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Hollister Co. Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Almost every year, Hollister adds several thousands of new employees at various locations across the United States. If you feel that fashion runs in your views, then the inside information to find the job application at Hollister to stand out in the crowd and get a new wave in the career.

Hollister Co. is a clothing retail chain in America, and the company is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch. Ideally, the company targets 14-18-year-olds who plan to look chic by wearing unique and budget-friendly clothes. As of now, the company is offering apparel for both males and females. The company is ideally the primary source of SoCal styles.

Besides being available in the United States, the company also has stores in United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and China. The company hires few candidates for several roles, from sales associates to managerial managers and they are always on the lookout for the right talent. They offer corporate opportunities in different industries, including law, marketing, finance, and others. One should go through the careers page of the company then apply for the job. The clothing retail chain is a perfect choice to find long-term careers and entry-level jobs. The applicants in-store or fill the positions online.

Vital Information to Keep in Mind Before Applying for Hollister

Eligibility of the minimum age to work at Hollister: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age, to be eligible to apply for Hollister.

Working Hours: The Working hours of Hollister Are As Follows

Monday to Saturday: The working hours are from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Sunday: The working hours are from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Job Opportunities at Hollister

It is one of the most popular retail chains having at least 575 stores, and the hiring process caters to both new applicants and experienced applicants. The applicants must show leadership skills if they want to be promoted at the management level, as all other hires should be aged 16.

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If they’re going to work for Hollister, the applicants should be ongoing, like fashion, and energetic. The hires are expected to wear the products during shifts, and the associates also make regular recommendations to clients based on the latest trends and the styles in stock.

The Career Opportunities at Hollister

Hollister vacant positions mainly comprise of entry levels sales and managers. The applicants also have to do the seasonal job during the holiday season.

Sales Associate

  • Some of the sales associate’s responsibilities include finding merchandise, cleaning up the areas, and setting up the display areas.
  • The hourly rates are minimum for the sales associate.
  • If they work well in the team besides having solid people skills, the workers are said to be ideal candidates.

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Stock’s Associate

  • These employees are mainly responsible for getting the shipments and also organize the back rooms.
  • The stock associates mainly work during shifts, and they are paid $9 per hour.
  • The stock associates also need to have an eye for detail besides having strong organizational skills.


  • The managerial employees have to juggle several roles, including scheduling, hiring, and training employees besides interacting with the clients and helping their subordinates or staff.
  • The assistant managers can work part-time or full time and earn $13 per hour, and the store managers can make at least $30000 to $40000 per year.
  • The store and assistant managers should have supervising skills to run the store perfectly. The candidates need to have skills including leadership, level-headedness, and teamwork to fill the managerial roles.

Tips for Applying for Hollister

The candidate should make sure to be proactive while applying for Hollister, as the company is in-demand and there are multiple individuals who are eyeing for the same. Also, the process of applying is pretty simple, the candidate is just required to be observant and vigilant while applying for the multiple roles. Make sure to fill in the right and authentic information which can be backed upon with proofs.

Reviewing The Job Application Status at Hollister

The retail chain mainly asks the candidates to fill out the available applications and gather all the essential information beforehand to save time. Candidates should wear Hollister clothing when walking in for the interview.

If they wear eye-catching outfits, then they can catch the hiring manager’s attention. The majority of the employees tend to call or visit the stores to know more about the application status, but one must understand that the hiring process might take at least a few days to one week. If they visit the stores to follow up, they might feel that candidates are genuinely interested in working for the clothing retail chain.

Advantages of Working at Hollister

The best part about working at Hollister is that employees are given at least 50% off on the products, and some of the other job benefits for both part-time and full-time employees include paid vacation, insurance, sick leaves, and others. Besides that, they are also given free training and enhanced retirement programs besides eligible associates.

Overall if we see, Hollister is an excellent company to work for. It is always thriving hard and coming up with innovative ways to give its employees the best working environment. Since the inception, the company has always focused on giving a learning experience to the employees, so that they can broaden their horizons and get the desired skill-sets.

Miscellaneous Information

Hollister stores are looking like California beach clubs featuring mood lighting and palm fronds, and trendy tunes. The locations also offer amazing leather couches and recliners. Hollister also designs the fitting rooms nicely. Applicants can also get many other benefits by working here and there is no stress at all. This is why this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and candidates should give it their best when applying for a job here.

Process for Applying for Hollister

  • Applicants can visit the careers page.
  • They can select the language available from the list.
  • They also need to select the company they wish to send applications to.
  • To go to the next section, it is vital to agree to the privacy statement.
  • Applicants can also have to fill in their personal information.

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