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How far is Chicago O Hare from train station?

How Far is Chicago O’Hare from the Train Station?

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is one of the busiest and largest airports in the world. Situated in Illinois, it serves as a major transportation hub for travelers from all over the globe. Many visitors arriving at O’Hare Airport often wonder how far it is from the nearest train station. This article aims to provide a comprehensive answer to this common question.

Direct Answer

The distance between Chicago O’Hare International Airport and the nearest train station, Union Station, is approximately 15 miles. This distance can be covered by various modes of transportation, including taxis, ride-sharing services, public buses, and trains. The most efficient and cost-effective option is to take the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Blue Line train, which provides a direct connection between O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago.

The Blue Line is a convenient and reliable means of transportation, especially for travelers looking to explore the city center or access other parts of Chicago. The train journey from O’Hare to Union Station typically takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic and the time of day. As a major transportation artery, the Blue Line runs 24/7, ensuring that travelers can reach their destination at any time.

FAQs about Chicago O’Hare and Train Station:


How much does it cost to take the Blue Line from O’Hare to Union Station?

Taking the Blue Line from O’Hare to Union Station costs $5 per person for a one-way trip. This is the same fare for all CTA trains regardless of the distance traveled.


Are there any shuttle services available from O’Hare to Union Station?

Yes, there are several shuttle services that operate between O’Hare Airport and Union Station. These shuttles provide a convenient and comfortable alternative for travelers who prefer door-to-door transportation.


Is it faster to take a taxi or use ride-sharing services?

Taking a taxi or using ride-sharing services can be faster than public transportation, depending on traffic conditions. However, they can also be more expensive compared to the CTA Blue Line train.


Are there baggage restrictions on the Blue Line?

No, there are no specific baggage restrictions on the Blue Line trains. However, it is advised to be mindful of other passengers and keep your luggage in designated areas to ensure a comfortable journey.


Can I use public transportation to reach other parts of the city from Union Station?

Yes, Union Station serves as a major transportation hub, providing connections to various forms of public transportation, including buses and other train lines. It is an excellent starting point for exploring Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods.


Are there any ticket discounts available for frequent travelers?

Yes, the CTA offers various ticket options and packages that may provide discounts for frequent travelers or groups. It is advisable to check the CTA’s official website or inquire at the station for more details.


Can I purchase Blue Line tickets at O’Hare Airport?

Yes, you can purchase Blue Line tickets at O’Hare Airport. There are ticket machines located in the airport terminals where you can buy your fare.


Is it recommended to take the Blue Line during rush hour?

Taking the Blue Line during rush hour can be crowded, especially during peak travel times. However, the CTA operates multiple trains to accommodate the high demand. If possible, it is advisable to plan your trip outside of typical rush hour periods for a more comfortable journey.


Are there any accessibility options for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, the CTA is committed to providing accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities. The Blue Line offers accessible stations and services, including elevators and ramps for easy boarding and alighting.


Can I reach other airports from Union Station?

Yes, Union Station offers connections to other regional airports, such as Midway International Airport, through the CTA Orange Line. If you need to transfer between airports, this can be a convenient option.


Is it safe to take the Blue Line at night?

The Blue Line is generally considered safe to use at night. However, it is always recommended to be aware of your surroundings and take necessary precautions, especially when traveling alone.


Are there any scenic views during the Blue Line journey?

While the Blue Line predominantly runs underground, there are sections where the train travels above ground, offering glimpses of Chicago’s skyline and neighborhoods. These scenic views can be enjoyed during the journey from O’Hare to Union Station.

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