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High-Paying Medical Jobs You Can Do With Little Schooling

High-Paying Medical Jobs You Can Do With Little Schooling

For those with an interest in the medical field, this career choice can be extremely rewarding. However, not everyone is destined to be a surgeon. Other than the enormous tuition fees of medical school, that level of education can take up to ten years or more to achieve.

Many individuals may also seek a work-life balance that allows them more time to take care of their families. In this regard, many are seeking a middle-class or higher income. It is said that the average family of three is considered middle-class if they have a household income higher than $52K per year.

And fortunately, there are many high-paying medical jobs you can do with little schooling to achieve this and more.

high paying medical jobs you can do with little schooling


Nurses are typically involved with caring for the needs of patients, administering prescribed treatment and medications, and communicating between doctors, the patient, and their families.

You could pursue a career as a licensed practical nurse, a registered nurse, or an assistant in nursing. Depending on the title and rank you would like to reach, you could enter this field by accredited training, an associate degree, or a graduate degree with applicable licensing. Nurses who specialize and further their education often earn more as well.

In this field, you can expect an income average of $52K – $90K per year, depending on your level of education, rank, and experience.

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Nutritionists and dieticians help patients to navigate meal planning in terms of their goals, albeit to lose weight, manage food allergies, overcome eating disorders, or support their fitness objectives.

Nutritionists only need an associate degree, do not require licensing, and may earn upwards of $53K per year. Dieticians, however, require a graduate degree and need to be registered. Dieticians are usually also allowed as practice partners with other doctors. This allows for dieticians to make more than $63K on average when counting profit sharing in the mix.

high paying medical job you can do with little schooling

Radiologic Technologist/Ultrasonographer

Both these positions have to do with seeing what is inside the body. This can help provide doctors with a clear view and so enable them to make a diagnosis.

A radiologic tech works with X-ray, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging machines. They typically earn around $65K per year and only require a certificate from an accredited field. An ultrasonographer can use ultrasound machines to view the internal organs and also a fetus in utero. They are required to have an associate degree and certification but typically earn more, to the tune of $90K per year.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist/Radiation Therapist

A nuclear medicine technologist works in diagnostics by administering radioactive medicines that will show up on image scans of the body. This will show any deviations in the system where tumors or other obstructions are blocking the way. Radiation therapists, on the other hand, work with equipment to perform targeted radiation to treat a tumor once found.

Both fields are accessible with an associate degree; however, further education will lead to a salary boost. As a nuclear medicine tech, you can earn $62K on average. However, radiation therapists are paid significantly more, as they are paid well over $100k per year.

Physician/Surgical Assistant

Next, in my rundown of the High-Paying Medical Jobs You Can Do With Little Schooling, a physician and surgical assistant work directly under doctors, often as their right hand.

Surgical assistants prepare the patient for surgery and accompany them to the operating room, as well as ensuring that the operating room is stocked with sterilized equipment and tools needed. They are, however, not allowed to operate at all. They earn around $62K per year on average and only need an associate degree or an accredited certificate of training.

A physician’s assistant can, however, help with the diagnosis of a patient but has to do so under the supervision of a doctor. This role, however, requires a graduate degree and can often be a stepping stone to medical school later. A physician’s assistant also earns quite a bit more, as their average annual income is around $105K.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapist assistants work under the instruction of a certified occupational therapist to help children and adults learn or rehabilitate fine and gross motor skills.

Children who have delayed development can benefit from this to get them “school-ready” and on par with their peers. Adult patients often need this therapy after an injury, so they may be able to perform everyday tasks again.

Become fully licensed!

An occupational therapy assistant only needs an associate degree. Although, you can complete an undergraduate degree with certification to become a fully licensed occupational therapist later. As an assistant, you can earn around $60K on average annually.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists evaluate and clean patients’ teeth but are not allowed to treat any issues such as filling teeth, extractions, etc. They usually refer patients to a dentist if they identify any conditions that require further treatment. For this position, an associate degree is required, and you can expect an average salary of around $80K every year.

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So, You’ve Decided To Become A Nutritionist?

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Final Thoughts

You can start with a simple associate or undergraduate degree. Each of these professions can lead to bigger titles and paychecks with experience and possibly further education.

How far you go is completely up to you. But now you know about the different well-paying medical jobs you can do with little education; you just need to be prepared to work extra hard and keep focused on your goal. The results will be worth it and quite lucrative if you do it right!

All the very best in finding the right Medical Job for you!

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