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Housekeeper Job Description

housekeeper job description

Housekeepers are responsible for light cleanings required in residential and commercial establishments, such as workplaces, hospitals, and hotels. They will usually make the beds, change the bedding, clean the bathrooms, hallways, and rooms. These candidates also replenish toiletries, mop, vacuum, sweep all areas.

Housekeepers are usually skilled in their primary duties and multitask. They also look for landscaping, laundry operations, centers, superiority control, cost control, and, to some level, play the function of ‘guest relation managers,’ ensuring that visitors are comfortable and satisfied. Candidates should undertake regular training that includes hands-on experience and authentic certification to consider the Housekeeper position.

Job Description of Housekeeper

Employers usually find individuals for hiring a housekeeper to join their cleaning crew. Cleaning rooms and communal areas, disposing of the trash, changing beds, and reporting maintenance of any problems will be among the responsibilities of a Housekeeper. These candidates must be capable of lifting about twenty-five pounds and have close attention to detail for cleanliness.

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Housekeepers frequently encounter hotel guests. These candidates must be able to communicate effectively and understand the demands of their customers. They must assist with requests for additional supplies such as personal belongings or towels. Housekeepers must ensure that the rooms and areas are clean and comfortable. In addition, housekeepers are required to resolve any complaints that a visitor may have with a room that does not match their expectations.

Responsibilities of Housekeeper

  • Housekeepers are in charge of keeping the common areas and facilities clean and well-maintained.
  • They are also in charge of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors.
  • Housekeepers usually clean and stock restrooms.
  • These employees also use the right tools to clean up spills.
  • They also alert managers to the need for maintenance.
  • It is also the responsibility of the Housekeeper to dispose of or collect waste.
  • When guests require assistance, they should be given.
  • The housekeepers also ensure stocking of the linen room.
  • Upholstered furniture is also cleaned carefully by the Housekeeper.

Requirements for Housekeeper

  • The candidate should also be able to manage their time effectively.
  • The housekeepers should also be able to work independently.
  • They must also be able to lift a minimum of twenty-five pounds.
  • Housekeepers should also handle the cleaning and essential maintenance.
  • Candidates also need a high school diploma to apply for a job as a Housekeeper.
  • To be considered for this position, the candidate must also maintain a professional look and engage pleasantly with hotel visitors.
  • During the hiring process, the hiring team favors hardworking individuals.

Interview Questions for Housekeeper

1 How do you assure that your job fits the individual demands of each client? What would you do if you needed to keep track of their preferences?

Ans. The response to this question illustrates the intense attention to detail of the prospective employee.

2 Describe how you would go about beginning a new cleaning work. What duties do you foresee taking on?

Ans. The response reveals that the job applicant is aware of the job role and responsibility.

3 Describe an occasion when a customer was unhappy with your job. How did you deal with it?

Ans. This question assesses the job aspirant’s ability to provide excellent customer service.

4 Do various cleaning methods apply to different varieties of flooring or countertops? Give specific examples.

Ans. The response exhibits the applicant’s cleaning abilities for the position of Housekeeper.

5 Describe how you collaborate to finish a task with others. What kind of part do you think you will perform?

Ans. It reveals the ability of the candidates to collaborate with others.

Future Scope as a Housekeeper

The hotel industry generates a lot of revenue worldwide by providing calming and excellent services and catering to guests’ short-term lodging, meals, leisure, economic, and entertainment demands at any given time.

Nothing conveys a more straightforward message than cleanliness in the hospitality industry or residential spaces. The housekeeping staff or the Housekeepers constantly manage, regardless of whether it is a five-star or a budget work setting, hotel, or residential area. Among all the divisions that help manage a hotel or residence, Housekeepers have always remained out of the scene, performing their endless responsibilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Housekeepers help create a fresh, hygienic, clean atmosphere and comfort for everyone who enters or stays in the residential or commercial spaces.

Like any other career, housekeepers provide opportunities for individuals to advance their careers and reach various management levels, including general managers. As suggested by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, housekeeping occupations are forecasted to expand by 12.8 percent by 2023. The individuals who select this career path will earn well.


Housekeepers, also known as maids, are in charge of cleaning both commercial and residential premises. This hiring team chooses kind, efficient, and thorough candidates. Individuals who cannot multitask or cannot handle the job’s physical demands get rejected for the Housekeeper job role.

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