashiers earn around $11.00 per hour at Harbor Freight.

Assistant Store Manager

  • Candidates must have two years of previous management employment experience.
  • They are responsible for driving sales, lead teams, and build strong relationships with clientele.
  • Their responsibility also includes assisting demanding customers, supervising work, including delegates, and adhering to safety policies.
  • Their salary range is around $40,000 per annum.

Reviewing Application Status of Harbor Freight

Candidates eligible for the job position at Harbor Freight receive a phone call for an interview round within a week or two. Applicants can visit Harbor Freight’s stores in person to review their job application status. Contacting the hiring staff n person will show the applicants’ commitment and interest to managers and the company.

Essential Benefits of Working with Harbor Freight

Qualified Harbor Freight’s employees get potential benefits and packages, including the following:

  • Employees receive comprehensive insurance coverage, including retiree plans, vision, accidental, occupation, life, dental, and also medical coverage.
  • They also offer financial work benefits ranging from pension plans to 401(K) retirement plans.
  • Harbor Freight’s employees also avail of tuition assistance, sick days, vacation days, and paid time off.

the harbor freight application

Additional Information About Harbor Freight

The tool retailer, Harbor Freight, also keeps sponsoring future generations of skilled employees and workers. It helps provide equipment and gear to vocational school programs. Harbour Freight also donates large shipments of products valued at $1million and more. Harbor Freight also helps prepare career seekers with the equipment or tools required to enter the force confidently.

The Hiring Application Process at Harbor Freight

  • Application forms for jobs at Harbor Freight are available on its online portal.
  • Click on the career page of its website.
  • Scroll this webpage and select your required job with your preferred location.
  • Press on the job title or the position you are eligible or skilled at.
  • Go through the required job profile, requirements, and also the summary to know the details of the desired position.
  • After reading the job description, you can click on the Apply button and also log in to your account to complete the application process.
  • Fill in the required field in the prompted forms with correct information and also submit your job application form.


Harbor Freight offers various job roles to the applicants with the effortless application process provided in this article. We have provided you with the career opportunities, prospects, employee benefits, and also the perks to joining Harbor Freight as your career. Employment may also view various job positions offered at Harbor Freight’s career portal and apply for suitable jobs with their preferred location. They also offer job roles to individuals with a minimum of 18 years with the company’s required qualifications and experience according to the position.

It also offers work opportunities in the most prevalent store locations and job options with this well-known hardware company. Applicants can fill the Harbor Freight’s online job application form and also get the opportunity to start their career journey with this hardware company. Besides, applicants can apply for part-time or full-time employment options according to their requirements and grow with this growing company.

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