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How Does Walmart Pickup Work? (2023 Updated)

how does walmart pickup work

Our lives are getting busier by the year. Add on the ‘new normal’ personal distancing measures and shift in working parameters that the worldwide pandemic brought with it in 2019.

And it’s no wonder more, and more people are looking for more convenient, quicker, and contactless ways to get things done. This includes grocery shopping! Stores like Walmart now offer in-store and curbside pickup services, which shortens the time spent in the store. It also eases the time burden of finding everything you need on your shopping list.

So how does Walmart pickup work? Are you new to this style of convenience? If so, let’s take a look at how it all works…

Walmart Curbside And Instore Pickup Services

Walmart Curbside And Instore Pickup Services

Instore Pickup

Walmart pickup has been around for a while. The very first ‘Site to Store’ service began in 2007. It allowed customers to purchase items from the Walmart.com website and then collect the items from the kiosk at their chosen store. 

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Curbside Convenience

In 2015, Walmart rolled out its first trials of curbside pickup in a select few locations across the States. This proved to be incredibly successful, and they began to implement a nationwide rollout thereafter!

Curbside pickup has become so popular and the preferred way for customers to collect online shopping orders. That the big orange towers first created for dedicated in-store pickup quickly became obsolete. Instead, more parking spaces were needed to accommodate the rising demand for curbside pickup. But do not fear! You can still collect your items in-store at the pickup kiosks.

What Exactly Is Walmart Pickup?

Walmart pickup is a service that enables you to shop online and then collect your order, pre-picked and packed, without even leaving your car! You can shop from the comfort of your own home at any time it pleases you. You don’t have to fight the big crowds. Or be disappointed by items not being available, trying to think on your feet what to replace them with.

And the best part..? 

There’s no more waiting in long queues to checkout! You will need to select a convenient time slot during the checkout process, whether it be the same day (if you complete your order early enough) or for the following week.

Also, depending on where you are located and your proximity to a larger Superstore. You might find some of the items you put in your basket are only available for delivery or next-day pickup. Therefore it’s always advisable to thoroughly check your order before paying. 

Want a little insider tip? 

You’ll see a little blue box on every item listed that tells you if it’s available for pickup or delivery. This is a really helpful tool and will help you get your order right.

How Does Walmart Curbside Work?

  • Place your order online. 
  • You will get a text and/or email confirming that it’s time to collect your order.
  •  Confirm collection either on the app or with a quick call.
  • Arrive at the correct location, and follow the big orange signs for Walmart’s curbside pickup. 
  • Park in your designated parking bay. (You’ll be given the bay number in the confirmation text).
  • A Walmart associate will come out to your car with your purchases.
  • They will check your ID to make sure there is no mix-up and help you load in your groceries if you wish.
  •  Then it’s time to leave and take your order back home.

It’s as easy as that!

Who Picks My Items?

Your items are handpicked and packed by a dedicated Walmart associate whose full-time role is fulfilling customers’ orders for curbside collection. They will organize the entire order for you, from start to finish.

Will My Purchase Be Bagged?

That is entirely up to you! If you like your items to be packed into bags and well distributed with weight and categories, i.e., household items together, freezer items together, etc. You will be charged a bag fee of $0.05 for each bag used for your order. 

However, if you prefer to have no bags, then simply deselect the bagging option during the last stages of check out. This is a great option if you are a fan of reusable bags! Your items will be brought out to you on a trolley, and you can simply bag them up yourself.

What Things Can I Buy For Curbside Collection?

What Things Can I Buy For Curbside Collection?

As of August 2023, you can select from a wide range of fresh produce and grocery items, as well as household and other items. 

These include but are not limited to:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Fish and seafood
  • Meat and poultry
  • Dairy and eggs
  • Baked goods
  • Deli items like cheese and cured meats
  • Frozen goods
  • Alcohol
  • Household cleaning items
  • Bathroom and personal care items
  • Dog Food
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Clothes
  • Electronic items

Plus, in select locations, you can even add clothing items and electronics like headphones to your order!

