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Harrah’s Casinos Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Since 1937, Harrah’s has been one of the most famous names in the casino industry, operating under Caesars Entertainment’s brand. The chain’s presence is spreading across the country thanks to significant and rapid expansion plans. There are always new opportunities to join the casino industry.

Online applications have always been the most frequently used approach to submission. Interested candidates can create their profiles at Harrah’s Casino job portal, which contains the necessary pages to upload resumes, education and employment histories, as well as personal information.

Candidates should collect and recheck their employment details before submitting applications to ensure that provided information is valid and error-free. In addition, paper applications could be accessible for interested job seekers at selected Harrah’s Casino locations.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Harrah’s Casinos

Harrah’s Casinos usually looks for 21-year old candidates to join its locations. In most cities, Harrah’s Casinos stays open 24 hours and therefore it is required for employees to work in different shifts, and eventually, the employees need spikes up.

Job Prospects at Harrah’s Casinos

Harrah’s functions as hotels, restaurants, and casinos as these businesses need employment rises.  Hence, it hires employees for chefs, kitchen work, bartenders, valet, clerks, professional managers, cocktail servers, waiters, housekeepers, bellhops, and many others. Special certifications and licenses are required to work for the casino for a special position. The company also provides specific training for other employment options to enable the staff to work effectively and efficiently.

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Job Requirements

Harrah’s Casinos recruits applicants directly for job positions in the casino who remain focused on customer service. Employees must tie in promotional events, help organize guest visits, serve patrons on the floor, run table games, and work in various schedules because most Harrah’s Casinos facilities remain open 24 hours a day.

The operation on the casino floors or other specialized job roles may require licenses or other certificates, whereas other job opportunities might need only additional training, which Harrah’s Casinos frequently provide. Before completing hiring decisions, employees should undergo stringent drug tests and criminal background checks.

The Job Positions Available at Harrah’s Casinos

Harrah’s Casinos seeks candidates for various job roles, including Table Games Supervisor, Bartender, Sales Associate, and Nail Technician. It also offers Massage Therapists, Lifeguards, Housekeeping Supervisors, and General Manager positions. In addition, Cabana Host, Body Artist, Card Dealer, and Casino Team Member positions are also available at Harrah’s. Some of the few most vital job roles at Harrah’s Casinos are the following.

Cage Cashier

  • A cage cashier is responsible for funds and manages coins, cash, coupons, tokens, chips, and personal and gaming checks at Harrah’s Casinos.
  • Other duty includes managing paperwork regularly, ensuring jackpot payouts.
  • A cage cashier can work on flexible schedules and generally makes $12-$13 hourly Harrah’s Casinos.

Table Services Dealer

  • A table service dealer is expected to interact well with the patrons in the casino.
  • This job position requires knowledge of the games and should advise the patrons when needed and maintain the excitement of the game.
  • A table service dealer earns around $12 hourly while working for Harrah’s Casinos.

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Casino Services Representative

  • A casino Service representative works as the face of Harrah’s and assists all the patrons in providing information about the special events, casino promotions, and many.
  • They generally earn $14 hourly through Harrah’s Casinos.

The Online Job Application Process of Harrah’s Casinos

  • Go on the official website of Harrah’s Casino to apply for a job position.
  • Click on the jobs option on the top right and choose the city that suits you.
  • Click on the post that interests you, read the job summary, and Apply For This Job button.
  • Write your email, first name, and last name. Accept the privacy agreement.
  • Enter username password and email in the form.
  • Continue with the application and fill in your personal and professional information asked in the form. The hiring team will get back to you.

Checking Job Application Status for Harrah’s Casinos

The candidates interested in the roles can use the online job site to search for available positions. In addition, applicants can check their recent job searches and the status of applications for opportunities that they’ve applied for after logging in.

Based on the number of job application forms submitted for key jobs, prospects could contact Harrah’s Casinos employers within one to two weeks. Additional choices include visiting the chosen employment sites in person, sending an email, or making a phone call. In such cases, one might request Harrah’s Casinos hiring manager and ask about employment status directly and courteously, taking into account each manager’s time and responsibilities.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Harrah’s Casinos

  • Excellent pay is offered to casino industry leaders.
  • Applicants are provided with the opportunity for flexible hours and advancement.
  • Qualified employees get healthcare benefits like medical, dental, and vision coverage. Employees can also gain access to wellness centers and on-site health.
  • Workers can also enjoy discounts on hotel stays, restaurants, and trade while working in the company.
  • Most full-time employees benefit from retirement perks like enrollment in 401(k) plans and others.
  • Employees are treated with respect and utmost dignity.
  • Furthermore, it provides a healthy and friendly atmosphere to the employees.

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Additional Details of Harrah’s Casinos

When vacationing at a Harrah’s hotel or casino, visitors can access various unique and all-inclusive alternatives. Social gatherings, group business meetings, weddings, and informal group outings are all catered to by the corporation. The casino even has simple software for mobile and smartphones that they can use to plan each visit, for both pleasure o business.

In addition, guests receive registration in the Total Rewards program, discounts, member pricing, offering points, and other benefits for simply staying at the casino.


When it comes to applying for jobs in the casino sector, age restrictions differ by state.  In most instances, being 18 years is sufficient for work outside of the casino gaming floor.  The candidates should also have a high school diploma or a GED. Besides, the candidates should be a minimum of 21 years to apply for positions on the casino floor. Please go through the article above to know more about Harrah’s Casino’s hiring and application process.

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