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Home Depot Key Copy Services

Home Depot Key Copy Services

Keys, we love them, we use them, and, of course, we lose them. If you have recently lost or broken a key, you may wonder where to get a new one cut.

So, I’ve decided to take an in-depth look at the Home Depot key copy services to discover what keys Home Depot will cut and the ones they won’t.

What Keys Can Home Depot Duplicate?

Home Depot’s key copy service can duplicate almost all keys, including house, office, car, and padlock keys. Pretty much any key can be copied unless it has “do not duplicate” printed on it. 

Newer car keys that have chips in them can also not be copied. Car keys from older model vehicles can be duplicated as long as they do not have a chip in them. To find out if your key can be copied, head into your nearest Home Depot or check online.

What Keys Can’t Home Depot Duplicate?

What Keys Can't Home Depot Duplicate

There are some types of keys the company does not duplicate for a few different reasons. As mentioned above, they will not duplicate a key that has “do not duplicate” printed on it. The company also does not copy PO Box keys as these are regulated by the US postal service. 

Electronic keys and keys for safes are also unable to be copied using this service. As for vintage or historical keys, the technician sometimes is unable to make a copy depending on their age. In this case, you may have to contact a locksmith or, as a cheaper option, have the whole lock replaced.

How Does Home Depot Cut Keys?

There are two different ways the key copy service at Home Depot works. First is by using the Minute Key Kiosk automated machine, which uses lasers to duplicate keys. The laser-based system scans the original key and determines if it can be copied; if it can, the machine then laser guides the cutting tool to shape the key to match the original.

Secondly, in some stores, there are key-cutting Technicians which are trained to copy standard house door keys. I will discuss these later in this article.

How Does the Home Depots Minute Key Kiosk Work?

The company uses Minute Key Kiosk automated machine to cut keys. This self-service machine allows customers to copy keys in minutes using simple touchscreen prompts.

Here are the steps to have your next key cut using this service.

How Does the Home Depots Minute Key Kiosk Work

1 Insert your original key into the machine. Follow the instructions on the screen to ensure you have entered your key correctly.

2 The machine will then read the key and tell you if it is possible to duplicate it.

3 Once the key has been read, the machine will either give you back your key if it can’t be copied, or it will start to make your new copy.

4 Next, it will request payment; this is done directly by either paying with a credit or debit card on the machine’s terminal.

5 After the payment is processed, you will receive your freshly copied key.

That’s all well and good, but what if you’ve lost your original key? How can you get a copy? Let’s find out…

How Home Depot Duplicates a Key without The Original?

So you’ve lost your key, or it’s too worn out to be copied? Don’t worry; this isn’t a problem for Home Depot’s key copy service! Simply bring the lock you want a key made for into the store, where the key technician will use a blank to make a key for the lock. However, this service is expensive due to the extra work involved, and in some cases, it may be cheaper to replace your whole lock.

What Key Designs am I Able to Get?

Home Depot’s key copy service covers a range of major key brands such as Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, and most major car brands. The company also offers decorative designs and colored keys. Color-coded keys are very popular due to the ease of knowing what each key is for. 

The decorative design range offers a variety of designs with sports teams, various brands, flowers, quotes, and much more. For a full look at the range of keys available, head over to the Home Depot website.

What is the Cost of Home Depot’s Key Copy Service?

When customers purchase a blank key from Home Depot, they can get their key cut for no extra cost. Standard key blanks range from $2 to $5. The specialty key range normally starts at around $4. These prices are for customers that use the in-store key-cutting technician. However, when using the Minute Key Kiosk, customers will pay $1.50 for the key to be cut, plus whatever the cost of the blank is.

Another method of having your key cut using Home Depot is through the Key Hero app, which we’ll take a look at next.

Home Depot’s Key Hero Application

Key Hero is an application designed to make getting a new key cut even easier. Customers can use this app to digitally scan the key they want to be duplicated. The image is then uploaded to the cloud. Once uploaded, customers can either go in-store and request a key to be copied or can make a request online and have it delivered. 

The best way to use this app is to scan every key you have. Once you have done this, if you ever lose or break a key, you can easily request a new one either online or in-store.

Home Depot’s Key Hero Application

What if My Newly Copied Key Doesn’t Work?

In the case of a freshly cut key not working, customers can return the key in-store. To rectify the key, you will need to provide the original. In some cases, customers may have to bring in the lock to ensure the new key fits. This service is at no extra cost, but you will have to provide proof of purchase.

What are Home Depot’s Key Copy Hours?

The key copy hours of Home Depot often match general business hours. These hours are Monday to Saturday, 6 am until 9 pm, and 6 am until 8 pm on Sundays. These hours are a rough guide, and customers should always check online for their specific store hours. The Minute Key Kiosks also operate at these times.

Home Depot vs. Locksmith

This is a common question when you need a new key cut. As for the answer, it is your personal preference. On one hand, a Locksmith will be able to cut any key as long as it does not have “do not duplicate” printed on them. However, a local Locksmith may be more expensive, but that’s the price you pay for a highly trained professional service. 

Alternatively, Home Depot has the staff and the machines to quickly copy a wide range of keys. This is generally going to be cheaper because of the size of the company, the automation, and the number of keys it copies each day.

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Final Thoughts

Home Depot’s key copy service is a great choice when you need to get your keys duplicated. The in-store key technicians do a great job, and if a customer is unsatisfied, they can have the key rectified free of charge. The company stocks a large number of key blanks, giving the customer a good selection when looking for a standard key or something a bit more decorative. 

The automated Minute Key Kiosk at Home Depot is also a great option when you are in a hurry. This service is fast, cheap, and very accurate. There is also the option of consulting with a professional in-store about specific key and lock services.

Happy key cutting at Home Depot!

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