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Purchase?

No, there is no limit to how much you can purchase. You are only limited as to how much space you have in your ride you are collecting it in!  

Are There Items That Cannot Be Purchased For Curbside Collection?

Are There Items That Cannot Be Purchased For Curbside Collection?

Yes, as you shop online or through the app, you’ll notice that there are a lot of items that are only available for delivery. These are generally big ticket items like TVs and fridges (for obvious reasons) or specialty items like kiddie swimming pools. 

However, as we mentioned earlier, look out for the little blue box indicating whether or not it’s available for pickup. This is a great little tool as it helps determine what you can and cannot select for collection.

  • Pro Tip – If you are after more than groceries and household items. Something like headphones or kids Etch a Sketch. By selecting pickup from a Walmart Superstore location, these kinds of items and much more can be available to you! 

What If The Product I’ve Bought Is Unavailable?

If the item you originally chose has become unavailable, then your fulfillment associate will pick an alternative item. You will have the option to accept or decline it during pickup. Yet another great way that Walmart curbside pickup works. 

How Does Walmart Pickup Work? – Is There A Fee?

If your Walmart store pickup order is more than $35.00, then this service is free! However, if the total of your order is less than $35.00, you will incur a $6.99 fee. Therefore it is highly recommended to make sure your cart has items valuing more than $35! 

Plus, revel in the knowledge that there is no price hike for picking up your order curbside compared to shopping in-store. However, you will make a huge saving in the time department if you choose the convenience of the Walmarts store to car pickup service

How Long Are The Walmart Curbside Pickup Time Slots?

The time slots for curbside collection are usually hourly during the store’s opening hours. Starting from 7 am – 8 am, and hourly right through to the latest collection slot of 9 pm – 10 pm. However, depending on your exact location, the hours might vary. Therefore it’s always best to double-check online or during the checkout process.

Is It Easy To Arrange A Pickup At Walmart?

Is It Easy To Arrange A Pickup At Walmart?

You can complete a curbside pickup from start to finish by following these steps.

  1. Head to the website Walmart.com or open the Walmart App on your smartphone.
  2. Select the items you wish to purchase.
  3. Select the best store for pickup (some items will only be available at certain store locations).
  4. As you are checking out, select the “Pickup” option.
  5. You will then be prompted to select a suitable time slot (depending on the time you shop and what you select, they might only be available for the next day).
  6. Complete your order with payment.
  7. Wait for confirmation text or email that your order is ready for collection.
  8. Confirm collection and drive to store.
  9. Follow signage to the curbside pickup zone and park in your designated space.
  10. Wait for an associate to bring your items.
  11. Pack everything into your vehicle, and away you go!

It’s important to note that orders placed after 4 pm will not be available for pickup until the following morning.

Everybody Wins!

Did you know shopping, especially for food and household items, is considered a boring, time-consuming chore for most Americans? Walmart’s curbside collection facilitates quick and easy grocery and home shopping fulfillment. Which, in turn, frees up more of your precious time.

This also means fewer people in the actual store at any given time. This creates a more enjoyable shopping experience for those who love to cruise the isles with less congestion and better product availability. It’s less chaotic for Walmart’s employees as well! Therefore, Walmart pickup services are a great benefit for loyal customers and the stores alike! 

Walmart Shopping Fun For Everyone!

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How Does Walmart Pickup Work? – Final Thoughts

Walmart pickup is an awesome time-saving service, which, after placing your order online, allows you to collect it from the store. It is available at locations across the country and saves you hours of trekking around the busy stores trying to find what you need. 

The service is super easy, efficient, fast, free, and best of all, it’s contactless! You choose the time that suits your schedule for curbside pickup while dedicated Walmart associates handle your shopping from start to finish.

Enjoy using the Walmart Pickup Service!

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