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Hooters Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Hooters’ online portal is providing job seekers with various job positions. Applicants can explore their career portal to get a job in Hooters and apply to their interested and eligible job positions.

Hooters, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, is a chain of restaurants. This retail chain currently offers many job roles in its operational more than 420 locations across the United States and many other international locations. It was founded in Clearwater, FL, and operates its stores in 28 different countries worldwide. Hooters are well-known for providing tropical themes with a sports bar outlook. This chain offers many restaurant positions accessible through its career portal, or applicants can visit its stores in person.

Hooters offer multiple restaurant roles for job seekers, which candidates can view and apply through Hooters’ online platform.

Work requirement and scheduling Hooters

Work requirement and scheduling Hooters

Hooters’ is providing various job positions for job hunters. The minimum age to work with Hooters is 18 years, and they should possess GEDs or high school diplomas. Applicants can view their following work requirements at scheduling at Hooters.

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
  • Friday and Saturday: 11:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

All entry-level applicants must meet minimal employment requirements set by Hooters. However, previous employment experience in the hospitality, restaurant and retail industry can prove beneficial in the Hooters hiring process. Hooters servers should provide hiring materials along with their recent photograph. Most entry-level job roles at Hooters need applicants to meet age criteria as the positions provide comprehensive training upon employment. Manager-level positions may need previous employment experience in similar industries to qualify as outside applicants.

Current job opportunities offered by Hooters

Hooters offer various job opportunities for eligible and aspiring applicants. The current job roles available at Hooters include Restaurant Managers, Assistant Managers, Kitchen Managers, Service Bar Staff Members, Bar-tenders, Hostess, Servers, and Hooters Girls.

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Opportunities to advancement in a career with Hooters:

Hooters look for new candidates who are willing to work in a team environment, work various schedules, and maintain customer-first attitudes. Its various positions offer access to excellent job benefits and perks with excellent pay scales.

Career Opportunities with Hooters:

Career Opportunities with Hooters

Hooters has multiple job roles that candidates can apply to within the company, including hostess and host positions, kitchen help, and managerial roles. The job positions open at the chain are:


  • A Hostess or Host is responsible for greeting customers when they arrive and displaying energetic personalities and personable at all times.
  • They should know about drink specials, seating chairs, and menu changes when seating guests or customers.
  • Hosts are accountable for selling company merchandise and to-go orders.
  • Their duties also include restaurant cleanliness, cashiering, food handling, and basic sanitation.
  • Hosts at Hooters can earn around $8.00 to $9.00 per hour.
  • They have open availability for weekends, night shifts, and work in part-time schedules.

Hooters Girl:

  • Hooters Girls are the restaurant brand icons.
  • They should be a minimum of 18 years with specific qualifications.
  • Hooters Girl must also comprehend perfect makeup application, glamorous hairstyle and maintain a fit and attractive image.
  • Their responsibilities are also to entertain guests, represent merchandise and promotions adequately.
  • They should also generate sales, work as teams, and entertain guests.
  • They make average wage depending on the Hooters location.

Kitchen Staff:

  • Hooters Kitchen staff are prep cooks, cooks, and also dishwashers.
  • They must also maintain sanitation, food safety, and quality control standards.
  • Their responsibilities are also preparing food according to Hooters’ specifications, working in teams, keeping dish areas clean, regular trash removal, receiving and rotating food supplies adequately.
  • They can also work in various shifts and earn around $10.00 per hour initially.

Hooters job application status:

Eligible candidates hear back from Hooters within a week or two through e-mail. Applicants can visit the Hooters location to know about their job application status. Besides, candidates who have gone through the interview process at Hooters can follow up with hiring managers.

Benefits to working with Hooters:

Full-time Hooters employees avail of are multiple benefits, including the following lucrative employee benefits:

  • Hooters’ employees receive insurance options, such as dental and full medical coverage.
  • Employees at Hooters also have access to 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • They also receive holiday pay, sick time, and paid vacations.
  • Employees also enjoy multiple opportunities for advancement, excellent pay rates, corporate training, referral programs, and discounted meals.

Additional information about Hooters:

Hooters offer its customers discounts, updates, and promotions. Besides, the patrons can join e-club or m-club, delivering promotional materials to mobile phones or e-mails through text. Hooters also invites fans to use its social media platforms to connect with the restaurant enjoyably. Customers can connect through Google+, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, using specific hashtags to win prizes.

Hooters job application process:

Hooters job application process

Applicants looking for a job with Hooters can go through below- mentioned convenient and quick job application process:

  • Application forms are available on the Hooters career portal.
  • Scroll till the end of the page and tap on the “Apply Now” link to view the search webpage.
  • Applicants can also enter the location, job category, or keyword and tap on the “Search” tab.
  • Here you can also click on the job link you want to apply for at Hooters.
  • Read the Hooters job role and description that appeared on this screen and tap on the “Apply for this job online” tab.
  • Create your profile on the Hooters career portal with your Google, LinkedIn, FaceBook, or Google account.
  • Enter your personal information or other required details and tap on the “Submit Profile” tab.
  • Also, fill in the remaining sections to complete the Hooters online job application process.


Hooters are providing various job positions to which applicants can apply through their career portal. The job process at Hooters is quick and convenient. If you want to apply online for a job position with Hooters, you can follow the steps mentioned above. The bar locations and casual restaurants reflect the beach theme. Hooters initially incorporated at its launching location. Featuring sporting events on large LEDs, playing music, offering eclectic menus, including popular chicken wings, burgers, and seafood, remain staples with Hooters. Candidates can apply for many standard restaurant openings within the chain.

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