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Hawaiian Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

hawaiian airlines application

If there is something that we learned from the Covid 19 pandemic, it is that our life can change in a matter of days. Something that we took for granted before, such as the freedom to move and travel, can suddenly become impossible.

For so many people, one of their dreams is to work in the aviation industry, and Hawaiian Airlines is often considered one of the best airlines to work for.

Why is that? Well… who wouldn’t want to relocate to Honolulu?

So, let’s find out everything we need to know about Hawaiian Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info…

hawaiian airlines application

Some Info about Hawaiian Airlines

Founded in 1929, Hawaiian Airlines is the largest carrier that operates commercial flights to and from Hawaii. In 2019, more than 11 million people chose Hawaiian Airlines. That number then constantly grew year after year, making it the tenth largest airline in the US by passengers carried.

Although in 2020, the number significantly dropped by more than 50%, this data is in line with what was experienced by any US major airline.


More than 7000 people are employed by the company, most of which are based in one of the two major hubs, Honolulu and Maui.

As of April 2020, the fleet consists of 61 aircraft that fly to several destinations in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China, and a few islands in the pacific ocean.

Impressive stats…

Despite having been flying for almost a hundred years, Hawaiian Airlines never suffered any major accident making it the longest operating carrier that never lost a passenger. If you dream of working on an airplane, but you are a bit too nervous, this statistic should put your mind at ease.

However, I would avoid telling the recruiter that you’re scared to fly during the interview…

Career Possibilities

What’s the best place to search for a job at Hawaiian Airlines?

Actually, there aren’t many choices since all the vacancies are posted on the career section of the official website. To make it easier for you, click this link, and you’ll be redirected there. But don’t do it just yet; there is a lot of useful information coming up that will make your application easier and far more effective.

What you’ll find?

The website is pleasant, easy to navigate, and offers all the information you need to get a comprehensive overview of what it is like to work for an airline.

There are four separate sections covering the main kind of jobs inside the organization. Let’s find out more about each of them…

Flight Attendant

For many people, the moment they become a flight attendant is a dream come true. A well-paid job that allows you to travel the world at somebody else’s expense with a lot of downtime to spend in exotic locations. But is it all sunshine and rainbows as it looks like? Is the glamorous lifestyle real or just a myth?

The truth…

While a flight attendant job has numerous obvious benefits, it also comes with long shifts and early starts. Additionally, you need to be prepared to spend long periods away from home, possible relocation, annoying passengers, and stressful situations. Many people love all of this. However, some others quit the job after their first flight.

The reality is that you will never know if this career is suitable for you until you try it.

the hawaiian airlines application guide

First Officer

If you’re a commercial pilot and you meet all the requirements that you can find on the website, a career at Hawaiian Airlines might be exactly what you’ve been training for.

Based in one of the most gorgeous places in the world, you will be able to choose whether you prefer short-haul flights to be back home every night after a day of island-hopping or flying long-haul on the new fleet of B787 Dreamliners.

Airport Operation

If you really like the idea of working in the aviation industry, but flying every day is not your cup of tea, a career in airport operation might be perfect for you.

And there are options…

According to your preferences and skills, there are several options. These range from guest service agents to ramp and cargo agents and aircraft mechanics.


Lastly, this section includes all the positions where the airport will not be your office. Many of them are based in Honolulu, but there are also options on other islands and in the United States.

Your location and the type of jobs will be determined by the department that you choose to apply for.

the hawaiian airlines application tips

Application Process

At the moment, the only jobs available are in the corporate and airport operations sectors. The application can be made directly online by submitting a CV, a cover letter, and additional information that may vary depending on the job.

The job listing provides all the details about responsibilities, requirements, pay and benefits, and the application process.

For example…

Before getting a job as a ramp agent, you will have to undergo three video interviews. After that, you will be invited to classroom training in Honolulu.

If you’re interested in a flight attendant or first officer position, I would recommend making sure that you meet all the requirements and then checking the website regularly so that you don’t miss any recruitment campaigns.

Take note…

For these jobs, expect the hiring process to be quite long and stressful. This is because of the high number of applications that they receive every time they offer a position.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

Landing a job in the aviation industry is not easy because the competition for certain positions is remarkably high. However, this shouldn’t stop you from following your dream. The harder the challenge, the bigger the reward.

While you’re waiting for the right chance, work on your skills. I also recommend you use all the resources that the internet provides to learn whatever it takes to get there.

Now that you know more about Hawaiian Airlines Application Online: Jobs & Career Info, the choice is yours. Does a career at Hawaiian Airlines sound good to you?

If the answer is yes, best of luck with your application!

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