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How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting – Loss Prevention Associates

how does walmart track shoplifting

Walmart suffers millions in losses every year due to theft and shoplifting. However, this is by no means a sign of defeat on their part. No security system is perfect, but they make huge efforts to prevent losses from their stores. If you were planning a grocery grab and go without paying, think again.

Not only do they track shoplifting, but they also will not hesitate to call the police and furnish you with a criminal record. 

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting?

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting?

Loss Prevention Associates

Every store has its own team of loss prevention associates. These security staff members will patrol the store and monitor the security cameras. Their main goal is to ensure that nothing gets shoplifted from the store and that no vandalism or purposeful damage within the store takes place. 

They also keep a lookout for any other illegal activity and keep everyone safe during crises or emergencies. As they may have to catch up to those who misbehave, they are usually expected to be fit – so running from them may be futile.

The first time makes no difference!

They are unarmed but can detain vagrants until police arrive. They can and will press charges of theft, and perpetrators caught shoplifting may be arrested. Walmart is very unlikely to drop charges, even in the case of first-time offenders. A loss prevention associate at Walmart takes detailed notes of any shoplifting event and testifies against shoplifters in court. 

Tracking Through Technology

Tracking Through Technology

As mentioned, Walmart has a lot of security CCTV cameras throughout all of their stores, including the self-checkout area. The footage of shoplifting incidents is usually given to the police, so if you would like to see it, your defense lawyer will have to request it. However, they are not obligated to give it to you. 

Some stores also have barcode alarms – these will detect items that have not been checked out and will sound out to alert security when a shoplifter tries to leave. 

Banned from all stores for life…

Banned from all stores for life...

People caught shoplifting and/or committing any other serious offense in the store are banned from all Walmart stores. They enforce this by making use of facial recognition software. This facial recognition software scans the features of customers to compare to their “banned customers” list. If the software picks up any face of a banned person, it notifies police of the trespasser. 

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How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting – Final Thoughts

Theft can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony. This depends on the value of the items you stole and which state you are in. 

Either way, it is an inherently bad idea to even consider theft. Not only would you be banned from all Walmart stores and be tracked and trespassed, but you could potentially face jail time as well.

All the very best in finding your new career and a new start!

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