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Home Depot Call Out Policy

home depot call out policy

When the time arises to start looking for a new job, it is always important to consider all aspects that come along with each job type and employer.

You’ll want to be working somewhere that suits your lifestyle in terms of hours, rate of pay, and benefits. Plus, somewhere that offers understanding and support in terms of your wellness. Home Depot’s benefits scheme is generous. For example, they will match your 401K contributions, you’ll get paid parental leave, and they offer you 24/7 physician support through Teledoc. 

But what are the requirements when it comes to Home Depot Call Out Policy?

What Is A Call Out Policy?

Sometimes we are just too unwell to come to work, even with the support of Teledoc. Home Depot’s call out policy is in place to ensure each shift runs smoothly and will have enough employees at work. 

This policy instructs employees to call the store the minute they know that they cannot make it to work. This allows the store to find emergency cover for the shift as soon as possible. 

Home Depot associates accumulate call out time (aka paid sick leave) for all the hours they have previously worked. So when you call out because you are unable to get to work, the shift hours will be deducted from these cumulative hours. So you won’t necessarily miss out on your pay. 

Need to know how to call your manager to report your illness or wondering what happens if you’ve not accrued enough hours? Well, let’s find out more…

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How Do I Take Off Work?

How Do I Take Off Work

If you call out sick from your shift at Home Depot, you’ll need to get in touch with someone in management. This can either be the store manager or the assistant store manager for that day. The shift manager is not high enough up the chain of command. 

When calling in, ask to be put through to extension 101, as this is the number at each Home Depot location for the store manager. If you don’t, it is possible your call won’t get recorded correctly or at all. Therefore you might be listed as a no-show without a courtesy call, and get an occurrence.

How Many Sick Days Can I Have?

If you are an employee at Home Depot, then you accrue approximately six paid sick days throughout each year. The more you work, the more call out hours you accrue. However, if you are a full-time employee on a salary instead of an hourly rate, things are different. 

How Does The Accumulation Work For Sick Days At Home Depot?

When you work, you will accrue paid sick days. As a part-timer, you can bank two hours of sick leave for every month of employment. Whereas full-timers will accrue four hours of paid sick leave for every month worked. This differs throughout each state, so it is always best to double-check when going through your employment application process. 

What Happens If I’ve Not Accrued Enough Call Out Hours?

In the case of not having worked enough hours to cover your sick leave, you may be given an actionable disciplinary warning. At Home Depot, this is called an occurrence. It will show on your record as an inappropriate absence. The upside to this is if you are sick for several days in a row, then the whole absence is normally counted as one occurrence.

Getting Disciplined At Home Depot

Getting Disciplined At Home Depot

Home Depot disciplinary actions are called occurrences. An occurrence can be is documented as an absence, as tardy or missed time clock in/outs, or several other factors. While an absence usually refers to a single failure to be in work, an occurrence might cover multiple consecutive absent days when an employee is not at work for the same reason.

If you are recorded with three incidences, then you will probably be referred to further disciplinary action. This usually comes in the form of Home Depot “Coaching,” which you will need to complete. If you’ve not had any other incidences in the following six months, then the “coaching” element will be scrubbed off your record. 

Just Clear the Six Months! 

If you are enrolled in Home Depot’s coaching program and then have a recurrence of the same issue, you’ll be given your final warning. After this final warning, Home Depot employees face being fired if they commit any further misconduct. Usually, if you receive six occurrences, then you will be fired.

How Many No Call No Shows Can You Have?

At Home Depot, if you show up to work late or clock out of your shift too early or too late, your record will also be marked with an occurrence. You are usually granted six occurrences before you get a final warning and then potentially fired. 

Can No Call No Shows Result In Getting Fired?

Yes, it can. If you constantly forget to call out or show up to your shift, then your employer has every right to fire you. Various employers state that if employees fail to report to work without proper notice, they will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination

It is no different with Home Depot. They have a business to run, and if you are a constant no-show, then lack of attendance will indeed get you fired and fast. You usually get 6 – 7 no-call no-shows before your possible termination.

Can Calling Out Frequently Get You Fired?

Yes. Again, if you are always calling out or not turning up for your designated shift. Home Depot will see this as you not wanting to work there or having a bad work ethic. Which will usually result in being let go or terminated. 

Home Depot tries to be fair and gives you six chances in terms of occurrences. However, they are also legally allowed to terminate your employment at will. So if you value your position there but are experiencing some health issues, it’s advisable to speak to your manager about arranging some unpaid medical leave or a leave of absence

Can Calling Out Frequently Get You Fired

Can A Call Out Be Refused By My Manager?

Your manager at Home Depot has zero authority to deny you your rights. So, no, they cannot refuse your call and demand that you come to work. 

They probably won’t like it, and it will no doubt be recorded on your personal file. However, if you have accrued enough hours to compensate for your day of absence, then you won’t be penalized. If you haven’t, or this is becoming a frequent habit, then it will be marked on your personal record.

What If I Need To Take Some Lengthy Time Off From Work?

Your employer and manager know that you are human, and they are too! If you are experiencing some hardships in life or with your health, then it’s best to speak with your manager. That way, you can come to an agreement in regards to some time off to recover and deal with what you need to. 

Then, you won’t be on the roster when you are unable to work, and they won’t be caught short. Your employer is there to help and is usually happy to provide some sort of assistance and help.

Do I Get Paid For Accrued Sick Hours If I Get Fired?

Unfortunately, it’s a no. Home Depot does not pay you for these when you leave the company. It doesn’t change the fact if it’s due to termination or you leaving on your own accord either. 

Before You Apply for a Job at Home Depot

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Final Thoughts

If you work at Home Depot and if, for any reason, you cannot make it in for your shift, you need to follow their call out policy. You are required to call in as early as possible to notify your acting store manager of your upcoming absence. If you have enough paid sick days in the bank, then your pay will not change. 

However, if you don’t, then you might be met with an occurrence on your personal record. If you accrue six or more of these, then you may find your employment contract terminated.

Wishing you luck and hope you feel better soon!

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