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Hostess Interview Questions

hostess interview questions

Hostess interview questions assess your ability to work under pressure. You should be well – organized at work and understand the competition better. Don’t let interview questions stress you out. Always use preparation to focus on interviews so that you can perform well at the interview.

Use a popular set of interview questions and tips to ace your interview as a hostess. You should research well about the company. Review your job description to identify a specific skill set to match your skills. Carry your resume along with a notebook and pen and prepare a list of questions to ask at the interview. Choose your clothes before the scheduled interview date.

General Interview Questions

Q – 1. Make a preparation list for acing your interview as a Hostess?


  • You should research well about the company to perform well at the interview.
  • Review the job description along with the skills and work experience required.
  • You should rehearse your interview questions loud and clear.
  • Maintain good eye contact with a good body posture.
  • Print your CV in multiple copies.
  • Carry a pen with a notebook.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask at the end of the interview.
  • Choose your interview attire a day before the interview.

hostess interview question

Q – 2. What are the core skills you need to become a Hostess?

Ans: Focus on the following skills you require to become a Hostess:

  • Motivation Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Adapt to a fast-changing work environment
  • Be organized at work.
  • Focus on teamwork.
  • Focus on developing math skills.
  • Develop customer service skills.
  • Focus on decision – making
  • Be an active listener and use your problem-solving skills to solve customer issues.

Q – 3. Explain your previous work history?

Ans: You should focus on specific restaurant experiences to become a Hostess. You should focus on customer service experience and demonstrate you can handle customers well. If you don’t have previous experience you should try to avail an opportunity to work as a Hostess and prove yourself.

Career Opportunities as a Hostess

Q – 1. Why do you prefer to work as a Hostess?


  • Focus on your people management skills which inspire you to work as a Hostess.
  • You should say this job will keep you active and fit.
  • You should emphasize your organizational skills which help you to work as a Hostess.
  • Make sure you also emphasize that you enjoy working in a challenging environment.
  • This helps you to work as a Hostess with a leading restaurant.

hostess interview questions tip

Q – 2. What kind of work shift do you prefer to follow?

Ans: You should demonstrate flexibility to work as a Hostess. Be open to working on holidays and weekends.

Q – 3. Why should any restaurant consider employing you as a Hostess?


  • You should focus on your extrovert personality to work as a Hostess and motivate your team members to work efficiently.
  • Work with a positive approach in this fast-changing environment.
  • Develop excellent verbal communication skills with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Work efficiently as a team member at your restaurant.
  • Be self–motivated to work as a Hostess.

Q – 4. Are you comfortable working irregular hours?

Ans: You should understand your job as a Hostess. It doesn’t involve regular working hours. You should be open to work for long hours at irregular intervals. Be confident to perform your job well.

Q – 5. Are you comfortable speaking different languages?

Ans: Many hotels and restaurants want hostesses to handle international customers. It is important to know different languages to handle different customers. You can also use this experience to work in the travel industry.

Q – 6. Highlight a situation at work that you feel you could have handled in a better way?

Ans: There is a situation where you spent extra time with colleagues at lunch. This created a negative impression about you in the minds of your supervisors. You tried your best to convince them that this kind of situation will not arrive again. This time you ensure you manage your time and work well to create a good impression in the eyes of your supervisor at work.

Q – 7. How will you become an air hostess?


  • You should focus on good communication skills and work well with customers and crew members.
  • Focus on multitasking at work to tackle several situations at a given time.
  • Focus on attention to detail so that you can ensure safety and comfort for customers.
  • Always demonstrate a self–motivated attitude at work.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership skills.
  • Excel in emergency and non – emergencies.
  • You should have First aid experience and know many different languages to handle international customers.
  • These skills help you to grow as an Air Hostess with a leading airline.

Customer Handling Skills

Q – 1. How will you deal with an angry customer at work?


  • Focus on listening to your customers well.
  • Empathize with your customer’s situation.
  • Apologize to your customers for the mistake that occurred.
  • Use your problem-solving abilities to solve the customer’s problems.
  • You should use expert advice to solve a customer’s problem at work.
  • Don’t blame your customer or the company.
  • You should focus on solving customer problems and increase the level of satisfaction.
  • You should focus on speeding up the process to deliver customer orders on time.
  • Use an appropriate method to escalate customer issues to your manager.
  • You should focus on providing the customer a delightful experience at the restaurant.

the hostess interview question

Q – 2. Make a list of customer service skills you need as a hostess?


  • Ability to understand customer needs and requirements.
  • Use good communication skills to handle customers.
  • Be patient with customers while dealing with their queries.
  • Use a positive attitude to deal with customers.
  • Keep calm while dealing with customers.
  • Be active and fit.
  • Follow up with customers.
  • Take feedback positively.
  • Empathize with your customers.
  • Actively listen to customers.
  • Interact with customers well.
  • Hear your customer with an open ear.
  • Create an exceptional customer experience.
  • Measure the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Focus on being responsive to customers.

Q – 3. How will you achieve customer delight as a Hostess?

Ans: You should always focus on going the extra mile to achieve customer delight by exceeding the expectations of customers. You can do something special to delight customers to enhance their overall experience at your restaurant.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Q – 1. What are your core strengths?


  • You should have the ability to work under pressure.
  • You should focus on good communication skills to enhance customer experience.
  • Always empathize with your customers.
  • You should provide customer delight by delivering orders on time.
  • Don’t let your customers wait for long time durations.
  • You should take feedback from customers to improve internal processes at your organization.
  • Work as a team player always.
  • Learn and grow with the organization.

Q – 2. What are your core weaknesses?

Ans: identify your core weaknesses and state strategies to overcome these weaknesses. You should focus on positively highlighting weaknesses. This will help you to ace your interview as a Hostess. Never state a critical skill as a weakness.

Q – 3. What motivates you to work as a Hostess?


  • Focus on organizing your work as a Hostess.
  • Greet customers whenever they approach you.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Empathize with your customers.
  • Work as a team member.
  • Mentor other staff members.
  • Achieve customer delight together.

Interview Tips and Attire

Q – 1. What kind of interview attire will you choose to wear?

Ans: As a hostess, you should always dress up in a formal dress code. You should demonstrate confidence with a polite and friendly attitude to secure a job for this position.

Q – 2. What kind of questions will you ask your employer?


  • What is the best part of the work culture here?
  • Describe an ideal hostess?
  • What are the critical skills required to work as a Hostess?
  • How will you measure the career success of a Hostess?
  • How will you achieve a learning curve as a Hostess?
  • What kind of learning and growth opportunities does a Hostess receive?

hostess interview questions tips

Q – 3. How will you prepare a list of helpful tips for an interview as a Hostess?


  • Wisely choose your dress code
  • Maintain a firm eye contact
  • You should have a good body posture
  • Work on your speech
  • Speak in a clear tone
  • Always be polite and respectful
  • Greet your interviewing panel
  • Dress up formally
  • Carry multiple copies of your Resume
  • You should focus on securing a good job as a Hostess
  • Research about the company and salary it offers.
  • Carry appropriate documents for your interview.

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Bottom Line

This is a general interview tool that deals with various questions to tackle an interview for the position of a Hostess. Hostess is a generic position that is important both in restaurants and airlines. Similar skills are required to ace in the interview as a hostess in a restaurant or an airline.

Use this popular set of interview questions to tackle both kinds of interviews in the best way. You can crack both interviews with the presence of mind, confidence, and the ability to tackle tough situations and customers. Never lose your cool and always be in control of your emotions. Always be calm while appearing for the interview.

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