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Harveys Supermarket Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

harveys supermarket application

If job seekers look forward to a remarkable new career in a constantly growing, dynamic work environment, then Harvey’s supermarket is their best bet. Harveys is a subsidiary chain for food lion. It is one of the biggest food chains in the United States, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina; the company has at least 70 stores.

In 1950 in Nashville, Georgia, Joe Harvey established Harveys Supermarket. Since then, the company has expanded in no time, and by 1981 it had opened twenty-two stores.

About Harveys Supermarket

In 2003, Delhaize Group purchased the Harveys Supermarket, and in 2013 they sold the supermarket chain to Southeastern Grocers. In 2015 Southeastern Grocers changed the name to Bi-Lo. They also have in-store pharmacies. The company employs at least 3000 employees, and it strives hard to provide all the employees with a fair chance to grow to their best possible potential.

The shop is a one-stop solution offering pharmacy in some selected locations for almost all the patrons. They also have seafood and meat products in nearly all their stores besides the deli and bakery section. In addition, every week, the company offers sales on various merchandises.

Important Information To Know Before Applying at Harveys Supermarket

Minimum age of the candidate required to be eligible to apply at Harveys Supermarket: The candidate needs to be a minimum age of 16 years to apply at Harveys Supermarket.

Hours of operation: The operation hours at Harveys Supermarket are as follows:

A: Monday to Saturday: The operation hours are from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

B: Sunday: The operation hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Harveys Supermarkets

The entry-level positions here mainly feature part-time jobs for the job seekers at Harvey’s. The potential employees need to get some work experience or need flexible scheduling when applying online for entry-level positions, including grocery team members besides sales team members. Their primary responsibility is to help the patrons in various ways. The team member employees need to work in the supermarket’s designed areas and carry several merchandising and housekeeping responsibilities.

the harveys supermarket application

The entry-level workers can make the most of the career advancement opportunities to get the job on the supermarket management team. Besides promoting managers from the group, the company also tends to have job openings for managerial-level jobs through hiring external candidates.

Job Requirement

The prospective managers need to have prior experience in supermarket operations and the grocery of the retail industry. Managerial employment also requires a wide variety of technical and soft skills to execute all the essential responsibilities.

Besides the additional duties, the management positions available here provide competitive pay and employee benefits. The corporate-level jobs are available at the company’s headquarters in Nashville, Georgia. They have to ensure that all the things go smoothly within the company and not just at the local level. Some positions are likely to require employees to travel from one store to another to resolve all the potential issues.

At the local level, the employees need to work closely with the patrons to give them the best possible experience. Some of the positions need employees to work in specific departments, and they should know almost everything about products to provide all the solid queries.

Career Opportunities at Harvey’s

The Harveys markets mainly hire job seekers at least 16 years old or older to work as entry-level workers. The minimum age to get the job tends to change with managerial level positions as it needs to align with company policies and state law.


The cashiers don’t need any formal work experience to get the job. The employees need to have fantastic communication skills besides reliable transportation. The job duties include greeting patrons and scanning the merchandise and coupons to help clients with purchases and complete the sales transactions. They also need to help the clients to find some products. The stock clerks can earn $9 to $10 per hour.

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Just like other grocery chains, the Harveys store aims to hire experienced candidates for managerial-level positions. The primary job responsibilities include hiring and training new candidates, setting the work schedules, and process the payroll. The employees need to possess strong organizational skills besides leadership skills.

Depending on the hiring process, the managers can earn the salary. The department managers can earn $25000 per year while the store managers can earn $45000 per year. Above all, the supermarket chain offers several entry-level and career job opportunities.

Tips For Applying at Harveys Supermarkets

Interested candidates should keep an eye on the official website or the social media accounts for the multiple job openings at Harveys Supermarkets, as the vacancies get filled here very fast. All the candidates have to do is to log in to the official website and fill out the application form either directly from their social media accounts or link it.

Then whatever information is needed, one can fill it. Interested candidates can also visit the local store and apply in person. The candidates are not given, any preference on the mode of applying. The candidates must fill in authentic information only, as there is a background check done.

Perks of Working at Harveys Supermarkets

Some of the employment benefits include competitive pay and a fun work environment. It also offers on-the-job training and comprehensive health benefits. The eligible employees can also get vacation times, a health retirement plan, and life and disability insurance covers. The grocery store needs applicants to create the job application online. Then, they can call or email the hiring managers to know about the hiring status.

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Miscellaneous Information about Harveys

The company tends to run as a sister concern to Sweet bay Supermarket, Hannaford Supermarkets, Food Lion, Bottom Dollar Food, and Reids. They also contribute to charities regularly and sponsor the area programs, including South Georgia Ballet and help the grocery company featuring surrounding communities. It is quite easy to apply here, and employees can get several benefits. The company also ensures that all employees are trained perfectly.

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Harveys supermarket is an amazing place to being your career. This is something all candidates should pay attention to and work accordingly.

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