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How do I claim under EU Regulation 261?

How do I claim under EU Regulation 261?

Under EU Regulation 261, passengers are entitled to claim compensation for flight delays, cancellations, and denied boarding in certain situations. To initiate a claim, you should follow the steps outlined below:

1. Gather all relevant information: Make sure you have all the necessary details related to your flight, such as flight number, departure/arrival times, and any documentation provided by the airline.

2. Understand your eligibility: Check if your situation falls within the scope of EU Regulation 261. This regulation applies to flights departing from an EU airport, regardless of the airline’s nationality, and to flights arriving in the EU on an EU-based airline.

3. Contact the airline: Reach out to the airline directly to inform them of your claim and seek compensation. Provide them with the essential information and clearly state your case.

4. Keep records: Document all communication with the airline, including emails, letters, or any other correspondence. It is crucial to have evidence of your interactions in case further action is required.

5. Seek legal advice if necessary: If the airline denies your claim or fails to respond within a reasonable timeframe, you may consider consulting legal professionals who specialize in aviation law. They can guide you on the appropriate actions to take.

Remember, each case is unique, and the process may vary depending on several factors. It is essential to stay informed about your rights and carefully follow the specific procedures outlined by the airline and the relevant authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions about claiming under EU Regulation 261

1. Can I claim compensation for a flight delay?
Yes, you can claim compensation if your flight arrives at your final destination with a delay of three hours or more, and it falls within the scope of EU Regulation 261.

2. How much compensation am I entitled to for a delayed flight?
The amount of compensation varies based on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay. It can range from €250 to €600.

3. Can I claim compensation for a canceled flight?
Yes, passengers have the right to claim compensation if their flight gets canceled, unless the airline can prove that the cancellation resulted from extraordinary circumstances beyond their control.

4. Is there a time limit for claiming compensation?
Yes, there is a time limit for making a claim, which usually ranges from two to five years, depending on the country where the court proceedings would take place.

5. What supporting documents do I need to file a claim?
You will need to provide proof of your booking, such as a boarding pass or e-ticket, as well as any additional evidence of the delay or cancellation, such as a letter from the airline or receipts for additional expenses incurred.

6. Can I claim compensation for a missed connection caused by a previous flight delay?
Yes, if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay on a previous leg of your journey, you may be eligible for compensation under certain conditions.

7. Are there any circumstances where compensation is not applicable?
Compensation is not applicable if the delay or cancellation is caused by extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control, such as severe weather conditions, natural disasters, or political unrest.

8. How long does it usually take to receive compensation?
The timeframe for receiving compensation can vary. It depends on several factors, including the airline’s response time and their willingness to cooperate. In some cases, it can take several weeks or even months to receive compensation.

9. Is compensation available for flights that occurred in the past?
Yes, you can claim compensation for flights that occurred in the past as long as they fall within the applicable time limit for filing a claim.

10. Can I claim compensation if I voluntarily gave up my seat on an overbooked flight?
If you voluntarily gave up your seat on an overbooked flight, you are not entitled to claim compensation. However, the airline should provide you with alternative arrangements or compensation as per their policy.

11. Is there any specific procedure for claiming compensation from a non-EU airline?
Yes, while the EU Regulation 261 mainly applies to EU-based airlines, it also covers flights departing from an EU airport, regardless of the airline’s nationality. The process for claiming from a non-EU airline may have additional requirements, and it is advisable to review their individual policies.

12. Can I seek assistance from national enforcement bodies?
Yes, national enforcement bodies are responsible for ensuring airlines comply with EU Regulation 261. If you encounter difficulties with your claim, you can contact these bodies for assistance and guidance on your rights.

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