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Hostess Job Description

hostess job description

A hostess plays a critical role in a restaurant. Their job is to greet customers with a smile when they enter the restaurant. They are responsible for reserving tables in the restaurant. They also focus on preparing a waitlist for customers. The employee also gives the menu card to customers. They also escort customers to their respective tables and seat them.

They are responsible for answering phone calls. The hostess is also responsible to respond to different queries of customers. They are responsible for providing necessary assistance to restaurant staff members whenever they require it. The hostess must have a pleasing personality and a positive attitude when they deal with customers.

Job Description – Hostess

Candidates who apply for a position as a hostess must be open to work for flexible working hours. They should be able to manage the restaurant during peak business hours. They should greet guests and escort them towards their tables. The hostess should take feedback from customers regarding meals and beverages served to them. This helps them to enhance customer satisfaction. The hostess should be open to standing for extended periods and they should also work well in their busy shifts. It is the responsibility of the hostess to provide a hassle-free experience to all customers at the restaurant.

Skills Required – Hostess

The Hostess should have good interpersonal skills to deal with customers. They should have the ability to deal with unhappy customers and transform them into happy ones. They should ensure food and beverages are served to customers at an appropriate temperature. The hostess must greet customers with a smile. They should suggest popular dishes to customers to keep them engaged and entertained at the restaurant. The hostess should also ensure customers feel welcomed at the restaurant. They should always be flexible to work for long hours and manage busy work schedules with a smile.

Job Responsibilities – Hostess

  • They greet the customers when they come to the restaurant.
  • They also add names of customers to the waiting list during peak business hours.
  • The hostess is also responsible to provide the menu to customers.
  • They also answer initial queries for customers.
  • They also seat guests at the waiting area during peak business hours,
  • The hostess also assigns tables to customers.
  • They also ensure customers are happy with the food and service at the restaurant.
  • They also respond to customer complaints and assist customers in resolving them.
  • The hostess also answers customer phone calls and answer queries when they note down reservations.
  • They should also have complete knowledge about the food menu.
  • They also fill in for other positions whenever required.
  • The hostess also ensures an exceptional level of customer service is provided to all customers at the restaurant.

Requirements – Hostess

  • All applicants for this position must hold at least a high school diploma this is the minimum educational requirement.
  • They should also have the ability to provide customer service that is best in class.
  • They should also have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • The hostess should also have a positive attitude to tackle customers.
  • They should also work under pressure with a smile on their face.
  • They should also demonstrate the highest quality of work without any supervision.
  • The hostess should also be open to standing for longer time durations.
  • They should also have the ability to handle and manage food trays independently.
  • They should also follow instructions while they are working at the restaurant.
  • The hostess should never hesitate to ask questions.
  • They should also demonstrate the ability to work in a restaurant.
  • Hostesses must also have relevant experience to work in a restaurant as this is an added advantage for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are the main duties of a Hostess?

Ans. The main duties of a hostess are greeting customers when they come to the restaurant. They present the menu to the customers. The hostess also ensures customers are comfortable while waiting in the waiting area. They are responsible to escort guests to the table.

2 Can employers edit the job description of a Hostess?

Ans. Every restaurant has different business needs, this leads to variation in roles and responsibilities of the hostess which assists restaurant owners to meet specific business needs at the restaurant. A hostess must deal with customers with a positive attitude. It becomes necessary for restaurant owners to modify this job description to find the best talent in the market.

3 What kind of information should get included in the Job description?

Ans. An employer can create a job description by defining specific tasks he would like the hostess to manage. As a hostess, the necessary skills required to succeed in this job should be mentioned by the employer. Relevant years of experience required for the job should be mentioned. The employer can also mention the essential requirements for completing a job.

4 How does a candidate prepare for interviews for a host or hostess?

Ans. Candidates can access a suggestive list of interview questions from the internet or review video-based interview sessions to understand how they will flair well in their interview for a position of a hostess.

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