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H&M Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About H&M Application:

H&M helps in cultivating an individualistic and contemporary image. The products are best for men, women, and children. It runs 3000 stores across the world and the headquarters of the store is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The first H&M store was opened in 1947 and it sold only women’s clothes. In 20 years, it emerged as a store for selling comprehensive fashion accessories to both men and women. The retailer offers a comprehensive selection of fashion accessories and customers find sportswear, pajamas, and suits to undergarments and clothes for new-born. H&M provides many job opportunities to people on the international level which facilitates them to develop a career of a lifetime.

Application Process for H&M:

H&M offers a relaxed and friendly work environment. The entire application process takes 2 weeks. Applicants should fill the online application form to apply for various positions through the career portal. Applicants can demonstrate their style by selecting outfits from H&M. Their resume should reflect key attributes and relevant retail industry experience. H&M conducts group interviews for applicants. Passionate applicants who can demonstrate experience in fashion and retail hold a chance to work for H&M passionately. H&M offers great opportunities to those who want to develop a rewarding career with H&M.

Essential Requirements for H&M:

Essential Requirements for H&M

What is the minimum age requirement for H&M?

The minimum age requirement to work for H&M is 18 years.

What are the hours of operation for H&M?

The hours of operation for H&M are 10 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and 12 pm to 6 pm every Sunday.

What are the positions of H&M?

The positions of H&M are Designer, Lead Sales Associate, Sales Advisor, Store Manager, and Visual Merchandiser.

How will you apply for a position with H&M?

You can fill online application forms to apply for any position with H&M. This helps you to choose a job opportunity of your choice.

Job Opportunities at H&M:

H&M has 6 different brands such as H&M, Other Stories, Cos, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday. Every subsidiary serves different clients for style. The brands exemplify the various characteristics of the retail store. The company encourages individual employees to perform well at the store. There is a high turnover ratio at the store due to which there are multiple opportunities available in the fashion retail store. H&M provides jobs on an international scale. Many job opportunities facilitate career growth opportunities in the store or corporate offices of H&M. People develop rewarding and lucrative careers with a retail outlet like H&M. The entry-level employees receive a generous pay scale or extensive job benefits at H&M.

Career Positions and Salary Information at H&M:

Career Positions and Salary Information

Sales Associate:

  • They work as full-time sales advisors and earn 10 dollars to 12 dollars per hour.
  • Sales advisors should also spend the majority of their time on the sales floor.
  • They should also prove their skill set to work at H&M.
  • The sales associate should also answer all queries for customers.
  • They should also have physical stamina and the willingness to work on weekends and late hours.


  • The cashier needs to work in the designated area where he can bag items nicely and also promote sales by completing transactions.
  • The cashier earns hourly rates of 10 dollars per hour.
  • They also maintain cleanliness in the store and coordinate other activities with sales advisors to ensure customers receive qualitative service at H&M.


  • They demonstrate strong leadership skills and also oversee the profitability of the store.
  • Their regular duties also include serving customers, dealing with their complaints, leading a team of sales advisors, maintaining and monitoring stock, and ensure store display is appropriate.
  • Store managers earn between 45,000 dollars to 65,000 dollars annually.
  • They also build qualitative teams and train different associates.

Work Benefits at H&M:

Work Benefits at H&M

H&M offers lavish work benefits packages to employees. Health insurance options also focus on occupational accidents, mental health, dental, and vision along with life, and disability coverage. Staff members also get retirement plans from the company. They are also eligible for pension plans easily. Performance bonuses, adoption assistance, vacation, paid time off, and discount plans with cell phone services.

Checking Application Status:

H&M is a fashion retail outlet that takes 2 weeks to a month to notify applicants of relevant job offers. H&M is a store in the fashion industry that receives large volumes of applications throughout the year. Every applicant doesn’t get a job with H&M. Only passionate applicants who are willing to work in the fashion industry get this chance. They can check the application status online or contact the store over a call to check the progress of the application.

Suggestions to Apply for H&M:

H&M offers a friendly environment at work. It encourages job aspirants to get opportunities for interviews at H&M. Applicants should adopt strategies to demonstrate the H&M brand in front of the interviewers at H&M. Their resume should reflect their work profile. They should rehearse all their answers before their interview. They should represent themselves as a brand ambassador to secure a good job with H&M. H&M is a well-known clothing brand that grooms young talent to develop a rewarding career with the brand.

Additional Information for H&M

H&M follows many environmentally friendly practices in the store as part of H&M’s conscience. The platform outlines basic commitments for the organization which helps the organization to provide fashionable apparel to customers and they reward business partners with profit. They ethically operate the store. The store is completely aware of the climatic changes and reuses or recycles wherever it is possible. They offer fair working conditions to employees along with proper wages.


H&M has a very simple application process. It offers work benefits to those who are willing to work in flexible work schedules. There are various on-the-job-training programs that the management runs to train employees at H&M. H&M is a clothing brand that offers a combination of style and fashion to its customers. At the entry level, there are multiple opportunities available which open new opportunities for a talented workforce. Anyone who is looking for developing a long-term career with H&M can apply for various job positions at H&M. H&M always looks after its employees well by providing them various career opportunities and opportunities to grow in the long run.

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