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Hobby Lobby Sewing Classes (Sewing Classes, Cost And Other Crafts)

hobby lobby sewing classes

Are you looking for a new way to transform your free time into a useful activity? 

Learning how to sew is very useful and a great way to spend your free time. With this cool crafty skill, you can make a wide range of items for your home and loved ones. For generations, talented women, as well as men, have been creating their own clothes and other items from scratch. While this has become something of a lost art in recent years, it is starting to become popular again. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at Hobby Lobby sewing classes and the types of things you can make.

About Hobby Lobby

About Hobby Lobby

The first store was opened by David Green in 1972 in northwest Oklahoma City. Green used his knowledge as a store manager to open a large chain with a strong brand identity. These stores offer a huge range of art and crafts products all under one roof.  

The company also sells a wide range of kits and completed products that are ideal for people who love crafts. These items range from log cabin kits to cross stitch kits.

Order online today…

 In addition to being available in stores, these kits are sold on the company’s website and through retailers like Amazon. Today, the company boasts 969 stores in a total of 47 states. The company has stores in every state apart from Vermont and Alaska. The stores tend to be large and located in hardware stores and supermarkets. 

The Sewing Classes

The company offers special instruction both in its stores and online. The courses take several weeks to complete and are designed for people of all skill levels. Even people who have no previous experience can learn how to make different types of items. 

The Cost 

There are lots of different courses to choose from in physical stores. You can attend a single session for the cost of $5. Alternatively, you can pay $120 and complete a full course that runs for several weeks. 

However, it is also possible to complete the course in the comfort of your own home. The Hobby Lobby YouTube Channel boasts a large number of instructional videos. These videos cover particular skills and typically run for between seven and fifteen minutes. 

Only pay for the materials…

You can also find instructional videos on the company’s website. Underneath each video is a clear list of all the materials, you will need. The only cost is the price of buying the required materials. The videos also feature a link to a printable version that includes all the steps and the materials used.

The Experience

The instruction in physical stores is conducted in a group of craft-loving people of all ages. The instructors cover all the basics that students need to know to start making their own items. Before getting started, students are given a list of the materials that they need to buy from the store. 

While not all instructors are experts, they are selected for their patience and ability to teach. Instructors are charismatic and provide very clear instructions on the different steps of each project. Students who join classes with an in-person instructor have the chance to ask questions and pick up extra tips.

Value for Money

Because courses are available online for free, some people may question the wisdom of paying for them. However, the courses are ideal for people who have trouble learning from a video. They provide a hands-on approach and the chance to ask the instructor questions.

Many people also enjoy the social aspect of attending courses in person. This is a great opportunity to make connections with other people who love crafts. The cost of courses is relatively low and can be spread out over several weeks. The online downloadable instructions and videos also provide free reinforcement at the end of lessons. 

How To Find Classes?

Hobby Lobby Sewing Classes - How To Find Classes

Most of the company’s physical stores offer single classes and full courses. To find your nearest store, you simply need to visit the company’s website, Hobby Lobby. Head on over to the online store location and enter your location in the search bar.

A list of the stores in your general area will then appear. Click on the store details and classes link to find details of the store’s operating hours. You will also find details of all the courses the store offers as well as the times and cost. 

Other Crafts

The company also offers a wide range of other types of creative instruction. You can learn the basics of various types of arts and crafts to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some of the other types of creative instruction that the company offers. 



If you are an absolute beginner, you can find a whole host of knitting tutorials online. The company also has all the basics covered on its YouTube channel. 

There are short and vibrant videos dedicated to everything from the basic stitches to full and complex patterns for knitted toys. You can pause the videos any time you want and go back over them when you need to. 

If you learn better in person…

However, many people find it difficult to nail the basics by watching instruction tutorials. For these people, the company’s courses in stores are likely to be more useful. The instructor takes things slowly so that beginners can follow along at their own pace and ask questions along the way. 

This course has received an average of four stars from beginners. Most people say that the course was very easy to follow and helped them learn the craft. 


This traditional craft is a great way to unwind and create warm and colorful quilts for the winter. The company posts a number of instructional videos on its official YouTube channel that cover all the basics. People who follow these videos can learn how to make everything from throw blankets to fabric rugs.

If you head on over to the company’s website, you will also find a few books about quilting. In addition to covering the basics, these books offer interesting projects with colorful illustrations. The instructions in the books are written clearly and cover aspects like templates for beginners and machine quilting. 


You can learn this skill in courses in stores and through the videos that the company posts online. The videos tend to be short and simple and focus on a single skill at a time. They also feature links to the company’s products that can be purchased to complete different projects.

There are also several different courses in stores for people of different skill levels to join. The introduction to crocheting basics course is particularly popular with people of all ages. At the end of the course, students learn the techniques they need to crochet a dishcloth. 

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Get Ready For Your First Sewing Class!

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Final Thoughts

If you love to get crafty, signing up for Hobby Lobby classes is sure to take your skills to the next level. The instruction is designed to be suitable for people of all skill and experience levels. You have the choice of learning in physical locations or the comfort of your own home.

These classes also make a great gift for a loved one who has a lot of time on their hands. This is a good way to help get elderly relatives out of the house so that they can make new friends. There is a whole host of crafty and creative lessons to choose from to teach people of all ages new skills.

Good luck with your Hobby Lobby Lessons!

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